Bonafide Magazine - Issue 03 Out Now

Bonafide Magazine's latest issue is now available:

"Raekwon the Chef is one of modern music’s most gifted raconteurs (yes music, not just rap). After releasing a few so-so albums following his mighty cannon of a debut, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… back in 95, late last year saw the release of the long awaited sequel. And OB4CL2 may just be better than the original, find out more here.

If looks could kill…then Village Green would be facing up to a hefty sentence down the nick, but they don’t, of course. The design team behind Fabric’s distinct art direction and countless album covers reveal some of the tricks to their trade and inspirations, which include traditional arts & crafts and The Kinks, surprisingly.

Task Force have raised the bar for UK hip-hop. Consistently intense and razor sharp lyrics, brilliant collaborations and a defiance and honesty to say it like it is. Issue 03 gave us an opportunity to catch up with Farma G to reflect on the group's achievements, the state-of-the-nation, hobbies and his new non-hip-hop musical direction."

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