Juice Aleem - Rock My Hologram (Video)

Make sure you listen to this through speakers, not a laptop.

Off last year's Jerusalaam Come - available here.

Don't Stay In...

Whether you're in Notts or London, or can get yourself to either, Cappo is doing the rounds to promote Needle Drop and the forthcoming Genghis (6th April). Check the flyers and get yourself down to one or all of these nights, cash flow permitting.

There's some bloke called Ill Bill at this event...

K-Nite - The Prelude (Mixtape)

K-Nite is an MC and producer who runs with Loudmouth Melvin, Mentalist, Skillit and Black The Ripper, and is working on an LP named Drawing Board.

This is a little more than your typical mixtape as it's completely self-produced - beats and all.

K-Nite - The Prelude

Skitz - Struggla b/w Born Inna System

So, the promo run for Skitz's Sticksman, due 10th May, is in full swing. The two lead tracks are as strong as an ox - plus there's a video and remixes to boot.

Not very long ago you wouldn't get this amount of material just given away. Count yourself lucky and follow up with a copy of the album in about five weeks.

Skitz - Struggla feat. Rodney P, Kardinal Offishall And Skibbadee (Clean)

Skitz - Struggla feat. Rodney P, Kardinal Offishall And Skibbadee (Engine Earz Remix)

Skitz – Born Inna System feat. Buggsy (Clean)

Skitz – Born Inna System feat. Buggsy (Prime Cuts Remix)

Jyager - Wavy Swagger (Mixtape)

YNR young gun Jyager has thrown out Wavy Swagger – a mixtape that pinches beats from some dope producers: Exile, Hayzee, Elaquent, Sir OJ and RCA Miles High.

Get your wave on

Also, you can pop by Suspect Packages and get yourself a copy of his debut LP, Hidden Scriptures.

Ghost x Bonafide Magazine - Mix 01

Producer Ghost has been a mainstay of UK hip hop over the past few years and is now branching out with his production style. This is matched by his taste for music, exemplified by this mix he's done for Bonafide Magazine.

What they're saying:

"A hip-hop producer and touring DJ with more than 10 years experience, four albums and countless singles under his belt Ghost is a more than fitting d├ębutante to our mix series. Ghost has graced countless MCs with his production skills including Jehst , Foreign Beggars and Kashmere, and always seems to be one step ahead-of-the-game when it comes to UK hip-hop. This is probably due to the fact that his music owes as much to progressive ambient, electronica and more recently, dubstep influences as it does to the traditional boom-bap and smoky soul samples characteristic of hip-hop.

Ghost recently dropped the brand new Remixes from the Edge album-featuring official remixes of tracks by Dabrye, Bonobo, The Heavy and Coldcut available for a discretionary price over at musicbyghost.com. This album serves as a pre-cursor to the imminent full-length release, Remixes from the Edge, a titular nod to his recent migration to New Zealand from London.

But first feast your ears on this mix."


The 3 Amigos - Stand Up And Fight b/w Real Life Drama

The 3 Amigos are prepping their new album, World War 3, and this is the single.

Naive’s production is wicked and these are definitely worth you checking for.

The 3 Amigos - Stand Up And Fight

The 3 Amigos - Real Life Drama

Come this way
if you want radio edits and an accapella for production, cutting or remix purposes.

M.A.B - Abnoxshuz From UK To US Vol.1 (Mixtape)

Never judge a book by its cover, so they say, and to that end don’t let the artwork to Abnoxshuz From UK To US Vol.1 put you off. The beat selection here is largely on point and M.A.B can certainly rap.

A couple tasters:

M.A.B - Underground feat. Truth

M.A.B - What This Means To Me

M.A.B - Abnoxshuz From UK To US Vol.1 (Mixtape)

Baby Blue - Firefly (Mixtape)

Baby Blue has a new mixtape out.

Here it is.

Win A Day In The Studio With CM

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to hone their production abilities.

What they're saying:

"CM is celebrating its Creative Music Production & Business Foundation degree`s 4th year.
To mark this special occasion CM have teamed up with Pyroradio.com to offer a free day’s studio tuition.

