Smiler - Destroy And Rebuild

Ever noticed how nicey, nicey UK rap is? Scratch that - Smiler completely goes in on a host of the scene's stalwarts in his bid to rep the new school.

Smiler - Destroy and Rebuild

This is both a shrewd, Fiddy-style marketing maneuver and a scathing observation of British hip hop. Whether you think all the names he writes off should be discarded or not, you have to admire the boldness of this.

Check Smiler's video for Clarity and hit the link to cop his mixtape of the same name.

Smiler - Clarity (mixtape)

Don't Stay In...

Diversion Tactics always put on a great show, so this month's Suspect Packages Live is bound to be a good one.

I'm also looking forward to getting familiar with Dented Records' London Zoo.

Entry is a miniscule £4.

Lord Balrog Remixes Chester P And Mud Fam

A couple of remixes from producer Lord Balrog.

Chester P - CMS (Lord Balrog remix)

Mud Family - Itchy Town (Lord Balrog remix)

Stylah - Exhibit C (Freestyle)

After just about everyone from the States getting on this beat, it's the UK's turn. Stylah gives his take on Jay Elec's latest offering.

Stylah - Exhibit C (Freestyle)

Donnie Propa - Best Of Scorzayzee Vol.1

Props to Donnie Propa for putting together this mix for all you Scorzayzee fans.

A great MC and a great idea.


1. Archery (Produced by DJ Fever)
2. Wishmaster (Produced by DJ Fever)
3. The Looniest (Produced by Cappo)
4. We Dont Care (Produced by DJ Fever)
5. Raw (Produced by Nick Dimes Sterrett + Big Trev)
6. Bang Your Head (Produced by DJ Vadim)
7. Freestyle Frenzy (Produced by Joe Buhdha)
8. Want Whats Yours (Produced by Styly Cee)
9. 3 Wize Men (Produced by DJ Fever)
10. Reality (Accapella)
11. Freestyle (With Lee Ramsay + Karizma) (Produced by DJ Fever)
12. Blueberry Dreamhaze (Produced by Cappo)
13. The Beginning Of The End (With Lee Ramsay) (Produced by DJ Fever)
14. Accakela (With Lee Ramsay + Killa Kela)
15. Try (Produced by Nick Stez)
16. 3 Kings (Produced by The P Brothers)
17. Speak (With Cappo) (Produced by The Akai Professionals)
18. Take A Journey (With Sophie Johnson Hill) (Produced by Nick Stez + Big Trev)
19. No Pain, No Gain (With Cappo) (Produced by Styly Cee)
20. Mic Life (Produced by The Labratz)


Tommy Gun - UK Hip Hop Revival

Tommy Gun with a mix of UK hip hop spanning 1998 to 2004.

Play from the embed or download.

Cappo Meets T.O.N.Y

When this LP dropped, T.O.N.Y was that song. I remember it getting repeated spins on Westwood's show, and for good reason - it's a great slice of that inimitable New York grittiness.

Now, I'm a big Cappo fan and am looking forward to what he's got in store this year because, as I read in an interview, he's lining something up that's going to "smash planets". Not in a "look at me I'm 'ard" way, but Capps is tough. The bully that never picked on anyone in particular. Uncut rawness.

Anyway, in a coming together of great things, here's a dub that he did for Excalibah over CNN's Top Of New York Bloody Money.

Cappo - Bloody Money Dub


If you haven't got The War Report or anything of Cappo's, go spend a little money.

UPDATE: I blame the hangover, but it's Bloody Money that's used for the Excalibah dub. Everything else still stands though.

Ruinz Ason - Street Magic Vol.1

Not had a chance to check Ruinz Ason's Street Magic Vol.1 yet.

I like this joint off his MySpace though:

Ruinz Ason - Call Me Ruinz Ason

Ruinz Ason - Street Magic Vol.1


Don't Stay In...

Just in case you're a fan of JME. When it comes to Boy Better Know, it's all about Eskiboy...

Mind you, this is kinda dope (if you ignore the soft-as-baby-poo croony bits, that is).

Big Ben - Same Old Me (Video)

Thursday Beat Tape Special

Beats, beats and more beats.

Kelakovski - New Year Beat Tape

Wizard - January Beat Tape

Kensaye - Introspective

Fallacy - Gracefull In Death - The Final Chapter EP (Out Now)

After mentioning that this was coming, I completely forgot to follow it up with a purchase.

This is Fallacy's last release and is sounding good to these ears. Big Fal is always a pleasure to listen to and for less than you'd spend on a pint in central London, you really cannot go wrong.

I just bought a copy and am looking forward to giving it a proper listen.

<a href="">Once upon a time by Fallacy</a>

Black The Ripper & Random Impulse On DJ Gone.TV

Edmonton's finest with DJ Gone.

