Ghost x Bonafide Magazine - Mix 01

Producer Ghost has been a mainstay of UK hip hop over the past few years and is now branching out with his production style. This is matched by his taste for music, exemplified by this mix he's done for Bonafide Magazine.

What they're saying:

"A hip-hop producer and touring DJ with more than 10 years experience, four albums and countless singles under his belt Ghost is a more than fitting d├ębutante to our mix series. Ghost has graced countless MCs with his production skills including Jehst , Foreign Beggars and Kashmere, and always seems to be one step ahead-of-the-game when it comes to UK hip-hop. This is probably due to the fact that his music owes as much to progressive ambient, electronica and more recently, dubstep influences as it does to the traditional boom-bap and smoky soul samples characteristic of hip-hop.

Ghost recently dropped the brand new Remixes from the Edge album-featuring official remixes of tracks by Dabrye, Bonobo, The Heavy and Coldcut available for a discretionary price over at This album serves as a pre-cursor to the imminent full-length release, Remixes from the Edge, a titular nod to his recent migration to New Zealand from London.

But first feast your ears on this mix."