Cappo Meets T.O.N.Y

When this LP dropped, T.O.N.Y was that song. I remember it getting repeated spins on Westwood's show, and for good reason - it's a great slice of that inimitable New York grittiness.

Now, I'm a big Cappo fan and am looking forward to what he's got in store this year because, as I read in an interview, he's lining something up that's going to "smash planets". Not in a "look at me I'm 'ard" way, but Capps is tough. The bully that never picked on anyone in particular. Uncut rawness.

Anyway, in a coming together of great things, here's a dub that he did for Excalibah over CNN's Top Of New York Bloody Money.

Cappo - Bloody Money Dub


If you haven't got The War Report or anything of Cappo's, go spend a little money.

UPDATE: I blame the hangover, but it's Bloody Money that's used for the Excalibah dub. Everything else still stands though.