Hypedog Presents - Obba Supa vs Billy Paul (Promo Video)

Obba Supa have got a mixtape coming with production from Hey!Zeus, presented by the venerable Hypedog. All songs will use Billy Paul samples (I do hope they've got clearance or at least asked his permission, otherwise the shit will hit the fan).

Sounds like this is gonna be a good one, so keep your eyes peeled as it'll be available right here shortly.

Skandal - Bedrock Freestyle And 101Barz Appearance

Skandal continues to stretch his buzz with a brand new freestyle over Young Money's Bedrock and a feature on Holland's 101Barz.

Skandal - Bedrock Freestyle (right click to save)

This man is really making moves right now and I admire the progress he's making considering the short time he's been around.

"The bars are ill, you can't better 'em/
A year-one rookie, but I spit it like a veteran"

He really goes in for this radio appearance:

Endemic & Cappo - Needle Drop (Out Now)

The Needle Drop EP by Endemic & Cappo can now be downloaded on all online stores worldwide; check out of few of those links below:

Suspect Packages
I Tunes

DJ Mentat Director's Cut Compilation w/ Big Smoke Magazine

If you bought yourself a copy of the 10th anniversary edition of Big Smoke magazine, you'll already be up on the Mentat CD that came with it. If not, download it right now. With songs either produced by him or remixed by his peers, this is a must for any fans of hip hop from the UK. Mentat is a great producer and he always links wicked features for his faultless beats.

Check the tracklist, save the compilation and enjoy. Then head over to Big Smoke to see what's what and buy a real-life magazine that you can hold with your hands.


(1) Smiler Feat Stylah -CRAZIEST (DJ Mentat remix)
(2) DJ Mentat Feat Skinnyman - When I Give My Heart To You
(3) DJ Mentat Feat Diabolic -MORNING LIGHT
(5) Tor Feat KLASHNEKOFF - STRIVIN’ HARDER (DJ Mentat remix)
(6) DJ Mentat Feat Roots Manuva & Seanie T - Rugged wid It’ (Unheard Remix)
(7) DJ Mentat Feat Syaman - Where I Wanna Be (Unheard Remix)
(8) DJ Mentat Feat Mystro - Waiting
(9) DJ Mentat Feat Skinnyman - When I Give My Heart To You (Joe Buhdha remix)
(10) DJ Mentat Feat Syaman - Where I Wanna Be (Kelakovski Remix)
(11) DJ Mentat Feat Roots Manuva & Seanie T - Rugged wid It’ (Keith Lawrence remix)
(12) Mr. Alexander - Nightlife (DJ Mentat remix)


Basement Sessions x Hypedog Present - The Headspace Mixtape Vol.1

The good people at Basement Sessions and Hip Hop Hype Dog are readying a mixtape that is gonna be a definite sure shot.

Here's what they're saying:

"The Headspace mixtape series is a collaboration of minds between the Basement Sessions podcasts and online Hip Hop community and the Hip Hop Hype Dog blog alongside UK Hip Hop Mixtapes, Soap Box Clothing and Sensei FM. These four titans of the UK scene have created a mixtape that truly represents where the UK scene is right now."

And here's what UK All Day is saying: With tracks from the likes of Kashmere, Brotherman, Fallacy, DJ IQ, Lowkey, Mystro, Farma G, TY and Delusionists, this is a project you need to be popping on your computer when it's released on 5th Feb.

Until then, get yourself familiar with the Basement Sessions podcasts.

Fresh Cuts Radio w/ Kidkanevil and Druskillz - January Show

"This month we bring you another dose of ultra fresh hip hop, & extra-special guest Kid Kanevil from First Word Records drops in to spin an exclusive 30 min guest mix & speak on his new LP Basho Basho. Also features guest host Druskillz & exclusive productions by DJ Daredevil. Big shout out to all involved in creating this dope-ass podcast!!"


01. Matman & Daredevil (The Brothas Grimm) – Fresh Cuts Radio Intro
02. DJ Daredevil - Silk
03. Madlib & Guilty Simpson - Unknown
04. Freeway & Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright
05. Strong Arm Steady - Jordache Look
06. DJ Daredevil - Kilo
07. Chima Anya - I Love Rap
08. Benamin & Fresh Daily - Apollo 13
09. Georgia Anne Muldrow, Rapper Big Pooh, M.E.D. & Nick tha 1da - Endure (EthNick Rmx)
10. DJ Daredevil - Up Yours 6
--- KidKanevil Guest Mix ---
11. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
12. Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer
13. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit
14. Erk Tha Jerk - Plane In The Air (Instrumental)
15. Timbaland - Symphony (ft. Attitude, Bran' Nu & D.O.E)
16. Kidkanevil - Megajoy
17. KidKanevil - Megajoy (Tokimonsta Unsound Bliss Rough Remix)
18. SRC - Goomba
19. Royal T - Beat Fighter
20. Alley Boy - Throw It Up
21. Ludacris & Shawna - How Low
22. Flying Lotus - Nose Art
23. Doom - Gazillion Ear (Dr Who Dat? Remix)
24. The Alchemist - Shine
25. Y.C. The Cynic - Say Superman
26. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (DJ Daredevil 2010 Remix)

Ramson Badbonez And DJ Gone Present - Bone Marrow Vol.1

Brand spanking new Badbonez mixtape that features some of the dubs you might've already heard, plus original productions courtesy of Jetsun Beats and Harry Love.

