Co-Sign Of D Gritty's Comment

From a Tour Dates interview with D Gritty:

“I feel like too many people like to call their music ‘UK hip hop’, like it's only special because it came from here. I think if it's good hip hop, it's good hip hop – regardless of where it’s from. And I don’t want really want to be pigeonholed; I’m not a ‘UK rapper’, I’m an artist who also happens to be from the UK."

The man's completely on point with this. Yeah, yeah, this blog's called UK All Day and is "The UK Hip Hop Blog", calm down. From a marketing perspective the term "UK hip hop" is a useful handle and one which lets people know what this is all about. That shouldn't be shunned, per se; it helps people know what they're talking about. Obviously many artists are going to want to distance themselves from that banner, though, for fear of being pigionholed - that's understandable.

Hip hop in general is obsessed with tradition and what came before it, which is arguably tied into the use of sampling, a technique intrinsic to the artform. Similarly, UK hip hop is largely obsessed with the UK. In the States rappers can namecheck their culture because it's global and people over the world know what's being referred to. That's not so much the case for us Brits. This isn't shitting on anyone in particular, but hip hop from this country would benefit from looking beyond its borders and being a little less parochial.

Is this treason?

Read the full interview here.

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