If you are a producer or thinking of becoming a producer this could be the perfect opportunity for you. The winner will spend the day with a top music production tutor and can learn new tricks and tips to take back to their studio and improve their production skills."

Hit this link for entry details

Don't Stay In...

If you're fortunate enough to have a sex life and reckless enough not to use protection, you might want have a test to check your bits are kosher. If this is you, you're a nipper (15-24) and you don't mind occupying a venue full of people who have pissed into a cup for entry, you should get yourself to this event featuring top grime MCs Wylie, Scorcher, Skepta and Griminal.

Despite my age, I would rather have chlamydia than put myself through the pain of listening to Ironik, who is also billed. But Eski is heavy and although I'm not really up on Scorcher and Griminal, they command a lot of respect in the grime scene.

Click the flyer for more info.

Joker Starr - Exhibit D_iss (Smiler Diss)

Joker Starr - Exhibit D_iss (Smiler Diss)

I was wondering what was going to happen next with this and suspected we hadn't heard the last. Joker Starr schools Smiler for his slick talking on Destroy & Rebuild.

“I think it’s cute that you two new school rappers thought it was a good idea to wear matching his and hers puffa jackets.”

Check the Clarity video to catch some of Joker's shots.

Paul White - So Far Away (Tranqill's Version)

Paul White is nice with the beats and doesn't seem to pander to the hipster beatmaking scene that's bubbling at the minute. This version sees his One-Handed Music labelmate Tranqill get on board with some vocals, and it all fits together tightly.

Tranqill's Hidden Treasures is now available and you can also get the Paul White album this instrumental is on at Bandcamp.

Skandal feat. Black The Ripper And Little Dee - Kill 'em Wit The Flow (Video)

The more I hear this the more I realise it's a monster. Beat Butcha cooked up a beast for this one and I'm definitely gonna cop the follow up to Hunger Pains, A Quick Snack.

I need that Klash and P Money remix.

Lowkey - Obama Nation (Video)

I can't off the top of my head think of any other rapper expressing this much conviction and passion for their beliefs through their music. Lowkey has always been on point in highlighting the injustice he sees around him.

This will be on Soundtrack To The Struggle, which is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers.

Mystro - Aquarius (Video)

Mystro gives you the second one off his F.D.T (aka Fuck Da Taxman). Supa T's understated production really works on this and Mystro shows he's not just a strong punchline rapper, he can also get reflective. The EP's available at iTunes and is definitely worth purchasing.

And that's not all. If you haven't yet caught Mysdiggi's investigative reports, do so. Then catch up with the latest episode.

And if you're still game, Hip Hop Kings collared him recently for an interview.

Mr. Drastik & Kinetik - Emotions (Unofficial Remix)

Drastik and Kinetik pilfer Ty's Emotions and give their own rendition.

If Ty finds out he'll properly kick off. Or just get emotional.

Cappo - Gilgamesh II (Video)

Capps hits 'em with the ace.

You can get this and the excellent Loyalty on Bandcamp.

Genghis Day is 6th April.

Plan B On Jonathan Ross

Plan B got a last minute feature on Manuel botherer Jonathan Ross’s show on Friday and performed his new single, She Said.

The cynic in me says this is cashing in on the retrospective styling that worked so well for Amy Crackhouse a couple years back. The fact is it’s a strong song, great pop and Plan B sings it with tons of soul. And there’s some spit in there too.

If you haven’t already caught it on T4, or some other programme with attractive young women presenting, here’s the official video.

Don't Stay In...

On The Real @Plan B in Brixton plays host to Ty's album launch party.

The Rhyme Minister - The Rhyme Minister (Video)

Some people get a bit funny when rappers try to approach serious and weighty subjects such as politics. The Rhyme Minister tackles it with ease, plus his flow is sick.

Blak Twang - Before N After

Tony Rotten hit SoulCulture with an exclusive that will feature on his forthcoming album, ELEVELATION.

Before N After is an acknowledgement of how much things have changed since Dettwork South East, for better or worse.