Ramson Badbonez And DJ Gone Present - Bone Marrow Vol.1

Ralph Rip Shit - Ralph Rip Rising

Having brought you OCDC with producer Stophe towards the end of last year, Ralph Rip Shit jumped in the booth and onto Hudson Mohawke's Rising 5.

Ralph Rip Shit - Ralph Rip Rising (right click to save)

There's a lot more to come this year from the Associated Minds camp, with Ralph and Mudmowth's Tokyo EP and Metabeats' sophomore set winging their way to you. Stay tuned.

I'd like to hear someone get on this track, also from Hudson Mohawke's Butter LP.

Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop

Jack Flash 24 - Week 6

A change of tact this week, Jack Flash jumps on Bret "Hitman" Heart's theme music.

Remus 'The Uprising' Mixtape Launch Party w/ Taskforce & Inja

Some class footage of the Remus mixtape launch at Suspect Packages Live the other week. Taskforce tore the place down and whether you made it there or not, this is worth a watch.

You have to respect the way Gone is documenting the scene right now.

Chima Anya Interview & Freestyle With Hip Hop Chronicle

Hip Hop Chronicle sat down with Doctor Anya, who explains that blogs are shit for various reasons including the fact they all cover the same stuff (sorry Hip Hop Chronicle). I wonder how his Your Blog Is Shit mixtape is going to be promoted. I reckon a fair amount of it will be through blogs, as well as more traditional outlets.

He also breaks down the over saturation of the UK scene with fans-come-rappers who should remain fans. Fair point – there’s a wealth of shit rappers out there. There’s a heap of shit successful rappers, too. And there’re some who don’t get the credit they deserve. Ultimately, who’s deemed worthy of listening to comes down to you – not rappers, not producers, not PRs and not blogs.

If you haven’t heard it already, Doctor Anya’s The Manner featuring every rapper’s favourite rapper, Jehst, is real big and his album sounds like it’s going to shape up really well. Mind you, you’ll be the judge of that.

Joker Starr - Frazier Ali EP

Stepping up on a boxing flex, Joker Starr's dropping the Frazier Ali EP on 22nd Feb. Check the snippets on the player above.

Some of these tracks are sounding live, but I hope the sound quality's improved when this is released 'cause, despite being 320kbps, the advance copy sounds like it's coming out of clock radio speakers...

Eastborn & The 13th Tribe - The Irony (13t-Al-Jabr Mix)

All proceeds from this song by Scotland's Eastborn go to the Haiti Appeal.

Do your bit.

Donnie Propa - Undertone Mix 10


1. Rodney P - Hear What I Say
2. New Flesh + Blackitude - Lie Low
3. Jah Marnyah - Oh Jah
4. Seanie T + Serocee - Sero + Seanie
5. Roots Manuva - Dub Styles
6. Phi - Life Cypher + Skit Slam - Big Sound
7. Klashnekoff - Jamrock Takeover
8. *Donnie Propa, Trickstep + Jakwob - Bad Minded (Dub)
9. Unknown Artist - Another Dubplate
10. Guive + Lone Ranger - New Start (Dubstep Remix)
11. Cocoa Tea vs Rob Sparx - Soundbwoy (Reese Mix)
12. Radikal Guru vs The Scientist - No Good
13. Evergreen, Landlord + Dan Man - Jah Rain (RSD Remix)

Go geddit.

London Posse On Kiss FM In 1993

If you ain't already know, DJ Step One is that dude for hip hop rarities from yesteryear.

He recently got his hands on this London Posse interview on Max LX and Dave VJ's Rap Show on Kiss FM from 1993. The mp3 features an interview with Rodney P and Bionic, tracks from their EP and a freestyle over LOTUG's Funky Child.

Download the whole shebang or just the freestyle. Then head over to Only Built For zShare Links for more classic material.

Kaliphz On Channel 4's The Word

After the Britcore scene - helmed by Gunshot, Hijack and Demon Boyz - hit and before the late 90s so-called golden era with artists like Lewis Parker coming to the forefront, Kaliphz were one of the biggest hip hop acts in the country. This footage from Channel 4's The Word will either be a trip down memory lane or a slightly embarassing introduction.

I remember them taking the stage on Top Of The Pops with boxer Prince Naseem to perform Walk Like A Champion. Nas did walk like a champion, he also talked like a champion. Then he later drove like a retard and ended up in clinky.

