Giggs feat. B.O.B - Don't Go There

If you haven't heard Giggs' music, then you've most likely heard of him at least. Let's face it, he's not exactly a dexterous rapper. However, he's probably got the biggest buzz of any, and I use the term loosely, hip hop artist in the UK. After shifting ungodly numbers of self-produced mixtapes, he's now signed to revered independent XL Recordings.

I'm not interested in critiquing this track in any way - mostly because I'm pretty sure that on the off-chance Hollow Man did find out I'd badmouthed him, he'd probably have me in a round of fisticuffs. The collaboration with one of XXL Magazine's Freshmen 10, Atlanta's B.O.B, is pretty interesting though. I personally think it's a good look and a preferable version of crossover rap/hip hop/grime/wot do u call it? to the 4-4 house nonsense that started polluting the airwaves in this country last year.

Not sure about his "Grrrrrr!" adlibs, mind.