Check the post to see what's up with Taipanic and what's in store.

<a href="http://soulculture.bandcamp.com/album/before-n-after-www-soulculture-co-uk-exclusive">Before N After (Dirty) by SoulCulture</a>

Pete Cannon - Iller Mini Mix

If you're still not up on Pete Cannon or this Manc producer's work, take a listen to the mix he's done for clothing and record label Iller.

Pete Cannon - Iller Mini Mix

He's just wrapped up two new tracks with Million Dan and has his eyes on a production album that'll feature 16 of the UK's finest - so keep keeping tabs.

Micall Parknsun - Everyday feat. Tiffany Paige (Video)

Micall Parknsun's second single, Everyday, goes visual. You can read an interview with Olly Hill, the video's producer, over at britishhiphop.co.uk.

And: Micall Parknsun - Everyday feat. Tiffany Paige (LG Remix) / Bang! feat. Jehst (Chemo Remix)

Fliptrix - Theory Of Rhyme (Out Now!)

Fliptrix's Theory Of Rhyme is now available. You can cop a copy from the man himself and Disorda at Suspect Packages. Oh, and some little online shop called... eyeToons?

Hypedog Presents - Obba Supa Vs. Billy Paul (Mixtape)

Hypedog presents to you a free to download concept mixtape. The concept's simple: rap duo Obba Supa spit on beats sampling legendary Philidelphian soul singer and produced by Hey!Zeus.

What Hypedog's sayin':

"Take one soul heavyweight, 'Billy Paul', hailing from Philly who has graced the stage with Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Roberta Flack amongst other legendary artists. Meld him with Obba Supa (Project MoonCircle), an innovative uk hip hop duo (hot off collaborations with Evil Ed, John Robinson and Floating Points) and you receive the eagerly anticipated:


Following on from the inspired TO:AM FREE:AM this mixtape authentically blends the deliciously dulcet tones of Billy Paul with Hey!Zeus's erroneously placed beats complemented by the talented wordsmith Teknical Development. Mellifluous live flute and sax from Radimo float over guest appearance from Ray Vendetta, Vague and Bad FX. On this soulful ten track Obba Supa blend their early love of musical fusion and live instrumentation with carefully crafted snippets of Billy Paul's back catalogue. This is a mixtape rooted in the musical dynamism of Philladelphia and the eclectic sounds of London. Download it now!"


1. Intro
2. Lets Stay Together Ft Ray Vendetta
3. Mrs Jones And Me Ft Ray Vendetta & Radimo on sax
4. Black Wonders Ft Ray Vendetta & Bad Fx
5. Love And War Of The God Ft Radimo on flute
6. Star Striking Ft Ray Vendetta
7. Cum On Cum On (instrumental)
8. The Disclaimer Ft Vague
9. Mrs Robinson Love (interlude)
10. Oh Holy Peace

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="http://hypedogcompilation.bandcamp.com/album/obba-supa-vs-billy-paul"&amp;amp;amp;gt;Intro by hypedog&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

You can crack on with downloading it here.

Lloyd Banks - Got Em Like (prod. Dready)

Dready is a Brummie producer who has been making some pretty serious moves over in America. I can't give you the whole rundown, but what I do know is that he used to be part of So Solid Crew, most of your favourite UK producers rate him very highly, he gets a big fat co-sign from Busta, and he tore down Louis Den Beat Cypher at the end of last year.

This time round, 50 Cent's right-hand man Lloyds Bank tries his hand at a Dready banger.

Lloyd Banks - Got Em Like (prod. Dready)

Kinetik - The Incredible feat. Mr. Beatz (prod. J57)

Kinetik links some pals from the The States for this one.

It's always interesting to hear US and UK rappers on a song together, and I'm saying Kinetik works it more impressively than Mr. Beatz.

See what you're saying.

Kinetik - The Incredible feat. Mr. Beatz (prod. J57)

Jack Flash 24 - Week 14

Over Evidence's Alchemist-produced Chase The Clouds Away.

Remus And Ramson Badbonez On DJ Gone.tv (Video)

Task Force's younger generation stop in with DJ Gone.