Eurogang - I Wanna Rock

Dipset's UK spin-off, Eurogang, pinch Snoop's I Wanna Rock and get flossy on y'all.

Eurogang - I Wanna Rock

Tranqill On Oddisee's Odd Winter

Oddisee is without a doubt one of the best producers doing it and has made some great music. His latest offering, Odd Winter, is no exception. What's more, this free download features UK MC Tranqill on two sets.

It's good to see these transatlantic collaborations becoming more commonplace.

<a href="">Ci'iy Life Feat. Tranqill by oddisee</a>

Don't Stay In...

All profits from this event will go to the humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

Tommy Evans Talks Islam And Music

Tommy Evans is a bit of a UK hip hop legend and was a great MC who made some very good music on YNR in the early '00s.

It's interesting to hear his views on Islam and how he's stepped away from music. On a purely selfish one - I wish TE would put down the Quran and pick up the mic. Just my opinion.

Below is a favourite, with Harry Love on the boards and Yungun the hook.

2Tone feat. Kye - Roots

This dude's out of Nottingham's CRS Studios, the home of Scorzilla. Kirk Spencer produced this track and you can check the Clap Your Hands track he put together a couple months back.

If you want to hear more of 2Tone, click the link below to try his mixtape, Nottingh'Am Just Thinkin'.

2Tone - Nottingh'Am Just Thinkin'

Fliptrix - Sandman

To promote his Theory Of Rhyme album coming in March, with a host of heavy features on both the production and vocal sides.

Tactical Thinking - Lord Balrog Remixes

A couple of Tactical Thinking ditties for you here, both remixed by Lord Balrog.

Tactical Thinking - Stick 'Em Up (Lord Balrog remix)

Tactical Thinking - Tactical (Lord Balrog remix)

Expect new music from Balrog's crew The 3 Amigos soon.

Lord Balrog on MySpace.

Dubbledge - Choices Choices (prod. by GhosTTown)

Wicked little promo vid from Dubble Dubble. What you've got here is a trio of tracks:

The Trilogy - prod. by DJ IQ
Choices Choices - prod. by GhosTTown
Don't Get Involved - prod. by Formula

I really rate Choices Choices and GhosTTown's work on Kyza's Shots Of Smirnoff was equally good.

Can't wait for Dubbledge's second album,
Is Wot It Is But It Ain't Wot It Woz.

You can purchase his recent mixtape, One Inch Punch, and must-have debut LP, Richest Man In Babylon, right 'ere.

Kashmere feat. Truth - Do You Understand

This will be available on the Rapsploitation Sessions compilation CD Three Years High And Rising. If this is anything to go by, should be a right goodun. The comp is out 4th Feb here -

Kashmere feat. Truth - Do You Understand

Don't Stay In...

It's fine to be hungover on a Friday:

"Droppin' Science DJ's
Matman (Bungalow 8) & Nickname (55DSL) are proud to announce their brand spanking new night at Notting Hill's Cherryjam club in association with Diesel's sister company, 55DSL.

Starting on Thursday January 28 and EVERY Thursday thereafter.


If you've been to one of our parties at the 55DSL flagship store, you'll know to expect nothing but the very best in Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco, RnB, 80's and a few surprises too.

FREE ENTRY all night

2 4 1 Cocktails

- - - -
58 Porchester Road
W2 6ET


Check the Facebook event here.

Illustration by Matthew Green. Check his site here."

Tom Caruana Presents - Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

For Tom Caruana's latest offering he's thrown a load of Wu accapellas at some incredibly sick beats he's made using Beatles samples.

Don't be thinking "But I know all Wu's material" 'cause this features verses from solo projects and more slept on joints from the later albums, which is a good thing.

If you produce and want to be associated with Caruana's quality seal, take advantage of the opportunity to get involved with the remix project he's got going over at Tea Sea Records.

Tom Caruana Presents - Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Remus - Mixtape Promo Freestyle

Remus jumps on Jeezy's Go Crazy to plug his new mixtape, which is out now.

UK Runnings Presents Parkside - The Parkside Project

UK Runnings back with another one. From the release:

"Tricksta & UK Runnings is back with another superb FREE mixtape. This time we go over to South West London to Parkside where we get a fourteen track collection from rappers Manny Moscow, Blazin, Hicks and Spectral. Production comes with four tracks from Wolftown’s Tricksta, as well as contributions from Downtown Soul’s Beat Thief, the well-respected Miss Tofelees, as well as iYun Fist. The mixtape also sees one of the UK’s best scratch DJ’s Jabba Tha Kut contribute on the superb ‘Deep Vibes’ track. We all know Manny Moscow from his superb street album ‘The Boy With The Lost Flow’ but this is a chance to get to know the other members of Parkside."


