Chima Anya Interview & Freestyle With Hip Hop Chronicle

Hip Hop Chronicle sat down with Doctor Anya, who explains that blogs are shit for various reasons including the fact they all cover the same stuff (sorry Hip Hop Chronicle). I wonder how his Your Blog Is Shit mixtape is going to be promoted. I reckon a fair amount of it will be through blogs, as well as more traditional outlets.

He also breaks down the over saturation of the UK scene with fans-come-rappers who should remain fans. Fair point – there’s a wealth of shit rappers out there. There’s a heap of shit successful rappers, too. And there’re some who don’t get the credit they deserve. Ultimately, who’s deemed worthy of listening to comes down to you – not rappers, not producers, not PRs and not blogs.

If you haven’t heard it already, Doctor Anya’s The Manner featuring every rapper’s favourite rapper, Jehst, is real big and his album sounds like it’s going to shape up really well. Mind you, you’ll be the judge of that.