Bashy In Film Premier After Party Gun Drama. Or Not.

Yesterday I received a press release at work, I have no idea why, about an incident at the after party for the premier of British film Shank, starring “UK hip hop” star Bashy.

Apparently, and these are certainly not my words, he was “threatened by a gun” in “crime-ridden” Brixton while revellers partied on, oblivious to the disruption. Apart from the fact guns are inanimate and don’t have the capacity to judge or threaten, this didn’t make any sense, to me at least. Why would a public relations company highlight a violent incident at an event that was celebrating one of their client’s products? Aaaahhhhh, they were trying to get Shank mentioned by the mainstream press, regardless of context.

Then today I received yet another press release at work:

Retraction of Release dated 18th March 2010: Following the press release on 18th March 2010 we have investigated this story further. It transpires that this has been a case of Chinese whispers leading from misinformation. The evening itself was very successful and apart from a minor altercation outside the after party venue, the evening was trouble free, receiving praise from both the Metropolitan Police and the venues used. We understand that it is our responsibility to control media and public perceptions of the talent, the film and all related events. We have worked very hard to ensure both the film and it’s moral message are not lost or misrepresented. It is on that note that we would like to retract any statement or release surrounding the Shank premier that may imply any negative connotation and apologise to all involved for any inconvenience.”

What’s going on? What actually happened? Did someone draw a gun on Bashy? Did they realise that associating the fact with the film would be potentially damaging? Or was it just an honest balls up? In which case, why didn’t they just bell up one of the film’s many actors and confirm the evening’s events?

From confusing blurbs to slip-ups like this, sometimes I just don’t get PR companies or their ways.

Cappo - Genghis

You can now get a sneaky peak of what's to come on Genghis Day (6th April), with the release of Loyalty and Gilgamesh II, the sequel to a classic from 2000's The Codex EP.

Off the strength of these two and Psychological Warfare it looks like this is going to be a big one.

And if you're both inpatient and a vinyl-head, you're in luck - 200 limited edition copies are available right now as double LPs.

Micall Parknsun - Everyday feat. Tiffany Paige (LG Remix) / Bang! feat. Jehst (Chemo Remix)

Everyday and Bang! off Parky's First Second Time Around get the remix treatment from LG and Chemo.

Micall Parknsun - Everyday feat. Tiffany Paige (LG Remix)

Micall Parknsun - Bang! feat. Jehst (Chemo Remix)

Make sure you buy the album if you haven't already, as it's probably the most impressive UK hip hop album of last year.

Charlie Sloth - Game Over (feat. Little Dee And Genesis Elijah)


Press Start button to collect mixtape: START

Mudmowth & Metabeats - Maaad Tight (feat. Sonny Jim And Skamma)

Associated Minds' Mudmowth and Metabeats are teaming up for joint album SledgeHammer Kisses. The album looks set for a 3rd May release and here's a little suttin for you to check for right now.

Dom G - Lon Don

As a signee to the seminal Low Life Records in its early days, Dom G has definitely paid his rent in the domestic scene. Having worked with Ty and Nomadic Poet in the past, he’s readying his next project, Nicely Does It, for a May release.

Before the LP touches down, here’s a taster.

Dom G – Lon Don

Course he's gotta MySpace

Ty - Something Big Vol.1 (Mixtape)

Ty goes on generous on the lead up to his new album, Special Kind Of Fool.