01 - Tricksta Intro (Produced by Tricksta)
02 - Manny Moscow & Blazin - Hurt It (Produced by Tricksta)
03 - Manny Moscow, Spectral & Blazin - A New Day (Produced by Beat Thief)
04 - Blazin & Manny Moscow - Vibes By Da ParkSide (Produced by Miss Tofelees)
05 - Hicks, Manny Moscow & Blazin - Love 4 The Music
06 - Manny Moscow & Blazin Feat Jabba Tha Kut - Deep Vibes (Produced by Tricksta)
07 - Manny Moscow & Blazin - Fired Up (Produced by Tricksta)
08 - Hicks, Manny Moscow & Blazin - South-West Soldiers
09 - Blazin & Manny Moscow - Str8 Shots
10 - Hicks, Manny Moscow & Blazin - Back 2 Da Grind (Produced by Tricksta)
11 - Blazin & Manny Moscow - Friday Night
12 - Blazin & Manny Moscow - Your Love... (Wonderful) (Produced By iYun Fist)
13 - Tricksta Outro

UK Runnings Presents Parkside - The Parkside Project

DJ Matt3r - UK Don't Stop '00 - '09

DJ Matt3r mixes up British rap from the last ten years.


01. Ghost - Elevate (feat DJ Iq & Jehst - remix)
02. Foreign Beggars ft. Oh No - Slow Broiled
03. Ghost ft Jehst & Kashmere - No More (Ghost remix)
04. Mentat ft. Roots Manuva & Seanie T - Rugged Neva Smooth V1
05. Mentat ft. Roots Manuva & Seanie T - Rugged Neva Smooth V2
06. Beans - Bubonic (instrumental)
07. Kashmere the Iguana Man - Poison (Ghost remix)
08. Ghost ft Verb-T & Asaviour - Better tomorrow
09. Diversion Tactics ft. Verb T1000 - 2084
10. Mr Scruff - Listen Up (feat Broken English)
11. P Brothers Scorsayzee Cappo Mr 45 - Three Kings
12. Stig Of The Dump - Braindead (Instrumental)
13. Stig Of The Dump - Braindead (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man)
14. Grimlok - Magic
15. Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos
16. Evil Ed - Alien (Edstrumental)
17. Evil Ed Featuring - Jehst - Alien
18. Kashmere the Iguana Man - The Genesis
19. Lewis Parker - Casa Forte (feat. Supa T)
20. Ty - Ha ha
21. Karl Hinds - Don Gramma
22. Chester P - Rock bottom
23. Ghost - Frozen In Time (feat Verb T)

DJ Matt3r - UK Don't Stop '00 - '09

Knowledge Magazine Guest Mix - Kidkanevil

What's considered UK hip hop, and even hip hop in general, is becoming an increasingly contentious issue. Traditional sonics sound brilliant. So can new styles, particularly given the creativity that this country offers on a musical tip.

Producer Kidkanevil might not strictly speaking be a hip hop producer as you understand it - certainly some of the songs on this mix are not made by hip hop producers. They are, however, people who've been garnering a lot of interest of late. I don't like terms such as wonky or glitch-hop, because they're invariably made up on the spot by blogger-types (yes, like me). I do like new music and innovative producers taking things in new directions.

I'm definitely checking this mix and you should too. You don't know until you try...


1. Kidkanevil – The Whistling Of Wintry Winds
2. Shlohmo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta remix)
3. KenLo – Madame
4. Gonja Sufi – Ancestors
5. Blue Daisy feat LaNote – Space Ex
6. Rustie – Keesha Resmak
7. Loops Haunt – Impact Omnihammer
8. Dabrye – No Child Of God
9. Kidkanevil – Minjo
10. Kidkanevil – Minjo (Blue Daisy remix)
11. Sonicbrat – Audiography 003
12. Raymond Scott – The Paperwork Explosion
13. New World Electronic Chamber Ensemble – All Your Need Is Love
14. Kidkanevil – When Doves Bounce


Kidkanevil's new album, Basho Basho, was released today.

Jack Flash 24 - Week 5

Kinetik - Mode Of Address

Brand new Kinetik - thoughtful raps on a soulful number from Kuriosoul

Don't forget, The Kinesis Thesis is available right now.

Dyson Presents - The Personal Statement

Dyson has roped in some big names to rap on his beats for the Personal Statement EP, namely Lowkey and Brotherman.

You can cop the whole thing here for free and I've upped the track that I'm feeling - Whisper

Dyson feat. Brotherman - Whisper

RU Cybersafe?

Hahahaha! This is the funninest thing I’ve read in a long, long time. It writes itself, it really does. From the BBC News website:

“N-Dubz star Dappy has apologised to a woman for sending her threatening text messages, after she contacted BBC Radio 1 expressing her dislike for the band.

Chloe Moody texted The Chris Moyles Show while the band were being interviewed, calling them "losers" and labelling Dappy "repulsive".

