Bashy In Film Premier After Party Gun Drama. Or Not.

Yesterday I received a press release at work, I have no idea why, about an incident at the after party for the premier of British film Shank, starring “UK hip hop” star Bashy.

Apparently, and these are certainly not my words, he was “threatened by a gun” in “crime-ridden” Brixton while revellers partied on, oblivious to the disruption. Apart from the fact guns are inanimate and don’t have the capacity to judge or threaten, this didn’t make any sense, to me at least. Why would a public relations company highlight a violent incident at an event that was celebrating one of their client’s products? Aaaahhhhh, they were trying to get Shank mentioned by the mainstream press, regardless of context.

Then today I received yet another press release at work:

Retraction of Release dated 18th March 2010: Following the press release on 18th March 2010 we have investigated this story further. It transpires that this has been a case of Chinese whispers leading from misinformation. The evening itself was very successful and apart from a minor altercation outside the after party venue, the evening was trouble free, receiving praise from both the Metropolitan Police and the venues used. We understand that it is our responsibility to control media and public perceptions of the talent, the film and all related events. We have worked very hard to ensure both the film and it’s moral message are not lost or misrepresented. It is on that note that we would like to retract any statement or release surrounding the Shank premier that may imply any negative connotation and apologise to all involved for any inconvenience.”

What’s going on? What actually happened? Did someone draw a gun on Bashy? Did they realise that associating the fact with the film would be potentially damaging? Or was it just an honest balls up? In which case, why didn’t they just bell up one of the film’s many actors and confirm the evening’s events?

From confusing blurbs to slip-ups like this, sometimes I just don’t get PR companies or their ways.