Don't Stay In...

If you're in Norwich this Friday you should probably be getting yourself down to this:

And if you're in London on 14 May, head over to Suspect Packages Live @Vibe Bar. Pioneers Phi Life Cypher will be hitting the stage, as will Delusionists, whose album Prolusion Plus will be in stores from Monday.

Invisible Inc - The Exit Strategy (Out Now)

The Invisible Inc project, The Exit Strategy, is available right now from Bandcamp.

Certified Banger breaks down the album, which has been a couple of years in the making and brings a fresh new take to the table.

Stylah Wins Mr Hudson Competition

What they’re saying:

“Mercury recording artist Mr Hudson this afternoon announced on his twitter page that London rap artist Stylah has won the competition to feature on the UK edition of his new single Anyone But Him. The song, which features Kanye West on the original album version, is due for release in May with Stylah guest featuring. Stylah will also be joining Mr Hudson on stage to perform the track on his current UK tour.

Whilst currently independent, Stylah has recently been in talks with major labels for his solo material after a long campaign building his name and fanbase through mix CDs, internet virals and live shows. The announcement by Mr Hudson today of this high profile guest appearance
will presumably do these negotiations no harm and the future looks bright for this young rapper.”

Whilst my view is that you should keep Mr Hudson well, well away from Jay-Z, it’s good to see that he’s offering his hand to people over here. But then they will inevitably end up making music I can’t get with.

Congratulations to Stylah, who’s been putting in work with Poisonous Poets and as a solo artist for a long time now; hopefully this will lead to new opportunities for him.

Check the result and a video of them in the studio over at Stylah's spot.

I honestly don’t think any collaboration would surprise me these days, except maybe Chester P and Sugababes.

Rago Magazine Presents - Global Status Vol.1 (Mixtape)

Wolftown's Late and Tricksta have put together a transatlantic mixtape that sits some of the biggest ballerz in the States with UK artists and production.


01 - Fiend Intro
02 - Fiend - Ball On Em'
03 - DJ Paul (of Three 6 Mafia) Feat. Montana Trax - Hi Way (I'm Gone)
04 - Juicy J & Project Pat - Break It Down
05 - Fiend - I'm Here
06 - Syndrome Feat Daz Dillinger - V.I.P (Produced by Slap Up Meal)
07 - L.A. Da Boom Man Feat. Waka Flocka, Roscoe Dash, J. Futurstic & Yung LA - On My Dick Now Remix
08 - Stat Quo - What I Like
09 - Fiend - Knees Deep
10 - LATE Feat Gucci Mane - Green & White (Prod by Tricksta)
11 - Balance - Please Do Not Swagga Jack Me
12 - I21 - Fuck The Chart (Prod by JKD)
13 - Fiend - Motor In Her Back
14 - Geolani Grandz feat Styles P - I Just Want The Paper (Produced by Just ReallyGood)
15 - Jim Jones, Lil Wayne & Stack Bundles - Weatherman (Stealf Remix)
16 - Supanice - Push Forward (Prod. by Dom P)
17 - Fiend Feat Gucci Mane & Corner Boy P - Same Ol Crack Pot
18 - Fat B - Flex
19 - Manny Moscow - Restless (Prod by Juttla)
20 - Smokey ft. Juelz Santana & Severe - Swimming In My Money
21 - So O.D - Rock
22 - Grand Larce - I'm The Best
23 - Belly Feat. Drake - Make It Go
24 - Fiend - Stay Alive
25 - Fiend Outro


Metro Interview With Akala

Free London daily rag the Metro recently caught up with Akala, Ms Dynamite’s sibling. I only know Roll Wid Us, which is a few years old now, from this guy. The Dexplicit remix of that was cool.

From the Metro:

"'We spend our lives being put in boxes; it’s the boxes I can’t stand, man.’ It doesn’t take much to get British hip hop wordsmith Akala (aka 26-year-old Kingslee James Daley) on a roll, as we chat over a healthy pick’*’mix from his favourite veggie restaurant. This amiable rabble-rouser has always looked to break the mould, combining sharp lyrics with cherry-picked pop culture hooks, from 1980s indie to electro-trance. ‘The funny thing is, this approach isn’t new for hip hop,’ he points out. ‘The musical philosophy of my latest album was Aphex Twin meets Public Enemy meets Depeche Mode with a bit of Radiohead sprinkled in – then there’s the heavy metal stuff, which fazes some people.