But she was shocked to receive a message the following day from rapper Dappy saying: "Your [sic] gonna die".

The BBC said Dappy took down Ms Moody's number without producers' knowledge.

As a result of the incident, N-Dubz have been dropped as ambassadors of anti-bullying charity Beatbullying.


Ms Moody, from Boston, Lincolnshire, texted Radio 1 while in the car with her mother.

She said she was "shocked" to receive the text messages and phone calls from the rapper the following day.

"I missed two calls from a number I didn't recognise, so I texted back asking who it was, and I got a text saying 'your gonna die'."

The message went on to say: "U sent a very bad msg towards Ndubz on The Chris Moyels [sic] Show yesterday Morning and for that reason u will never be left alone!!! If u say sorry I will leave you alone."

Ms Moody added: "I was wracking my brains trying to work out who it was, as I didn't tell anyone I had texted the radio show.

"I didn't think it would be him because I seriously didn't think he'd be bothered."

When Ms Moody did eventually answer his call she said she faced further insults.

"He was just ranting, saying 'why are you saying this about me?'. If I had had a number one single and got a message from a nobody to a radio station I would not be too concerned. It obviously hit a nerve."

'Genuinely sorry'

Despite making an apology through his management, who also offered her free N-Dubz concert tickets, Ms Moody said Dappy was yet to text her personally to say sorry.

Mobo-winners N-Dubz - Dappy and his bandmates Tulisa and Fazer - hit the top 10 with their second album, Against All Odds, last month.

They also featured on Tinchy Stryder's chart-topping dance track Number 1 last year.

In a statement, Dappy - real name Dino Contostavlos - said: "I called her in the heat of the moment when I was angry, but that is no excuse for my behaviour.

"I'm genuinely sorry. I'd also like to send my sincerest apologies to Radio 1."

A BBC spokeswoman said: "He must have taken the number down from the production team's text console in the studio.
"We were unaware of this, but will take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again."

Government campaign

Last November, Dappy joined Schools Secretary Ed Balls to launch a Government campaign against "cyber-bullying" over mobile phones and the internet.

At the time, Mr Balls welcomed the release of an N-Dubz track called "RU Cyber Safe" as part of anti-bullying week and hailed the group as "great ambassadors" in the fight against bullies.

On Friday, shadow schools minister Nick Gibb called on Mr Balls to distance himself from the band, calling Dappy's behaviour "completely unacceptable".

Mr Balls responded: "This text message was completely unacceptable and it is right that he has not only apologised, but accepted there was no excuse for his behaviour.

"I know that many artists work with Beatbullying because they genuinely want to use their influence with young people to campaign against bullying.

"But that starts with ensuring their own behaviour sets the right example."

A spokeswoman for the anti-bullying charity said today: "Beatbullying in no way condones this behaviour and we stress that sending any threatening messages of any kind is completely unacceptable."

"Dappy's behaviour is not becoming of an ambassador to young people. We have no further plans to work with the band."”

Seriously, the fucking idiocy of this is hilarious. Not only do Nubz make some of the worst “music” ever to be released, their frontman is plain stupid. Everyone’s a hypocrite at certain times, but the irony of supporting an anti-bullying campaign alongside government and then texting a girl with “Your [sic] gonna die”…

We’re all going to die, Dappy. Oh, I get it, you were threatening to murder someone for thinking your music is terrible. Well, in the unlikely event that you or your PR company stumble across this, my number is 07846 319168. Please feel free to send me sexy malicious texts.

I’ve recently seen a valid argument that says we shouldn’t criticise these acts that are making wack “urban” music in the mainstream, because they’re ultimately bringing exposure to the genre and there is likely to be a trickle-down effect. I respect that. I also disagree with it. What these acts do is create and enforce a template that genuinely talented artists must adhere to in order to increase their chance of achieving commercial success. This is not a phenomenon limited to hip hop; it does seem to affect hip hop more adversely than any other genre. Decent bands can create their own sound, build up a following and break through to a large audience, whilst remaining faithful to their signature sound and still retaining respect. That doesn’t really happen with hip hop in the UK – unless heads are harsher critics than the average music fan and quick to yell “sell-out!” when they see someone make it...

You shouldn’t begrudge people’s success, just like you shouldn’t send death threats. If your music is total rubbish, however, and you’re in the public eye, expect people to criticise you. And if you know that your product is proper, you won’t feel insecure and lash out if someone cusses it.

Ramson Badbonez - Here Today And Gone Tomorrow (Exclusive Hood Video)

Badbonez links with DJ Gone for this hood video.

Proper sick - I love this beat. Produced by DR Period (I think) for M.O.P.

Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Grime (Snippet)

Does this mean Skinnyman's coming with new material?

Chris P Cuts - Going In 2009 (Mix)

Chris P Cuts has put together a mix of the best 2009 had to offer. As well as some strong cuts from the US, there's a load of great music from the UK up on here, including Breakage and Newham General's Hard, Micall Parknsun's All For Hip Hop, Hudson Mohawke's Fuse and the Om Unit remix of Joker's Digi Design.

Spin it on repeat.


Whatever Happened To... Dirty Diggers?

I remember Excalibah getting behind Dirty Diggers heavily about five years ago. After I bought Freakishly Strong I realised what the fuss was all about.

Young Max and Pat Stash aren’t immediately an obvious fit – one’s from Yorkshire, the other from the East End. Despite that, they complement each other surprisingly well and had some proper hard-hitting beats on their debut, released on the now wound down Zebra Traffic. I’ll save you the bother of reading hackneyed clich├ęs about what Diggers’ music does or doesn’t sound like and offer up what’s arguably their anthem.

I purchased both LPs they released, I strongly recommend you do the same and I hope they come out of early retirement for more.

Dirty Diggers – For The Haters

Hit ‘em up on MySpace and annoy them ‘til they get back on it.

Lead tune off sophomore set The Pleasure Is All Mine:

Don't Stay In...

As much as we all love wearing ankle-raping jeans and generally dressing like a cunt to fit in round Shoreditch, hip hop night The Doctors Orders' usual home, Herbal, is no longer with us...

Don't fret, they've switched things up and are re-launching their proceedings at the legendary Fabric in February!

Remix For Victory Competition FREE DOWNLOAD

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;The Remedy Acapella90.7bpm by Soundsci&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

"The rules are simple, remix any track of your choice using the acapella’s provided (we’ve tagged the bpm’s on the end for ease). You can listen to the originals here (if you purchase the release you’ll get an additional 3 acapella’s all of which can be used too). Then submit your remix to You have until the Monday 18th January to send your remix, with the winner being chosen by Soundsi and featured on a future release, sample clearance permitting, not that we’d advocate that sort of thing obviously ;) In submitting it you agree to us putting it up on bandcamp so listeners can also judge for themselves and to be as fair to each producer as possible, please also include credits and contact details if you would like them listed. Audessey and U-George will also record a track for free for the winner as a prize or Jonny will make you a beat if you rap too, can’t say fairer than that"

You've only got a few days, so get to work.

Mr. Drastick - So Many Devils (Mixtape)

Definitely looking forward to giving this a burn. Drastick's got skills and Jon Phonics is very nice on the beats.


01.So Many Devils Produced By Jon Phonics
02.Successful Feat Yung Raks
03.My Lines Are Topics
04.Bnp [Skit]
05.Your No Good Produced By Gus 'Lg' Hall
06.Nothing To Lose Produced By Jeansy Molanza
07.I Make The Girls Produced By Sir Sleaze
08.Horny 2night Produced By Sir Sleaze
09.Palm Of My Hands Produced By Jeansy Molanza
10.No Ordinary Day Produced By Sir Sleaze
11.Move It Produced By Jon Phonics
12.I Need To Find A Wife
13.Your Strong Produced By Gus'lg'hall

Mr. Drastick - So Many Devils

Remus Mixtape Promo Freestyles

Remus reminding you that he's dropping his The Uprising mixtape, and UK All Day reminding you that the mixtape launch is @Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, E1, this Friday.

Don't stay in... get yourself down there.

Reps - So Much More

With this five-track EP Polish producer O.S.T.R cooks up a cohesive set of synth-based backdrops that don't pander to the trendy electro sounds you're hearing at the moment (no wonky shots). Reps sits lovely on top with assertive raps and a clarity that a lot of MCs strive for, yet just don't reach. This is a fully formed release with its own sound, and that can only be a good thing.

Check it out for yourself.

Reklews Presents - Red Tape

You may have seen this mixtape from producer Reklews knocking about a little while ago, but for whatever reason it didn't end up here. Now it has.


King Grubb & Bill Shakes - Cottonmouth
DarkStar - Playtime Is Over
Sonnyjim - Nothin On Me
Bang On - Watch Out
Hock Tu Down & Tony Broke - Bevy Talkin
Antiheroes & DarkStar - Subhuman Nature
Teknical Development - Workin With Caution
Children Of The Damned & Brad Strut - Just Drink (E-Swift Remix)

Reklews Presents - Red Tape

Bartoven feat. Flozart And TG1 - Light Jog

Bartoven jacks Slaughterhouse's fookin' sick Microphone and gives it his own twist with Light Jog.

What's more, son's got a collection of tracks entitled Amen Ra (artwork above). Got to be worth you checking for on the strength of this tune, no?

Bartoven - Light Jog

Bartoven - Amen Ra

UPDATE: Amen Ra 2 will be available from 1 February right here.

