Hypedog Presents - Obba Supa Vs. Billy Paul (Mixtape)

Hypedog presents to you a free to download concept mixtape. The concept's simple: rap duo Obba Supa spit on beats sampling legendary Philidelphian soul singer and produced by Hey!Zeus.

What Hypedog's sayin':

"Take one soul heavyweight, 'Billy Paul', hailing from Philly who has graced the stage with Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Roberta Flack amongst other legendary artists. Meld him with Obba Supa (Project MoonCircle), an innovative uk hip hop duo (hot off collaborations with Evil Ed, John Robinson and Floating Points) and you receive the eagerly anticipated:


Following on from the inspired TO:AM FREE:AM this mixtape authentically blends the deliciously dulcet tones of Billy Paul with Hey!Zeus's erroneously placed beats complemented by the talented wordsmith Teknical Development. Mellifluous live flute and sax from Radimo float over guest appearance from Ray Vendetta, Vague and Bad FX. On this soulful ten track Obba Supa blend their early love of musical fusion and live instrumentation with carefully crafted snippets of Billy Paul's back catalogue. This is a mixtape rooted in the musical dynamism of Philladelphia and the eclectic sounds of London. Download it now!"


1. Intro
2. Lets Stay Together Ft Ray Vendetta
3. Mrs Jones And Me Ft Ray Vendetta & Radimo on sax
4. Black Wonders Ft Ray Vendetta & Bad Fx
5. Love And War Of The God Ft Radimo on flute
6. Star Striking Ft Ray Vendetta
7. Cum On Cum On (instrumental)
8. The Disclaimer Ft Vague
9. Mrs Robinson Love (interlude)
10. Oh Holy Peace

<a href="http://hypedogcompilation.bandcamp.com/album/obba-supa-vs-billy-paul">Intro by hypedog</a>

You can crack on with downloading it here.