Ones To Watch In 2010

It’s the end of the year and people are looking at 2010, compiling lists of ones to watch. Obviously it wouldn’t be right if UK All Day didn’t chime in with its two cents (or pence). In no particular order:

Mystro – The Strong Rhymer came in and stole the show with the 2009 UK Rap Up this week. F.D.T is big and available now, plus EP Digmund Freud is in the bank.

Skandal – The biggest buzz around. Hats off to Skandal for the interest he’s generating right now with his Hunger Pains mixtape, and looks as if he’s going in the lab with Pete Cannon shortly.

Chima Anya - A relative unknown (well, compared to some on this list), Chima Anya is hooking up some great collaborations at the minute, is delivering proper, polished product and isn't afraid to try new things musically. Keep notice.

ScorzScorz has always been a very, very serious problem. Now he’s lining up debut album Peace To The Puzzle

Delusionists - Seemingly out of nowhere, Delusionists are schooling a lot of people right now. Prolusion Plus is dropping imminently and there’s new material in the bag that is flames. Pay attention.

Sonny Jim – The Trading Standards remixes should be with you in a few days’ time and the belligerent Sonny Jim, plus the whole of Eat Good Records, is gonna feast this year.

Cappo – Capps just dropped the excellent Needle Drop with producer Endemic. I know for a fact that’s not the last we’ve heard of him. Can’t say any more than that, but if you’re lucky enough to know his material on Son…

Jehst – Arguably the best MC to grace the scene, Jehst has taken a back seat, donning his label boss cap for the last couple years. Word has it Billy Brimstone is lining up his third LP for next year. Nuff said.

Loudmouth Melvin – Raps are sick, beats are sick. Loudmouth delivered some great music this year and has got an EP up his sleeve which is sure to solidify his rep.

Klashnekoff – The mighty K-Lash is wrapping up Back To The Sagas ready for March. Rrrrrrrraah!

There’re honestly too many to mention, so don't go crying if you disagree with this list or think people are missing. Besides, there's bound to be some surprises in store.

All of these names will be making major moves in 2010, I’m sure: Iron Braydz, Joker Starr, Prose, Micall Parknsun, M9, Jack Flash, Stig and Syntax, Tactical Thinking, Phoenix Da Icefire, The IRS, Black The Ripper and a load more that aren’t springing straight to mind.

And this is just the mic controllers…

Chima Anya feat. Jehst - It's The Manner

This shit knocks.

Wiley - Take That And Now Hear Dis

Wiley's new single, Take That, dropped a couple days ago:

I'm personally not feeling this as it's too light on the spit and is gunning for that poppy dance market, like Rolex Sweep. But this smacks it.

Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up

Mystro takes a leaf out of Skillz' book and wraps up the last 12 months - on a UK tip - in a digestable verse.

And don't forget, F.D.T is available now, mutha luvvas!

UPDATE: now the mp3's been freed up.

Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up

Jack Flash 24 - Week 1

Jack Flash will be giving up a new verse every week for 24 weeks straight.

Raul Supreme - Tokyo Moon

Brum beatmaker Raul Supreme has let loose this lovely instrumental.

Raul Supreme - Tokyo Moon

If you want more of Raul's sumptuous production, download his Spaceship beat tape now.

J Littles - Little By Littles (Mixtape)

Little mixtape (35 mins) from Nottz representative J Littles.


01. Intro
02. Crossover
03. Sexy, Fly, Sophisticated
04. Facebook (Ft. Quiver) 05. Don’t Go
06. Music I Love You (Ft. Quiver)
07. What If
08. Give It To Me
09. Another Girl (Ft. Shide, Quiver & Limzy)
10. Skills
11. Liam Munn Tribute (Ft. Quiver & Q)

J Littles - Little By Littles (Mixtape)

Chima Anya feat. Jake Burrell - A Star Is Born

Chima Anya pays homage to the UK artists he respects on this acoustic joint, with Jake Burrell on guitar. Kind of a schmaltzy one. Interesting to hear who Chima's influences are, though.

His mixtape, Your Blog Is Shit, is on its way. I have it on good authority that the title is aimed at all sites EXCEPT for UK All Day. Phew!

Chima Anya feat. Jake Burrell - A Star Is Born

J Dilla - Game Over (Lord Balrog Remix)

UK producer Lord Balrog reworks Dilla's Game Over.

You can expect to see a release from 3 Amigos, Lord Balrog's group, on Dented Records in the new year.

