Diggin In The Crates: HHC Cover CD - Various UK Artists

This one isn't so much diggin in the dusty crates, more flicking through a pretty dry CD wallet. I unearthed this free collection which came with a copy of HHC circa 2000 and mostly features UK artists.

Firstly, the track names are unknown (to me at least) and I can't pin down a couple of the artists by ear. I do know the rest features Out Da Ville, Scorzayzee, The Planets, Moorish Delta 7, 57th Dynasty, and Lethal and Destruction. It's been chopped down a little to keep it strictly UK and... well... enjoy.

HHC Cover CD - Various UK Artists

UPDATE: Shout to Matthew Austin for the track names.

Out Da Ville = Reality
Lethal and Destruction = Invincible
57th Dynasty = Hold Strong
Scorzayzee = Picasso
57th Dynasty = Lil Bro
The Planets = Knowledge of Self
Moorish Delta 7 = Roll With
Da Essence = Now Till Infinity