‘I make no bones about loving music. I’m not scared of offending anyone who thinks I shouldn’t make metal or acoustic classical folk, or work with someone who’s composed for the English National Ballet if I want to.’

Along with several quickfire mixtapes, Akala’s acclaimed previous albums, Mobo-winning 2006 debut It’s Not A Rumour and 2007’s Freedom Lasso, continue to sell steadily, and also gave rise to the fruitful Hip Hop Shakespeare Company (he’s just returned from a youth writing workshop in Denmark).

The literary inspiration for new album Doublethink is George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. It’s not the first time Orwell’s classic has influenced records – David Bowie used it as the basis of his 1974 album Diamond Dogs; The Eurythmics released a synth soundtrack in the year 1984. But Akala’s apocalyptic vision is galvanising and beautifully arranged on numbers such as Welcome To Dystopia and Yours And My Children.

We wanted to approach this album like we were scoring a film,’ he grins. ‘To me, 1984 felt like prophecy rather than fiction. There are so many parallels with modern life and what seemed like preposterous ideas in the book.’

As a rapper, he was particularly struck by 1984’s use of totalitarian ‘newspeak’. ‘I was fascinated by the concept that limiting language limits people’s thinking. I actually see that working with young people who have brilliant ideas without the words to communicate them. It’s when you don’t have the tools to express yourself that you get violent. How is it that a “civilised” society is producing 16-year-olds who can’t read or write?’

Doublethink is a remarkably uplifting listen, given that it’s about dystopia. ‘Well, we have some issues – but we can’t solve them by being miserable,’ he quips. Lead single XXL has already sealed its place as a storming club hit (‘funky as hell’, indeed), and that’s part of what makes Akala a unique star; he’s possessed of freestyle prowess and a natural self-confidence that’s lacking in most bling-flaunting big-hitters – he’s a hip, lucid commentator who can actually fire up a party.

He shares that outspoken quality with his award-winning big sister, Ms Dynamite – but both artists have arguably found commercial acceptance harder as a result. He shrugs, affably: ‘Whenever we get feedback from mainstream institutions, it’s never “this music isn’t good”; it’s always “this doesn’t fit in”. If I rapped about bitches and hos, I’d probably be on the A-list at every major radio station – but it wouldn’t endure. Next year, everybody will have forgotten all the 2010 ringtone songs. And I’d like to sell records doing what I do, not what I’m told.’

Akala is by no means a loner, though, admitting that ‘there are hundreds of artists I feel an affinity with’; he even blushes when he gushes about his love of Radiohead. He’s not about to categorise his listeners, either, although he glows with pride when mentioning some feedback (‘I got a message about a guy who’d decided to stay in school because of a line in my track Roll Wid Us where I was boasting about my GCSEs’).

‘I don’t think Bob Marley was thinking about having a hit when he wrote Redemption Song, same goes for John Lennon and Working Class Hero; it’s impossible to be that honest if you’re obsessing about your audience,’ he argues. ‘I didn’t ever hear Bob Marley talking about being a gangster. Maybe I’ll be accepted as a counter-cultural artist. I’d be concerned if I was embraced as the mainstream status quo – though I’d be concerned in a good way.’

In Orwell’s 1984, a Party slogan is: ‘Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’ With Doublethink, Akala is a musical talent of his time – and he’s just ahead of it, too.
Doublethink (Illa State) is out on May 3."

Devlin - Shot Music feat. Giggs (Video)

If Marshall Mathers was born about a decade later, in Dagenham and made grime today, he could well sound something like Devlin. Or that could just be a lazy man's join the dots, tying the Caucasian link.

Either way, this is a new tune he's got with the infamous Giggs, who, like it or not, is likely to do big things with his first official release on XL Recordings.

It's interesting to hear the tempo on this - clocking in around 80bpm, instead of the 140bpm typically associated with grime. Mind you, it's probably already got a name like "road rap"... or "grime hop"... or...

True Ingredients - Who's Next? (Video)

True Ingredients get right UK funky funky for debut single Who's Next?.

The album, and a refix of this track from Leeds crew Alphabetix, will be along shortly.