01 Skit - Intro
02 Break The Lock - TY
03 Dont Watch That - TY
04 Worldwide - Funky DL (ft TY) Hot Mix
05 Down For The Count - Reflection Eternal (ft TY & Blak Twang) UK version
06 Skit (Ghetto Yout)
07 Hey There - 2000 Black aka Dego & Kaidi Tatham (ft TY)
08 Skit (Space Monkey)
09 Phantom Of The Opera - TY (ft Anthony Mills)
10 Me - TY (ft Erik Rico)
11 Pick It Up - Nathan Haines (ft TY) Submariner remix
12 Dont Push Me - Tettory Bad (ft TY)
13 Groovement - TY
14 Emotions - TY (ft Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffery) Album version
15 Heart Full Of You - Robert Mitchell (ft TY & Deborah Jordan)
16 Keep On - Bone Idols (ft TY & Aphletik)
17 Woman To Man - Tony Allen (ft TY)
18 Can’t Help Myself - The Bamboo’s (ft TY)
19 Legacy - Zion I (ft TY & Jennifer Johns)
20 When Robots Go To War - TY (ft Motet) Daz I Kue remix
21 Wait A Minute - TY (Dwele remix)
22 Emotions - TY (Waajeed remix)
23 Style & Pattern - John Arnold (ft TY)
24 The Way We Like It - Natalie Williams (ft TY & Eska)
25 The Idea - TY (ft De La Soul’s Pos & Dave)
26 Outro

Ty - Something Big Vol.1 (Mixtape)

Skitz feat. Buggsy - Born Inna System

'uckkiiiiiiin 'ell, how long has this been in the works?

Featuring Bristolian young blood Buggsy, this one's off Skitz's sophomore LP, Sticksman. Expect this to be available from 3rd May, approximatelty a decade after the excellent Countryman. Still, better late than never and all that.

Now, where's that Detox album, Dre?

Return With A Mask On Competition Winner - Jeye Severe

UK MC Jeye Severe entered a competition hosted by US producer IMAKEMADBEATS and ended up clinching the top spot. And deservedly so from the sounds of this - it knocks lovely.

Jeye also won a contest set by Sway and ended up getting a feature on Payback, off The Delivery mixtape.

You can purchase his debut release, Yes Blood, from his bandcamp page for one quid.

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;&lt;span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_5"&gt;lt&lt;/span&gt;;a &lt;span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_6"&gt;href&lt;/span&gt;="http://imakemadbeats.bandcamp.com/track/jeye-severe-winner"&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&lt;span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_7"&gt;Jeye&lt;/span&gt; Severe (WINNER!) by &lt;span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_8"&gt;IMAKEMADBEATS&lt;/span&gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;&lt;span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_9"&gt;lt&lt;/span&gt;;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

DJ IQ & Joker Starr - Deep Space (feat. Ramson Badbonez, Sonny Jim, Kashmere)

You can pick this up on digital release from 12th April, and I'll be doing just that. Dope posse cut.

Jack Flash 24 - Week 13

Maybe Jack should have a word with the person who picked this week's beat.

TQ on YouTube

Luigi-Bo 87 - Dust Off The Nes Vol.2

The first one of these has stayed on heavy rotation and this is sure to be top notch as well. This time round Luigi-Bo 87 throws some vocals into the mix.


Winterfresh (Nula) - Fresh Daily (prod. Flying Lotus)
Jealous - Dave Notti & Hi-Res (prod. Hi-Res)
Sky -aDaD (prod. Exile)
Special Ingredient - Quelle (prod. Quelle)
Final Fantasy - Kelakovski (prod. Kelakovski)
VEN-us - VLooper & Kenlo (prod. VLooper & Kenlo)
Rock It - Xperiment (prod. Xperiment)
This World - Hi-Res (prod. Hi-Res)
Indogo Flirt -Bluntspeakers (prod. Bluntspeakers)
Trace -Hudson Mohawke (prod. Hudson Mohawke)
Cratehead Opus - Xperiment (prod. Xperiment)
Hold Up Zelda -Devonwho (prod. Devonwho)
Bizness - Pugz Atomz (f. Finale & Wes Relentless) (prod. Astronote)
Boss #7 -J'83
What We On (f. MadKem) - DJ K.O (prod. Analogic)
Green Tea Power - FLYamSAM (prod. FLYamSAM)
Tetris - Waajeed (prod Waajeed)
Arcade Fly - 6th Sense & Wildabeast (f. Buff 1, Donny Goines, U-N-I, &
Fashawn) (prod. 6th Sense)
Lay You Out - Redman & Oh No (prod. Oh No)

Luigi-Bo 87 - Dust Off The Nes Vol.2

Luigi-Bo 87 - Dust Off The Nes Vol.1

DJ Sarah Love - Soul Power Cypher Ep.1

The lovely, lovely, lovely Sarah Love has hooked up a monthly cypher session with Spine TV. This month's installment sees Sonny Jim, Chester P, Skandal and Ramson Badbonez do what they do best.