J Dilla - Game Over (Lord Balrog Remix)

Oh, and here's the original for your judgemental comparisons.

Stylah - Young Forever

Stylah over Jay Z's Forever Young.

Stylah - Young Forever

Don't forget his mixtape, The Warning, from a little ways back.

Don't Stay In...

Fresh for 2010, you suckkaaaazzzz! Remus and his Taskforce bretheren will be taking the stage, with assistance from the very dope Prose. Make sure you make it down for this free entry night on Brick Lane in a couple weeks' time - I know I will. Click the flyer for more info, innit.

Bombin' (Graffiti Documentary)

If you're a grafhead and are literally sick to your stomach from eating too many Quality Street and smelling your Gran pass sprout wind, why not take a break from the Christmas shenanigans and watch this documentary. Here's a little blurb to help you make up your mind:

"First shown on Channel 4 in the UK, Bombin' chronicles the journey of NY artist Brim through the UK media, as well as meeting a young Goldie, who in turn travels to NYC to meet Afrika Baambaata. This was filmed at the times of the Birmingham riots and shows the parallels of life in the inner city on both sides of the Atlantic."

Aboveground And Style43 Present - It Came From Across The Pond

Sounding something like a witness statement from one of Michael Barrymore's garden parties, It Came From Across The Pond shapes up to be a nice little mixtape. Check the tracklist for yourself:


1. Sound of a Genius – Jack Flash
2. Strange Fruit – M9ine
3. Aquarius – Mystro
4. Kush115 – Squid Ninjaz
5. The Low – Delusionists
6. Take Time – Truth
7. Ground N Bump (Interlude) – Jon Phonics
8. Some Emcees – The IRS
9. Responsibilities – Farma G
10. Clash of the Titans – Shadowstar ft. Joker Starr
11. Do It For a Fee – DJ IQ ft. Micall Parknsun
12. I’m Doing It – Genesis Elijah
13. Now Look At Us – Revilo
14. Alternate Take – Jon Phonics ft. Verb T & Fliptrix

Aboveground And Style43 Present - It Came From Across The Pond

Check for Delusionists' The Low, which you may have already heard on Certified Banger's latest On The Radar installment. This will also be featured on their upcoming extended EP, Prolusion Plus, which really is flippin' ace! Keep your eyes open for that early next year...

Sway - Sway Against The World

Sway tries his hand at capuT's Me Against The World. You can expect to hear this on Little Derek's mixtape The Delivery, which will be with you shortly.

Modulok And Bare Beats - Traffic EP

Whilst I've not yet had a chance to give this a listen, I have reason to believe it's both good hip hop and from the UK. So, there you have it...


1.Happiness (Remix) ft, Jabba Tha Kut
2.Cool & Deadly (Remix) ft, Apollo Creed
3.People (Remix) ft, Jabba Tha Kut
4.Ink Spots (Remix)
5.Verses (Remix)
6.Dreams (Unreleased)
7.Your Everything
8.Traffic (Unreleased)

Modulok And Bare Beats - Traffic EP

Modulok And Bare Beats on MySpace

Remson - Don't Cry

DJ IQ - Christmas Lights

An eclectic mix to complement IQ’s Flashing Lights mix-CD. Here’s what “they” had to say:

“It’s all the cuts that didn’t make the final version of Flashing Lights CD you can nab here… Don’t expect any jingling bells or ho ho ho’s, but do expect some Hudson Mohawke, Ludacris, Starky and much more. A perfect blend of electronica, hip hop and abstract beats you will love but won’t be able to categorise, which is exactly why this is our official Christmas present to you all.”

Oooo, ta very much!


01. Face in Flame - M.L.K Jr
02. Kid Midas Sound – Earth A Kill You
03. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
04. Starkey O.K Luv (inst)
05. Terror Danjah – Zumpi Hunter (Swindle remix)
06. Ludacriss & Shawnna – How Low
07. Kidkanevil – Megajoy
08. Skrein / Graziella / DJ IQ – The Weary Travelar
09. Stac – Glory (King Knut Mix)
10. Moody Man – One Night

DJ IQ - Christmas Lights

Rumour Has It...

This is allegedly the preliminary artwork for a project by They Live! - an act fronted by MC Shameless and backed by his live hip hop group, The Paddy Ragga Band.

Unfortunately this cannot be verified.

Genesis Elijah - I'm Doing It

Genesis Elijah on a slightly sombre note with this backdrop.

I rate this song a lot.

Kelakovski - Neo

New Kelakovski.

Samhill - Twisted Emotions (Exclusive)

Some exclusive music for you now: The P Brothers lace the Bronx's $amhill with a break-led headnodder. Expect more from this NY heavyweight as he's got a project in the bag with more production from Paul S and DJ Ivory - you won't be finding this joint on it though!

$amhill - Twisted Emotions

Check the link for more dope music from $amhill and cop The Gas if you haven't already.

Genesis Elijah All Day

Having stepped away from this hip hop lark in 2007, Genesis Elijah has recently resurfaced, taking his career into his own hands and sounding hungrier than ever. We checked in with Genesis to find out where he's been at, where he's going to and what he thinks of the UK scene at the moment. Candy-arsed rappers look away now.

What you been up to and what's the game plan for 2010? I'm Doing It seems to suggest you're in a pretty focused mood...

“Oh yeah! I'm on this thing like I've never been before. I've been preparing for 2010 since the beginning of 2009 and my whole plan for 2010 is to get me in a good position for 2011. I've been getting rid of deadweight waste men from around me and adding people who are focused on me. It's nothing personal, just business.”

What producers have you been working with?

“Erm that I'm Doing It track was produced by Rich West but my new EP Civil Unrest was produced by Beezwax and the one after Before I Was Famous was produced by The Krate Krusaders. I've just started working with a producer called Flex who's got some serious talent and I'll also be working with Blacksmith & Jonny Simps.”

And what about MCs? Have you got any collaborations stashed away or coming up for heads to get excited about?

“I'm not gonna go in to all the artists I've worked with this year but I will say I've done over 25 collabs with UK, US and European artists so you'll be seeing me a lot in 2010.”

What would be your dream collaboration?

“I'll give you the list I want for my album: Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Dead Prez and Benjamin Zephaniah. I wanna work with the people that inspired me to do this kind of music in the first place. As far as producers I'd love to get beats off Premo and Skitz. If any of you read this and wanna collab then please HOLLA!!”

So what other acts do you rate, in the UK and beyond?

“OK let's look who I've been listening to on my iPod...Giggs, Wretch 32, Scorcher, Jai, Terra Slim, Royce Da 5'9, Eminem, Wyclef, Wale, Sean Price, Clipse, Malik MD7, Charlie Sloth, Maverick Sabre, Black The Ripper, Lowkey & Logic, Big Cakes...That's about it really. If you're not on this list it ain't cos I don't like you it's just that I wasn't listening to you this week. It's all love though. I listen to almost every artist that does urban music.”

And who do you hate? (You don't have to answer that!)

“Ooooohhh!!! I don't really hate anyone but I do think there are a lot of artists that should go back to being fans. I know it's fashionable to hate any urban act that's in the charts now but to be honest I like the fact they're bringing the spotlight towards urban/black music. A lot of these acts are really young and don't really have too much control over their output so it's a bit unfair to expect them to be putting out anything with any real substance.”

2009 was a big year for UK-based "urban" music, in terms of exposure at least. Do you think that helped or hindered the development of hip hop over here?

“See this goes back to the artists people hate on, i.e. Dizzee, Tinchy, Chipmunk and N-Dubz. I think they've helped any way you look at it. Because of all the candy arsed shit they've been putting out they've created a rebellion where rappers are really trying to go back to that road grimey shit. I think a lot of the fans have been a bit disappointed with what's being labelled as hip hop and they're searching out the more underground stuff.”

And what's your feeling about the UK scene overall?

“I love it. I love that we're starting to support each other a bit more. DJs are supporting artists and the quality of music that we're putting out is real high right now. We've still got a lot to work on as far as industry infrastructure but we're getting there. I think it's still up to the fans to make the scene what they want it to be. They're the one's who decide how much money the scene can make.”

Looking back, Jah Bless was the tune that made a lot of people sit up and take notice of you a few years back, but which of your tracks are you most proud of and why?

“Good question. Personally my favourite track and the track I'm most proud of is a freestyle that was never really released. It's called Warming Up and you can find it on I'm not sure why I like it so much but I do.”

Seems like you're on top of your social networking game, promoting your new stuff through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube like a man possessed. How important do you think those outlets are for artists these days? Do you feel like you're falling off the radar if your online presence is quiet for too long?

“Oh for real! If you don't have an online presence then I don't even class you as competition. It's important to be on the road but if you're an artist and people can't find you on the web then you might as well not exist in today's market. If you look at artists outside of the UK who use online marketing then you realise how important the online hustle is. I'm not gonna give away my secrets but let me just say, you can't travel to Japan everyday but you can holla at your Japanese fans online.”

So obviously the industry has changed completely since Deh Pon Road. What's your take on where it's at now and where it's going? How does an artist like Genesis Elijah build a sustainable career these days?

“That's easy. Get your product out there and do all the shows you can. Chances are that if you're a UK hip hop artist you won't become a millionaire off record sales but what you can do is make some good money off the live shows and merchandise... You know what, I'm giving away too many secrets. Let's just say that Genesis Elijah does alright for money because he's very realistic about what he needs to do in today's climate to support his family. Let's leave it at that.”

And what's the long-term plan? Where do you want to be in, say, five years’ time?

“I never plan that far ahead. And the world’s gonna end in 2012, so there's no point ha ha ha! If 2010 goes well then I'll put out an album and then we'll see. My plan for 2010 is really just to do as many shows as possible and raise my profile as much as possible. I'm gonna be omnipresent this year.”

Last question, and it's a bit of a highbrow, theoretical one to end on - would you rather have Jay-Z's money or his wife?

“Money all day! I've already got my own Beyonce so fuck that!”

Oh, and any shout outs?

“Shout to Nina Carmela, Tom Sweetman and Flex at One Time Records. Holla at me at,, and please check the I'm Doing It video.”

New EP's Civil Unrest & Before I Was Famous are on their way in February 2010.

Mystro Investigates Ep.3

Mystro gets his investigative reporter game on again with a visit to a coffee distributor.

Yogi - Hidden Chapter

Yogi and V.Don bring you Hidden Chapter.

Associated Minds Xmas Mixtape

Jaffa steps up to the plate for this Associated Minds mixtape to celebrate the festive period. I'll be printing out the cover and burning up CDs for all the family, as I've decided that just satsumas and nuts is a little tight. Merry Xmas!

Associated Minds Xmas Mixtape

Scorzayzee - The Starter (Mixtape)

Scorzayzee goes beat jacking for this warm up to Piece To The Puzzle.

I'm not a fan of some of the beat selection here, but Scorzilla can still rap and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the album when it's ready. Check it out for yourself:

Scorzayzee - The Starter (Mixtape)

Also check the original tracks he's done since his return to the fold.

Tempa, Scorzayzee and Shifty Spirit - Bars on a Bass Drum and Snare (Nick Stez remix)

Scorzayzee - Busy Road Remix

Scorzayzee - Spinning Round

Scorzayzee - That's Entertainment

Klashnekoff - Paper Up

Off Klash's upcoming LP, Back To The Sagas, which should be available 12th April - if online outlets are to be believed.

Don't Stay In...

...if you're in Brum this evening and enjoy very good beats.

Click for details.

Haka Presents Underground Journeys

01 – Intro - Silent, OC Jigga, Ethnico
02 - London State of Mind - Insane, Rowdy, Aggo D
03 - Makes Me Say - Non Applicable
04 - All Bout Money -
05 - All Luv - Big Cakes, Logic, Kalldean
06 - If Roads Your Life - Non Applicable
07 - Make It - T16
08 - London's Calling - DVS, OC Jigga
09 - Timeout Pt 2 - OC Jigga
10 - Strong Arm - Nathan Heights, OC Jigga, Naja Soze
11 - N.A.M.E. - Non Applicable
12 - Riders - Smerkz, OC Jigga, Danz, Kearz
13 - Rough with the Smooth - Logic, Big Cakes, Tamara
14 - Live my Life - Logic
15 - We Got Dat - OC Jigga, Kearz
16 - Who Are You - Mic Assassin
17 - Fuckin with the Team - Danz, OC Jigga
18 - Bang Bang - Ethnico
19 - Dats my Shit - Fada KId, OC Jigga, Smerkz, Kearz


What's Worse Than The Dentist?

So, I was sitting in a dentist’s waiting room this morning feeling more than a little anxious about having a stranger poke around my gob with sharp pointy things. I could hear a young girl wailing as a tiny mirror on the end of a handle was forcefully pushed around her mouth and I winced at the thought of what was to come. “Will they find cavities? Will I have to have that whiney drill abrade enamel off my teeth?!” I asked myself desperately as I sweated cobs. Then something peculiar happened. I looked up at the flat screen playing music videos, and I saw this:

As my brow twisted in utter repulsion, my fear completely dissipated and felt like a distant, and almost fond, memory.

