Whatever Happened To... Dirty Diggers?

I remember Excalibah getting behind Dirty Diggers heavily about five years ago. After I bought Freakishly Strong I realised what the fuss was all about.

Young Max and Pat Stash aren’t immediately an obvious fit – one’s from Yorkshire, the other from the East End. Despite that, they complement each other surprisingly well and had some proper hard-hitting beats on their debut, released on the now wound down Zebra Traffic. I’ll save you the bother of reading hackneyed clich├ęs about what Diggers’ music does or doesn’t sound like and offer up what’s arguably their anthem.

I purchased both LPs they released, I strongly recommend you do the same and I hope they come out of early retirement for more.

Dirty Diggers – For The Haters

Hit ‘em up on MySpace and annoy them ‘til they get back on it.

Lead tune off sophomore set The Pleasure Is All Mine: