DJ Ames & DJ Drama - International Hustle UK Edition Vol 2 (Mixtape)

DJ Ames is no slouch when it comes to his mixtape game - he's got a link with DJ Drama, the man behind Lil Wayne's most notable independent projects and who got raided by the bleedin' Recording Industry Association of America. Exactly.

It's good to see him put his weight behind this selection of UK artists and I'm looking forward to checking the I Wanna Rock posse cut.


2.Mystro – 09 UK Rap Up (Pro By Black Einstein)
3.Nia-Jai – Hustle Hustle (Pro By Jmez)
4.Bigz, Shotty Horra, Panache, Flex The Truth, Hypes – The Sickness
5.Fredi Kruga – Who’s Afraid
6.Manny Moscow – Elevate (Pro By Tricksta)
7.Khalil aka B-Mus – Good Die You (Pro By Ortega)
9.S.A.S – Hustle
10.Pariz 1 – What Ya Must Do (Pro By Nutty P)
11.Cyclonious – What’s A Postcode (Pro By Cyclonious)
12.JaJa, Pyrelli, Myke Deanz, DVS – Cross My Mind
13.Rukus – Broad (Pro By Diveno)
14.Rain Feat Tippa Irie & Money Mayham – Gun Gun Play (Pro By Tha Bizness)
15.Smiler – Enza
16.Flex The Truth – I Gets Crazy
17.JSB – Got My Swagger Back (Pro By Puzzle Productions)
19.Mr Drastik – So Many Devils (Pro By Jon Phonics)
20.Genesis Elijah – I’m Doin It (Pro By Rich West)
21.Charlie Sloth – How To Grow Green
22.Pound Sterling Feat Change Mantanna – Cook Coke Man
23.Tusche De Costa – Atomicly (Pro By BeatBusta)
24.LATE – Real (Pro By Tricksta)
25.Meeks & Dan Man (S-Squad Ent) – Like A Jungle (Pro By 4th Lord – S-Squad Ent)
26.Mingstar The Major – How It Is For Me (Pro By Shauny B)

*Bonus Track*

Mystro, Manny Moscow, Rukus, Smiler, Rain, Flex The Truth, JSB, Genesis Elijah, Tusche De Costa, Cyclonious, LYNK, Meeks, Sonny Jim, OBoi – I Wanna Rock (Exclusive UK Remix)