Congratulations, Nubz, you’re worse than a trip to the dentist.

Galaktus (Kashmere) - I Am Galaktus

Jazz T and Zygote bless Kashmere with this noisy neck-snapper.

From YouTube:

This is a raw unmixed track taken from the forthcoming Galaktus (Kashmere) LP "The Power Cosmic", set for release on Boot Records in 2010. Produced by Boot Productions (Jazz T & Zygote).
The album features Ramson Badbonez, The Chubby Alcoholic, Dramacide, Severe, Jehst & Micall Parknsun.

Spotted at HipHopHypeDog.

Kelakovski - Music


Mystro - U Live And U Learn (Video)

My least favourite song off of Mystro's very good F.D.T. Get yourself a copy on 14th December.

Skandal On BBC 1Xtra's 2010 Ones To Watch

Take note up-and-comers: this guy's buzz is big.

Suspect Packages Radio - December Show

Disorda delivering yet another show. Peep the tracklist from the Mixcloud embed, or listen the old fashioned way by going through to Sensei FM.

Samhill - Worldwide Exclusive

You may recognise this South Bronx bomber's name from the P Brothers' excellent The Gas LP. Not sure who's on the boards on these two. I am sure they're scorching. Also sure that $amhill has new music on the way for you with the UK's Paul S and DJ Ivory on production duties.

Worldwide Exclusive is brand new, while X's Up was knocking about last year.

$amhill - Worldwide Exclusive

$amhill - X's Up

Maverick Sabre - Sometimes

Just saw this and was surprised. Never judge a book by its cover and all that, but didn't expect a tracksuit-sporting white guy to sound like this. Definitely a talented singer and one to watch for if you're interested in R&B/new soul/whatever you'd classify this as.

Perhaps we'll see come collaborations with hip hop artists in the future.

Charlie Sloth on DJ Gone TV

Damn. Charlie Sloth goes in on this, no?

Mystro - F.D.T (Digital Release 14 December)

Mystro is mostly known for his cheeky chappy persona and irreverent one-liners, so it might come as a surprise to hear the tact he takes on this EP. With his onetime employer J.Christie making off down under with all your favourite rappers’ salaries set aside as a pension to buy a beach house, Mysdiggi felt it time to vent his frustrations.

F.D.T, or Fuck Da Taxman (read between the not-so-inconspicuous lines), shows a side to the MC that you might not be used to. That said, he’s as on point as ever. Beats come courtesy of Supa T (aka Sundragon), Earth Hip Hop and Thor, and they’re no nonsense solidness.

Although this was originally released at the tail-end of last year, it’s definitely worth a purchase when it’s freed up on 14 December at all major digital outlets. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the Digmund Freud EP that’s on the horizon.

No prizes for guessing who the tune below is aimed at.

Mystro – Banishment (prod. Thor)

Dubbledge's One Inch Punch Now Available

Dubble Dubble's new mixtape, One Inch Punch, is ready for you to cop. With one of Low Life's best albums under his belt and a sophomore set on its way, the man has delivered a warm-up that jacks your favourite beats (obviously this cannot be guaranteed).

Download the tunes below and, if you like what you hear, get your wallet out.

Dubbledge feat. Kyza - Juice

Dubbledge - '09 'Til Infinity

Pyro - Young, Cocky, Arrogant

Not a patch on this.

UK Hip Hop Spotify Playlist

If you haven't yet hooked yourself up with Spotify, you're missing out. This tool lets you access tons of music online, free of charge.

If you have, follow the link for a UK hip hop playlist that some bod has put together for anyone who wants it. Pretty handy. The person does suggest sparking one up before enjoying the music. UK All Day does not endorse the use of drugs...unless they're class A and best smoked in a glass pipe.

Off you pop.

Prose - BoomBap Bootleg Vol.2

Prose will have Force of Habit ready for you shortly. In the meantime, here's a collection of bits and bobs.

Download for a couple of quid

Don't Stay In...

Young blood Phoenix Da Icefire hits The Carhartt Store next Monday for the launch of Baptism Under Fire.

Cheo Colouring Book

Bristolian street artist Cheo has put together a colouring book for grafheads, or grafheads’ children, to scribble over the lines in. The Cheo Colouring Book features 15 high-quality prints and 15 outlines, plus a free sticker!

Check out his site to see what he’s all about and then pre-order your copy from Tangent Books.