Pete Cannon All Day

Pete Cannon, formerly known as Mr. Dick, has been making noise of late with his appearances at the Louis Den Beat Battles and generally being a very, very good producer. If you don’t know about this man yet, you soon will (presumably because you’re about to read this incisive interview). Kick back, listen to what Pete Cannon’s got to say for himself and then check for as much of his music as you can. This is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

How long have you been producing and what do you make your beats on?

"I’ve been big in the game for 12 years. I rock Cubase 5 (the old one) and have more synths than your Ma has hair follicles. Braaap!"

How did the hook up with Dented Records come about and what are you working on at the moment?

"I met Pav, the owner, while I was swimming at the local baths in Laaaandaaaan town. He did a bomb dive into the pool and rapped a verse that quick he managed to fit 16 bars in before he hit the water. I was well impressed and pulled out a waterproof CD I had on me. He loved the beats and asked me if I wanted to be partly involved, and the rest is UK hip hop history.

Honestly, though, he has hooked me up with peeps...including Kyza...Props to Pav and Dented. Check the new Foreign Beggars album, by the way, it’s sick."

Who have you worked with in the past and who would you like to work with in the future?

"Stig and Syntax, Kyza, Sonny Jim (shouts to Eat Good), Foreign Beggars, 3 Amigos, Surreal Knowledge (me and my crew), Tactical Thinking (album out now and is ill in the foot) and lots of new things to come with some American rappers.

I’m gonna make a Pete Cannon album, and with regards to peeps to work with, just tryin’ to match the best to work with the best - get me."

What producers do you rate in Blighty and who inspires you production-wise in general?

"Mate, there are producers at the moment killing it in the UK. First off, shout to If you don’t know, get to know and come to the shows. This is an amazing beat production movement in this country and we’ve got to support Kos and Dj Cro to keep doin’ it.

Producers though: Naive (the Tactical Thinking master) Sivey (the accurate bad boy) Kelakovski (bangers and mash) Jeekay, Ghostown, Jaisu and S-Type (the Scottish connection), Shears (silent but deadly) Dagnabit, Lord Balrog, Jon "The Don" Phonics, Ed Strong (IRS), Wizard (new album out now)…It’s a big list but I’m a fan. All I want is new shit to hear, what way the scene is going, what’s inspiring people at the moment. It’s my whole life and pretty much my whole thought process through a normal day..."

Best UK hip hop record beat-wise?

"See, you want me to pull out some obscure UK shit like Tuff Groove 1, or some classic Jehst (who is fookin ill, by the way) but let’s get with it and say summit like...Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers (even though it’s Arman Van Helden), ha ha! Still straight up bangin’. Is it even hip hop? Don’t be scared, I see girls dancing to that shit.

Beats-wise though, I love all the new Hudson Mohawke stuff - guy is off the chain. All the 'wonky' instrumental stuff is crackin’ at the moment.

Oh, and not to forget Dready...ooohh. That guy is massive – he works with Busta. He used to be in So Solid, but his synth hip hop stuff is wrong. Check the Autobot Beat when you can – ouch!"

I heard the Jeremy Kyle thing you did. What’s the most shameless thing you’ve sampled?

"The most shameless thing I sampled ever was my original 7" copy of Melvin Bliss...y’all know."

Some people think certain samples are off limits. I don’t agree, providing you can make your music sound good. What’s your take?

"See my off limit samples used to be things that were in every crate - Tom Jones, etc. Now anything on vinyl pretty much goes. Peeps are going Europop-tastic. I don’t care where it is sourced from, as long as the product is dope it’s right. I, myself, only lift samples and drum breaks off vinyl - always have always will. Diggin’ is the fun of it for me; finding stuff you wouldn't even know how to search for on the internet. Again, though, I understand peeps rock mp3s and, as I say, it doesn’t matter. Who cares in the end, just make the beatz bangin’. It’s all about 1974 and 1968, ooohhhhh and 1981. Keep diggin’ kids."

What do you like about the scene over here and what is, if anything, proper wank about it?

"The scene is a small one at the moment. There are no massive UK hip hop artists, but lots of what I would class 'urban artists' breaking through into the charts. I still think the Beggars are the biggest and then obviously Tactical Thinking (who, if you didn’t know, have an album comin’ out featuring Naive and Pete Cannon beats with Assa, Derogatory, Deadline, Jim Raygun, Kid Genius and me rappin’), but maybe the quality control can be upped, and business is a massive part of it. Unfortunately, we all know about the music biz and problems with downloads, yada yada. But in the end what do you make music for? Expression. I get paid from whoring myself out to hot women, so I’m hip hop by day and whore by night…"

Check for Pete Cannon's MySpace immediately and expect to be seeing his name all over the gaff.

Also, follow him on Twitter if you're that way inclined.

UPDATE: forgot this banger - Foreign Beggars feat. Guilty Simpson - Prove It (Pete Cannon remix)