Ones To Watch In 2010

It’s the end of the year and people are looking at 2010, compiling lists of ones to watch. Obviously it wouldn’t be right if UK All Day didn’t chime in with its two cents (or pence). In no particular order:

Mystro – The Strong Rhymer came in and stole the show with the 2009 UK Rap Up this week. F.D.T is big and available now, plus EP Digmund Freud is in the bank.

Skandal – The biggest buzz around. Hats off to Skandal for the interest he’s generating right now with his Hunger Pains mixtape, and looks as if he’s going in the lab with Pete Cannon shortly.

Chima Anya - A relative unknown (well, compared to some on this list), Chima Anya is hooking up some great collaborations at the minute, is delivering proper, polished product and isn't afraid to try new things musically. Keep notice.

ScorzScorz has always been a very, very serious problem. Now he’s lining up debut album Peace To The Puzzle

Delusionists - Seemingly out of nowhere, Delusionists are schooling a lot of people right now. Prolusion Plus is dropping imminently and there’s new material in the bag that is flames. Pay attention.

Sonny Jim – The Trading Standards remixes should be with you in a few days’ time and the belligerent Sonny Jim, plus the whole of Eat Good Records, is gonna feast this year.

Cappo – Capps just dropped the excellent Needle Drop with producer Endemic. I know for a fact that’s not the last we’ve heard of him. Can’t say any more than that, but if you’re lucky enough to know his material on Son…

Jehst – Arguably the best MC to grace the scene, Jehst has taken a back seat, donning his label boss cap for the last couple years. Word has it Billy Brimstone is lining up his third LP for next year. Nuff said.

Loudmouth Melvin – Raps are sick, beats are sick. Loudmouth delivered some great music this year and has got an EP up his sleeve which is sure to solidify his rep.

Klashnekoff – The mighty K-Lash is wrapping up Back To The Sagas ready for March. Rrrrrrrraah!

There’re honestly too many to mention, so don't go crying if you disagree with this list or think people are missing. Besides, there's bound to be some surprises in store.

All of these names will be making major moves in 2010, I’m sure: Iron Braydz, Joker Starr, Prose, Micall Parknsun, M9, Jack Flash, Stig and Syntax, Tactical Thinking, Phoenix Da Icefire, The IRS, Black The Ripper and a load more that aren’t springing straight to mind.

And this is just the mic controllers…