Eatgood Records Mixtape

Eatgood Records, the home of Sonny Jim, has put together a little mix for you to get your head nod on to.

The Disablists feat. Foreign Beggars - Heavy Rotation (Video)

Great track and video from The Disablists and Foreign Beggars.

You can get this, plus remixes, from iTunes right now.

Invisible Inc - Suspects

Invisible Inc - Verb T, Kashmere and Ghost - are readying their album, The Exit Strategy, and have leaked Suspects.

Nose about and you'll find a preview of the project, but I don't want to be giving away too much too soon. Invisible Inc is the sound of "authentic" UK hip hop stepping fully out of its comfort zone.

Still Underground (Documentary)

This serves as a snapshot of UK hip hop as it is today. The aim of the documentary is to gauge whether the scene is still considered underground, by speaking to the people involved in it.

My take is that you have to be strict and pedantic about how you define UK hip hop for a definitive answer. I suspect the handful of people reading this consider sample-based, 90bpm music that has a lineage with the sounds of 2000 to represent the truest sense of the term. And if that’s what you consider to be UK hip hop, I would say it’s still very much underground and actually has a less avid following than it did five or more years ago. That style of music won’t ever cross over to the mainstream because it has no mass appeal - but is that even a problem? Why pander to a fickle public just for the sake of being able to lay claim to a larger audience?

Chester really hits it on the head with his comments.

Get in where you fit in.

P Diddy Calls On Skepta For Remix

The mogul behind one of rap’s most celebrated artists (and, incidentally, a giant dick), Duff Paddy is now looking over here for a new style that can add something refreshing to the mix.

With his recent single, Hello, Good Morning, doing the rounds, P Did He? asked his legion of Twitter followers who in the UK should remix the song. Apparently, he was then inundated with votes for Skepta, the MC/producer who’s part of Wylie’s Boy Better Know camp. Now the two are collaborating.

This is pretty interesting. I can’t help but feeling the US has got bored of itself, commercially speaking at least. When it first started gaining traction and popularity, the southern sound was accused of not being hip hop. Why? Basically because it sounded different. The exact same thing happened when West Coast rap rose to eclipse New York. Every time a regionalised interpretation/reinterpretation of hip hop springs up, fans act like it should only be done like it was previously, for tradition’s sake.

Today, southern rap isn’t fun and exciting. It’s not refreshing and new anymore, it’s the norm and more ubiquitous than any style that preceded it. I’ve got an inkling the US is going to start looking outside of its immediate surroundings more and more to update its sound. It could just be for the sake of an overhaul, or a clever ploy to gain more popularity from overseas fans. Or both.

I don’t listen to either of these guys’ music but am keenly watching how the UK continues to figure in the States’ often baffling rap/hip hop world.

DJ Roast - Drop A Gem On Em Radio (April Show)

You'll already know DJ Roast from his Cuttin It Fine album, featuring some of the country's finest over his stellar beats and which came out last month. If not, left click right 'ere... here.

He also puts together a radio show with his picks of the month that brings you both UK and US jugglinz. Check the playlist then hit the link to get listening to April's installment.

1) Drop a gem on em intro
2) Dj roast Phoenix da Icefire - 2012
3) Critically acclaimed - Statik Selekta feat Lil Fame, Saigon and Sean P
4) Prose - Bring your army
5) London Zoo - Every body does it
6) Jake one and Freeway Feat Raekwon - One thing
7) Roc marciano - Raw Deal
8) Joker Star - Exhibit D
9) Wu Massacre - Meth vs Chef 2
10) Ruste Juxx and Marco Polo - Death Penalty
12) Joell Ortiz and DJ Premier - Project Boy
13) Skitz feat Kardinall Official, Rodney P and Skibadee
14) London Zoo - Sand to the beach
15) Invisible inc feat Asaviour - Paradise
16) Micall Parknsun (LG Remix) - Every day
17) Jon Phonics feat Kosyne - The Other guy
18) Aloe Blacc - I need a Dollar

Drop A Gem On Em - April Show

Don't Stay In...

Ty is hitting up Brighton for Special Kind Of Fool's launch party. Have a couple bevvies on the beach and then carry yourself over to Jam on Middle St. to see one of the best performers in this.

Shameless - Dreamer (prod. Excalibah)

Shameless - the only white guy to go to Carnival and spit yard slang - links back up with cohort Excalibah for new track Dreamer.

