Luigi-Bo 87 - Dust Off The Nes Vol.1

Luigi-Bo 87 has gone all 16-bit 8-Bit and pooled together a load of music that he reckons would fit as a soundtrack to a NES game. A game made by a hip hop nerd, presumably. This inspired collection features some excellent producers from both sides of the pond and further afield.

The first of two volumes, keep your peepers peeled for the next one.


01 Disko Bowler (Prod. by Slumgullion)
02 Freeze (Prod. by J1 aka THE DEER)
03 Streetfighterchronicles (Quiet Rage) (Prod. by Myke Forte)
04 Creeps (Prod. by Kelakovski)
05 Dreamy (Prod. by Slumgullion)
06 Window (Prod. by Slumgullion)
07 Sirtet (Prod. by NAMELESS)
08 Outtake 8 (Prod. by Samon Kawamura)
09 Blind Witness (Prod. by Vlooper & Kenlo)
10 out-take 0809-006 (Prod. by Samon Kawamura)
11 Future (Prod. by NAMELESS)
12 Goal Banger (Prod. by Sir OJ)
13 Chancletas (Prod. by FS Green)
14 Underwaterways _ Grimey Cutman (Prod. by Hayzee)
15 He's In The Cabin!! (Prod. by NAMELESS)
16 Elevation Intended (Prod. by S1 n Caleb)
17 The Offbeat (Prod. by FlyamSam (Flying Lotus + Samiyam))
18 Bionic Fist Blastin' (Prod. by NAMELESS)
19 Time Space Continuous (Zone) (Prod. by Raul Supreme)
20 Shell Shook (Prod. by NAMELESS)
21 Castevania (Prod. by Slumgullion)
22 In the Night_While You Slept (I Crept) (Prod. by Jay Dee)
23 (Bonus Track-3) Feb-2009 (Prod. by Raul Supreme)

Luigi-Bo 87 - Dust Off The Nes