Stig Double Times On Skream And Cluekid's Sandsnake


"I fucks with dubstep right now. I go to Shoreditch and drink a bit so it's either cocaine, DayGlo t-shirts or dubstep. DayGlo I don't rock because I'm a fucking man, I can't afford cocaine, so I'm fucking with dubstep. I've gotta fit in somehow."

Big Stig on a dubstep ting. I'm glad he doesn't rock spray on trousers, flourescent tees, a tache and lego jewellery. That's my look.

I don't recall any UK hip hop artists approaching a dubstep riddim, though I could be wrong on that. Props to Stiggie Smalls. I believe this will get recorded in the studio at some point, but I might've just made that bit up.