Shameless - Dreamer (prod. Excalibah)

Jeh5t - Billy Brimstone Bootleg

If you're reading this then you're no doubt a Billy Brimstone fan, given that he's one of the illest wordsmiths this country's birthed (no bambino).

Feast your ears on this bootleg - a collection of bits and pieces from then until now. Word has it that Jeh5t is working on his sophomore LP, but UK All Day is not a credible source.

And props to Hype Dog for catching this on Twitter.

Jeh5t - Billy Brimstone Bootleg

Remus - Over (Video)

I've yet to get around to buying Remus's mixtape, so wasn't aware of this.

I reckon he takes charge of Boi-1da & Al Khaaliq's production and reworks "hip hop" man of the moment Drake's beat nicely.

Think you can do better? Go pick up the instrumental and try doing it into a hairbrush in front of the mirror.

Sway, Professor Green On SB.TV

Sway isn't content with just 64 bars, so hits you with another 36 (makes 100).

When not parlaying in the charts with pop stars, Pro Green can be found spitting over hip hop like his Jump Off days were last week.

Emdee & DJ Wich - Recession Music

If you couldn't give a cock about bear markets, double-dip recessions or "green shoots", Recession Music will be your perfect antidote to the inescapable, dour picture the media paint on the daily.

Wich hooks up a soulful one for Emdee to get defiant over.

Emdee & DJ Wich - Recession Music

Jeye Severe - Yes Blood (Video)

This joint is available for purchase from Bandcamp and there's a mixtape coming very soon.

Jack Flash - Week 18

Jack Flash has just put out The Sound Of Colours. Find out what's what over at Certified Banger, who has broken down the EP for you.

R.I.P. Guru

Faith SFX blesses Guru with You Know My Steez.


The Earlyman - Lola Una

To celebrate The Earlyman's new LP, Lola Una - which features Foreign Beggars and Mr. Ti2BS, among others - there's a free album launch on Wednesday night @Momo.

And as another little bonus, here's remix of the lead single, Malarkey, with dubstep/bashment-type producer The Bug on the boards.

The Earlyman - Malarkey feat. Killa P (The Bug Remix)

You can thank StopStart Records for these.

Dan Bull - America (Video)

Dan Bull goes prObama and shows his support for the healthcare bill that they're pushing through Congress. It would be nice to shoehorn in some knowledge about US politics here, but that would require time and effort.

Ty, Cappo, Jack Flash Albums Now Available

All these guys' respective albums are now available. Use your preferred search engine to track them down and buy 'em with actual money.

Skandal - Terrorvision (Video)

Skandal gets hits Illuminati-bating steez on for Terrorvision, which you can now watch like it's on... television. Both barrels are fully aimed at the mainstream media and the powers that be working behind the scenes. Don't believe everything you see and hear...

I reckon you should go get the A Quick Snack EP - three bonafide bangers.

Don't Stay In...

While not exactly over the hill, The Last Skeptik's hitting the ripe old age of 25. Console the man with a stiff drink at his Quarter-Life Crisis Party on 8th May @The Queen Of Hoxton.

Mr. Boss - The Landing

When I was a teenager I was mostly stoned and not much else. Whilst I can't comment on Mr. Boss's use of illicit substances, I can on this 18-year-old's production skills: he's wicked.

A prodigious newcomer, Boss has called on Sonny Jim, Dr Syntax, Delusionists and Skrein to lend vocals to his accomplished backdrops.

I was lucky enough to hear some of this dude's beats before anything was recorded but, off the strength of them, this will be worth your while. Oh, and it's free.

<a href="">Sonny Jim - The Landing by Mr Boss</a>

Basement Sessions With Vice - Verbal Contact Interview

You should already be up on Basement Sessions. Not only did Vice put in work with the Headspace mixtape a couple of months back, he's responsible for a monthly podcast that brings you the freshest in UK hip hop. April's show sees Leeds representatives Verbal Contact hit up the studio for an interview and all the rest of it.

Pay Vice's page a visit
and get listening.

