Knowledge Magazine Guest Mix - Kidkanevil

What's considered UK hip hop, and even hip hop in general, is becoming an increasingly contentious issue. Traditional sonics sound brilliant. So can new styles, particularly given the creativity that this country offers on a musical tip.

Producer Kidkanevil might not strictly speaking be a hip hop producer as you understand it - certainly some of the songs on this mix are not made by hip hop producers. They are, however, people who've been garnering a lot of interest of late. I don't like terms such as wonky or glitch-hop, because they're invariably made up on the spot by blogger-types (yes, like me). I do like new music and innovative producers taking things in new directions.

I'm definitely checking this mix and you should too. You don't know until you try...


1. Kidkanevil – The Whistling Of Wintry Winds
2. Shlohmo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta remix)
3. KenLo – Madame
4. Gonja Sufi – Ancestors
5. Blue Daisy feat LaNote – Space Ex
6. Rustie – Keesha Resmak
7. Loops Haunt – Impact Omnihammer
8. Dabrye – No Child Of God
9. Kidkanevil – Minjo
10. Kidkanevil – Minjo (Blue Daisy remix)
11. Sonicbrat – Audiography 003
12. Raymond Scott – The Paperwork Explosion
13. New World Electronic Chamber Ensemble – All Your Need Is Love
14. Kidkanevil – When Doves Bounce


Kidkanevil's new album, Basho Basho, was released today.