I admit, I was slipping a little by not checking for SB.TV. It's not as hip hop-oriented as DJ Gone's channel, with more of a focus on grime MCs - which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on what you're after.

A lot of rappers really bring it for these videos. Here are a couple I scoped last night that are doing it.

If I was an MC chatting a lot of hot air and vanity, I would be afraid of this dude. Black The Ripper is creating a strong buzz around himself and it's not based off of nothing.

If the word "swagger" hadn't become as big a hip hop cliche as "bling" I might use it to describe Wretch. Too many people try and play cool and do so by emulating others; this guy does it on his own terms.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Chipmunk was created by a record label despot with sterling signs in his eyes. Here Chips reminds you that he got the attention from the majors for a reason and is still capable of showing you why his peers championed him in the first place.

Check the SB.TV channel
for yourselves.