Jack Flash 24 - Week 17

Mudmowth & Metabeats - Maaad Tight feat. Sonny Jim & Skamma (Video)

"Your girl told me to take her to Wagamama / I punched her in the mouth and slapped her with my anaconda." - Sonny Jim

Metabeats hooked up a crunchy headnodder for Sonny Jim, Mudmowth and Skamma to talk greasy all over. This is off Mudmowth & Metabeats' Sledgehammer Kisses on Associated Minds.

Mudmowth & Metabeats - Maaad Tight feat. SonnyJim and Skamma (Clean)

Banana Klan Presents...Unfriendly Neighbours - Still Starvin'

With Verb T on board and production from Wizard, Unfriendly Neighbours have put together a tidy package with Still Starvin'. Preview in the player and cop for free if you like what you hear.

<a href="">Swagga by Unfriendly Neighbours</a>

Saukrates - Wednesday feat. Mystro & Loudmouth Melvin (UK Remix)

Canadian MC Saukrates gets jacked by Mystro and Loudmouth for a UK dub of Wednesday.

Saukrates - Wednesday feat. Mystro & Loudmouth Melvin (UK Remix)

Rodney P & P Money - Holla

Just Rodders on the vocal for this one, so it's got to be New Zealand's P Money on the beat (samples Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues).

Rodney P & P Money - Holla

Black The Ripper & DJ Gone - Flooding The Industry (Mixtape)

The Edmonton Dream and DJ Gone colloborate for new mixtape Flooding The Industry.

This guy's prolific.

Black The Ripper & DJ Gone - Flooding The Industry (Mixtape)

Rhyme Asylum - The N Word

No, this isn't Rhyme Asylum spouting racially charged expletives. Instead, they get lyrical using words that mostly begin with the letter N.

They've enlisted US heavyweights Ill Bill and Crooked I for forthcoming LP Solitary Confinement, which you can pre-order at their very own website before the release date on the 23rd of this month.

Chima Anya - Death (Video)

Dr. Anya contemplates life and death on his latest single, lifted off the upcoming album New Day.

LDZ - Sand To The Beach

LDZ's The London Zoo EP will be available from Monday. Here's a new leak off the Dented Records project, and a couple others in case you're also playing catch up like me.

LDZ - Sand To The Beach (Clean)

LDZ - Everybody Does It (Clean)
LDZ - I'm A Dick (Clean)

And you can pick up the Puppa Murc EP over here.

Suspect Packages Radio - April Show

The perfect opportunity to check for Ty's new album, as he hit up Disorda for this month's Suspect Packages Radio.


01> Rhyme Asylum – Straight Jacket Immortals / Rhyme Asylum Records
02> Ill Move Sporadic feat.Joey Menza – Barcoded / promo
03> Cappo – Most Wanted / Son Records
04> Benjamin-One – Scarecrows Rhythm / promo
05> Skitz feat.Rodney P – Left (DJ Nappa Remix feat.Life) / Dragon Drop promo
06> Skitz feat.Buggsy – Born Inna System (Prime Cuts Remix) / Dragon Drop promo
07> LDZ – I’m A Dick (Toomanysteps Remix) / Dented Records promo
08> Inja ft.Fallacy & Skinnyman – Hat Low (Chimpo Dubstep Remix) / In Records
09> Stagga – Policemen Get Hype / Rudeez
10> DVA ft.Durrty Goodz – I’m Pissed Off / promo
11> Rhyme Asylum feat.Reain – Strange Deranged / Rhyme Asylum Records
12> Verb T – Why U With Me? / promo
13> DRS – Self Belief / Whut U Sayin? Productions
14> TY feat.Carroll Thompson – Something Big / BBE promo
15> TY - Interview part 1
16> TY feat.Sway & Roses Gabor – Heart Is Breaking / BBE promo
17> TY - Interview part 2
18> TY feat.Wreh-Asha – Little Star / BBE promo
19> TY - Interview part 3
20> TY feat.Erik Rico – Special Kind Of Fool / BBE promo
21> TY - Interview part 4
22> TY feat.Corey Mwamba - Don’t Cry / BBE promo
23> TY feat.Mystro, Skandal & Joker Starr – Moody / promo
24> The Three Amigos – Real Life Drama / promo
25> Lewis Parker feat.John Robinson – The Unseen Trap / Project: Mooncircle
26> Micall Parknsun feat.Tiffany Page – Everyday (LG Remix) / YNR Productions
27> Fatima – Soul Glo / Eglo Records
28> Chima Anya feat.Jehst – It’s The Manner / No Label?
29> Krispy 3 – Harder Times / White label
30> Soul II Soul – Ambition Rap / Virgin Music
31> Juss Badd – Freestyle / Tuff Groove
32> Faction G – 20 Seconds To Comply / promo

Download or stream from Sensei if you've got beef with Mixcloud.