Karl Hinds - Ether 2010 (Smiler Response)

I was wondering when someone was going to respond to Smiler's Destroy & Rebuild, and completely missed Klash's verse on Skandal's Kill 'Em Wit The Flow remix.

A bit of healthy competition is a good thing, unless everything descends into pantomime. The US has pretty much mastered turning hip hop spats into a promotional tool, even down to the staged Graduation versus Curtis release-date farce.

Clearly there was a self-serving element to Smiler's track. Still, he made a pretty valid observation of the state of things, despite hurting feelings. That said, Klashnekoff is prepping an album that is sure to be fire and there wasn't a whole lot on the Clarity mixtape that I was feeling.

I wonder what'll happen next?

Newham Generals feat. Esco - I'm A General (Video)

For those of you that don't know, Newham Generals are a grime duo signed to Dizzee's Dirtee Stank label. For those that do, you probably know a lot more than me.

This is a new track produced by SKITZ Beatz and featuring Esco, who was killed last year and was Jermaine Defoe's brother.

This is big and no MC sounds like D Double E. Fact.

Cyrus Malachi - Robin Hood Theory (prod. Endemic)

Props to Hip Hop Hype Dog for this one.

Diggin In The Crates: 1Xtra, HHC & DJ Excalibah Present - Britannia Rules The Airwaves

From August 2002, anyone with a digital radio (i.e. no-one) was lucky enough to be able to tune into the newly launched 1Xtra radio station. To celebrate the fact, HHC served up this CD for its readers to get acquainted with the whipper snapper Excalibah and his Tales From The Legend UK hip hop show.

Nearly eight years later and some bloke rooted it out and popped it on a blog.

The end.


1 - DJ Excalibah - Intro
2 - 2 Halves - Love For This
3 - The Colony - Do It
4 - Sway Dasafo - On My Own
5 - Teddy - Summer Wine
6 - Karl Hinds feat. Wildflower - Mistaken ID
7 - Out Da Ville - Queens Palace
8 - DVS - Break Beats
9 - Shameless - U Never Know
10 - Extremists - Champagne Bottles
11 - Ty - Shake It Up
12 - Individual Minds - Verbal Executions
13 - Fallacy & Fusion - Be Good
14 - The Planets - Planetary Vibe
15 - Blak Twang feat. Estelle - Trixstar
16 - Beefeaters - Can Of Worms

1Xtra, HHC & DJ Excalibah Present - Britannia Rules The Airwaves

Ramson Badbonez - R.I.P B.I.G Tribute (Mixtape)

Thirteen years ago yesterday, Biggie got snuffed in LA by an unnamed gunman. (Don't tell anyone but it was actually me acting in retaliation for the death of my bezzie mate, 2Pacs.)

Ramson Badbonez has put together this tribute to one of the most revered rappers to grace the game. If you're a fan of Biggie or Badbonez, or both, then this will be right up your street.

Ramson Badbonez - R.I.P B.I.G Tribute (Mixtape)

The Kemistry - The Jumble EP

Call me lazy but it's Monday:

"The Kemistry have just dropped a freebie ep, with some previously released tracks and some new demo type tracks .. I can't big this up too much without sounding like a self promoting arse hole, so just download it, drop it on ya ipod, laugh at the artwork & have a listen and see what ya think fo ya self's .. Pz .."

For you

No Change - Land Of The Lost (Free Album)

What they say:

"From the streets of Leeds, No Change is an MC who has been working hard for years to produce a back catalogue of over 200+ studio tracks. He has now decided to compile his first LP, Land Of The Lost, with tracks featuring Aiwan (Afro Physics), label mate El-D and production from Mike D (Subterrania)."