Kano - More Than One Way

This is definitely more like it compared to that Rock N Roller gubbins Kano put out a few weeks ago. Noisia (drum & bass outfit responsible for Foreign Beggars' recent Contact) produced this, and it sounds good to me.

S.Kalibre - Return Of The Boom Bap

As you might be able to guess from the title, S.Kalibre goes in over some of the biggest boom bap beats from the last couple decades. Expect your favourites from Redman, Cypress Hill, Gang Starr, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Smoothe Da Hustler and a string of others.

This is a well paced mixtape, with S.Kalibre conserving himself to a verse a track and showing that he sounds at home over beats that were made for iconic acts from the US a ways back.

S.Kalibre - Return Of The Boom Bap

Jack Flash 24 - Week 4

This time over a slow-burner, Smile, by Alchemist.

Suspect Packages Radio - January Show

Disorda with the first Suspect Packages show of 2010.

Don't forget, the Remus mixtape launch @Vibe Bar is this Friday.


01> Sweatbox Sounds - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
02> Prose – Personal Efeks / Boom Bap Professionals
03> Darkstorm feat.Trellington & Shiftee Moova – Crow Manor / Bad Taste Records promo
04> Remus – Real Life / Doin' It Large
05> Iron Braydz – Golden Legacy / promo
06> Lewis Parker – The Big Gamble / The World Of Dusty Vinyl
07> Mowgli – Tax / Dodeca Records
08> Diversion Tactics – No Collaborations / Boot Records
09> Wizard – Sakura / promo
10> Remus ft.Chester P – It’s Not A Game / Doin' It Large
11> Reggimental feat.Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S. – Family Life / Rusty Jukebox promo
12> Verbal Contact feat.Mr Ris – Likad 2nite / 30 Tonne Slug Records
13> Darkstorm feat.Skamma & TK-One – Let ‘Em Know / Bad Taste Records promo
14> Contact Play – Serious Man Business / School Bully Records
15> London Zoo feat.Dubbledge – Keep On Eating / promo
16> Phoenix Da Icefire feat.M9 – Spiritual Scolls / Higher Heights Records
17> Diversion Tactics – Return Of The Ladies Man / Boot Records
18> Obba Supa – Day In The Life / Project Mooncircle Records
19> Hock Tu Down – Shock Horror / Blah Records promo
20> Unfriendly Neighbours – Power Of The Klan / Banana Klan promo
21> DJ Roa$t feat.Cyrus Malachi – Trading Darts / promo
---------------------------Old Skool Selection---------------------------
22> S.W.S – Emperical Expansions – The Source / Cue Records (1990)
23> Sirus – Allow Me To Flow / Go Boy Records (?)
24> Body Snatchers – Genocide / Unreleased promo (1995)
25> MC Flex – Make Ya Move / Positive Beat Records (1987)
26> Ruthless Rap Assassins – We Don’t Care / Murdertone Records (1987)
27> Silent Eclipse – One In A Ya Body / 4th & Broadway (1995)
28> B.R.O.T.H.E.R. – GhettoGedden (Armshouse Mix) – Tribal Bass Records (1992)
29> Top Cat – Request The Style (Hip Hop Mix) / Fashion Records (1993)
30> Ragga Twins – Juggling / Shut Up And Dance (1991)
31> Dominant Force – Taking Over Ragga Hip Hop / Gangster Records (1991)
32> Mowgli ft.Sound Scientists – Jazzpants / Dodeca Records
33> The I.R.S. – Cold City / promo
34> Prose – The Crew / Boom Bap Professionals
35> Remus – La La La / Doin' It Large
36> Remus feat.Farma G - Brap Brap / Doin' It Large
37> Endemic & Cappo – Intro / No Cure Records
38> Darkstorm ft.K-Verse – Case 139 / Bad Taste Records promo
39> Hock Tu Down feat.Tame One – Hits From The Wrong / Blah Records promo
40> Lewis Parker feat.Tah Born – Snakes & Ladders / The World Of Dusty Vinyl

Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up (Official Video)

Fallacy - Graceful In Death - The Final Chapter

A bitter sweet post now. I'll let the Broke 'n' £nglish lads tell it:

"Fallacy needs no introduction,so im going to get to the point.He's got a new e.p called 'Graceful in Death-The Final Chapter', which he says is his last release so he can bow out the game for good.4 of the 5 tracks are produced by Broke'n'English member Strategy.Its out on the 10th of jan exclusively at .Make sure you pick it up,and from everyone on this side..Fallacy we salute you!"

On the one hand it'll be great to hear new music from Big Fal, on the other it's a shame he's putting the mic down as he's definitely one of the most talented rappers to have lit up the hip hop scene over here. Dat Monster Guy is proper rude.

Joker Starr - Sunshine

New ish from Joker Starr with IQ on the beats. This is flippin' nice and I can't wait for the Don't Get Left Behind mixtape these two have got coming.

Joker Starr - Sunshine