P Diddy Calls On Skepta For Remix

The mogul behind one of rap’s most celebrated artists (and, incidentally, a giant dick), Duff Paddy is now looking over here for a new style that can add something refreshing to the mix.

With his recent single, Hello, Good Morning, doing the rounds, P Did He? asked his legion of Twitter followers who in the UK should remix the song. Apparently, he was then inundated with votes for Skepta, the MC/producer who’s part of Wylie’s Boy Better Know camp. Now the two are collaborating.

This is pretty interesting. I can’t help but feeling the US has got bored of itself, commercially speaking at least. When it first started gaining traction and popularity, the southern sound was accused of not being hip hop. Why? Basically because it sounded different. The exact same thing happened when West Coast rap rose to eclipse New York. Every time a regionalised interpretation/reinterpretation of hip hop springs up, fans act like it should only be done like it was previously, for tradition’s sake.

Today, southern rap isn’t fun and exciting. It’s not refreshing and new anymore, it’s the norm and more ubiquitous than any style that preceded it. I’ve got an inkling the US is going to start looking outside of its immediate surroundings more and more to update its sound. It could just be for the sake of an overhaul, or a clever ploy to gain more popularity from overseas fans. Or both.

I don’t listen to either of these guys’ music but am keenly watching how the UK continues to figure in the States’ often baffling rap/hip hop world.