Jack Flash 24 - Week 12

Jack Flash hits the halfway mark with the twelfth installment of his 24 series.

Vee Kay - Normalized (Remix EP)

Vee Kay dropped this remix project today and it's a freebie. Get your lug-holes around it here.


1 - Daft 500 - Ghostface Killah/Daft Punk
2 - Mathematics - Mos Def
3 - Sirens - Dizzee Rascal
4 - Grand Slam - Dialect ft Copywrite
5 - Little Bit Of Feel Good - Jamie Lidell
6 - Nature's Way - Delusionists
7 - Out On The Razz - Rapskallions & Yosh

Cambatta - Goodness Gracious/Gobstopper (prod. Pete Cannon)

Pete Cannon stays making transatlantic moves, this time working with Connecticut representative Cambatta. These two joints are serious.

UPDATE: Now available to download.

Don't Stay In...

Skinnyman hits up Boogie Down Brighton on 20th March.

Mr Drastick - Palm Of My Hands (Video)

Dizzee Rascal To Pen Memoirs

From the Guardian:

"Dizzee Rascal has announced plans to publish his first official memoir, provisionally titled The Dizzee Rascal Story.

The 24-year-old rapper will co-write his life story with music journalist Ben Thompson later this year. The memoir will be published by the company Dirtee Books, a joint venture with Dizzee's Dirtee Stank label and publishers Canongate.

The illustrated hardback is due in October and the paperback will follow in summer 2011. Plus, publisher Canongate plans to focus on marketing digital editions of the book.

Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Mills, was born in Bow, east London, in 1985. He started making music in his teens and released his Mercury prize-winning debut album, Boy In Da Corner, when he was 17. His fourth album, Tongue N' Cheek, was released last year and is the rapper's greatest commercial success to date. His memoir promises to offer an 'intimate insight' into his life so far, including his turbulent adolescence and his near-fatal stabbing in 2003."

Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (Preview)

Klashnekoff's Back To The Sagas is now available to preview over at Juno.

As much as I want to hear this album, I'm going to hang on for the official release and cop the CD from HMV. Some things are worth doing properly.

K-Lash has also offered up an unnamed song for you, which you can get here.

Lastly, props to Certified Banger for being observant and keeping tabs on twitter.

Morris Minor And The Majors - Stutter Rap (Video)

Some people harp on about the Beastie Boys and what they did for rap music. Don't listen to those people.

Morris Minor And The Majors completely smashed it with their chart-storming no. 4 hit Stutter Rap. The crew was led by comedian Tony Hawk (not the skater dude) - better known by his hip hop alias Morris Minor. Throw in the inimitably named Rusty Wing and Phil Errup and you have the most overlooked unsung heroes of this here music.

UK stand up!

Jack Flash 24 - Week 11

Sick beat with no melody - Emilio Rojas' Bold & Arrogant.

Smiler - DJ 279 Freestyle

The guy that talked greasy about Klashnekoff and just about everyone else in the scene on Destroy and Rebuild.

Suspect Packages Radio - March Show

The hardest working man in UK hip hop is biddack (back) for another one. This time Fliptrix and Verb T hit up the bunker.


01> Cappo – Fire With Fire / Son Records promo
02> DJ Roast ft.Teef – News Flash / Higher Heights Records
03> Iron Braydz – Death Machine
04> Jack Flash – Harass The City / Jack Flash Music promo
05> Mr Flex ft.Sophie Rose Harper – Nothing To Prove / promo
06> The Krate Krusaders & Crucifix – Dreams Of An Orphan / Outta Town Sound
07> Skitz ft.Buggsy – Born Inna System / Dragon Drop promo
08> London Zoo – Crazy Ill / Dented Records promo
09> Skuff & Inja – Hat Low (Bioviolence Remix) / promo
10> Fallacy – One For One
11> Foreign Beggars – Get A Bit More (Skism Remix) / Dented/Never Say Die Records
12> Stagga ft.Juakali – The Science Of Skank / promo
13> Bare Noize – Chucky / promo
14> Stagga – Rub On Ya Bass Binz / promo
15> RSD – Trample / promo
16> Cappo – Most Wanted / Son Records promo
17> Charlie Sloth feat.Reveal – The Next Ting / promo
18> DJ Roast feat.Cyrus Malachi & D21 – Vagina Monologue 2 / Higher Heights Records
19> Iron Braydz – Feelings From The Heart
20> Shuanise – Kingdom / Eglo Records
-------------Fliptrix & Verb T live-------------
21> Fliptrix – My Soul / High Focus Records
22> Fliptrix & Verb T interview part 1
23> Fliptrix – Real Music / High Focus Records
24> Fliptrix & Verb T interview part 2
25> Fliptrix – You’ll Never Change / High Focus Records
26> Fliptrix & Verb T - Live freestyle