Ty - Emotions (Video)

Ty's lead single from Special Kind Of Fool, out on the 19th of April.

Jack Flash 24 - Week 16

Jack takes Jake One's beat for The Product, off The Stimulus Package, this week.

Last week he nabbed Premo's I-Gittin, off The Blaqprint.

Invisible Inc - Paradise feat. Asaviour

Jus Like Music put out a compilation earlier this week that mainly encompasses dubstep, electronica and the current wave of beat production that's making its presence felt right now. Nestled in there is a track by Invisible Inc - Verb T, Kashmere and producer Ghost - and featuring Asaviour.

Invisible Inc - Paradise feat. Asaviour

There's also music from Om Unit, BUG and the excellent Orbit162 from Decepticon Bootleg Machine. See what you think and 'ave it if you fancy.

Fresh Cuts Radio - March Show

Matman and Daredevil on the ones and twos again.


01. Matman & Daredevil (The Brothas Grimm) – Fresh Cuts Radio Intro
02. Wizard - Zone D
03. DJ Skitz ft. Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal & Skibadee - Struggla
04. Sean Price ft. Big Twin - That's What We Want
05. Wizard - Leave With Me
06. Dj Quik - Nobody Ft. Suga Free
07. Chima Anya - Spell It Out
08. General Crook - Fever In The Funkhouse
09. Eternia & Mo$$ ft. Joell Ortiz - It's Funny
10. Consequence & Pharoah Monch - Let U Live
11. Big Remo - Go (ft. 9thmatic)
12. Chima Anya - I Choose You (Instrumental)
13. Cambatta & Pete Cannon- Goodness Gracious
14. Devin The Dude - What I Be On
15. Little Brother - Curtain Call Instrumental
16. Little Brother - Curtain Call
17. Marco Polo ft. Ruste Juxx - Watch Yo Step
18. Trek Life & J.Bizness - Back Again
19. Wizard - Your Name?
20. U-N-I ft. Bun B - Land Of The Kings Remix
21. DJ Skitz ft. Buggsy - Born Inna System

Hit it

Skandal - A Quick Snack EP (Out Now)

By now you should already know that Skandal's just dropped his EP A Quick Snack - the follow up to last year's Hunger Pains.

This takes the original, Beat Butcha-produced tracks from the mixtape and features the Klash and P Money remix to the mighty Kill 'em With The Flow. Big.

Have one on Skandal and then cop the whole shebang for a couple quid:

Skandal - Home Economics (prod. Beat Butcha)

Skandal - A Quick Snack EP (prod. Beat Butcha)

Blessed House - Holy Residents EP

Check this video from Blessed House. Don't rack up a debt with MC Bibs 'cause he'll come round your gaff and nab the lot.

You can get the EP that this song is off for nowt.

Blessed House - Holy Residents EP

Skriblah - Sketches (Mixtape)

You don't need me to tell you who Skriblah is. As a third of Terra Firma, alongside Klashnekoff and Kyza, he's been doing the rounds for more than a minute. Sketches, mixed by DJ Slademan, serves as a retrospective presentation of his work to date and is his first solo release. Expect more from Skriblah this year alongside Terra Firma alumni D.ablo.

Skriblah - Sketches (Mixtape)

B-Mus - Murder Scene (Video)

This is the first one off B-Mus's mixtape The Art Of Storytelling. Basically a gully street tale over a beat that sounds like it was cooked up in QB, and that's no bad thing.

Professor Green - I Need You Tonight (Video)

Professor Green has gone from the cream of the crop on the UK’s battle circuit to the type to get airtime on Radio 1, all in a relatively short space of time. Mind you, his move towards a wider, less hip hop-oriented audience was on the cards ever since he signed to Skinner’s now defunct The Beats imprint. Now picked up by Virgin, it looks like he’s taking his place on a commercial stage with this INXS-sampling pop song.

UK hip hop permeates the mainstream even further.