Don't forget next Friday's SUSPECT PACKAGES LIVE for the launch of the Fliptrix Theory Of Rhyme and DJ Roast Cuttin' It Fine albums...

Kasha - Black Rhyme (Video)

Lead single off The Oracle long player. Not sure of the release date yet, but I'm sure you'll know about it when it's available.

DJ Ames & Rukus - Back Like I Never Left (Mixtape)


2.Def 1 Feat Rukus – Hustle Everyday (Pro By Def 1)
3.Antourage (Rukus,Shade One,Yogi) - Heavy Flows (Freestyle)
4.Flow Hard (Go Hard Freestyle)
5.Jus Flow (Pro By Rukus)
6.Let It Go Feat TY Klashnekoff Yogi (Remix) (Pro By Baby J)
7.Don’t U Have A Word (Pro By Baby J)
9.Antourage (Rukus,Shade One,Yogi) - We Nuh Care (Pro By Baby J)
10.Understand (Pro By Alex Blood)
11.Amy Winehouse Feat Rukus Precha Alex Blood Malik – Valarie (Baby J Remix) (Pro By Baby J)
12.Obidiah Feat Dessy G (Pro By XTripleiii)
13.Broad (Pro By Diveno)
14.Kof Feat Rukus & DJ Rasp – Represent (Pro By Briscoe)
16.Overstand (Understand) Feat Alex Blood,TY, Nesha (Pro By Alex Blood)
17.Really Know Feat DE’votion (Pro By D Milz) Exclusive)
18.Incompatible (Pro By Swift Durti)
19.Rock Right Now (Freestyle)
20.Ruk Out (Pass Out Freestyle)

Get dat

Skillit - I Love Women Pt.2 (Video)

Skillit with the sequel to I Love Women, which featured on the Talk Of The Town EP.

You can check the original below and you should definitely catch Skeen as well. This guy's videos are pure joke.

His album Skillit Bang is on its way.

Beats And... Beats

Two great UK producers hit you with new beats.

Wizard - February Beat Tape

Myke Forte - Zodiak: Taurus

Dan Bull - Dear Auntie (Video)

Dan Bull sends a letter to the Beeb, lamenting recent proposals to shut down Radio 6.

It doesn't look like it's going away without a fight, though.

Skandal feat. Klashnekoff & P-Money - Kill 'Em Wit The Flow (Remix)

Skandal continues to build his rep with this remix, featuring Klash and south London grime MC and Ghetts battler P-Money (not the producer from New Zealand).

This will feature on his A Quick Snack EP, out at the end of this month.

Charlie Sloth - The Black Book (Mixtape)

Charlie Sloth shows his savvy with The Black Book. The mixtape serves the purpose of showcasing the UK’s talent, whilst also providing the opportunity for Charlie to link some of the biggest names in the scene, both old and new.

Dominic Owen handles the production, with guest verses coming from a swarm of rappers: Iron Braydz, Teef, Ramson Badbonez, Farma G, Scorzayzee, Black The Ripper, TB, Malik, Little Dee, Skinnyman, Wretch 32, Sincere, Mr Drastick, Rodney P, Million Dan, Supar Novar, Reveal, Stylah, Mystro, Genesis Elijah, Jargon and Loudmouth Melvin, plus more.

I have a little black book - there are no names in it.

Charlie Sloth – The Black Book