Westwood Stylin' On Chase And Status

Westood's a right joker and takes the piss out of production outfit Chase and Status in this video from 1Xtra Live.

These dudes have done very well for themselves, signing a major deal with Mercury earlier this year. According to this, Chris Brown's punching bag, Rihanna, has had these two produce for her. I imagine they'll be very successful in the States working with R&B and rap acts - I hope so as it'd be a good look for the UK.

There's a sense that this country's talent is starting to permeate the US, from an urban music (cringe) perspective.

Check the videos below if you're not already familiar.

This still absolutely smashes it:

Big Cakes - MoneyTalks... So Listen (Mixtape)

01. Intro featuring Dalmighty Ego
02. Origarmy [Get It] (produced by Rainmayqah)
03. Money Talks (produced by Rainmayqah)
04. Skit
05. Pees & Beens featuring English (produced by Morfius)
06. Get Gwap (Kilinikal Productionz)
07. All About My Money (produced by Grade)
08. Hoes Get No Dough (produced by VLM)
09. Heard About It (produced by K Nite)
10. Its Alright (produced by Asaviour)
11. One For The Money feat Dalmighty Ego (produced by Micall Parknsun)
12. For My Hustlers [freestyle]
13. Skit featuring Dalmighty Ego
14. Washing Machine [Exclusive] featuring Logic (produced by Grade)
15. Skit featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel
16. Straight Knowledge featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel (produced by Rainmayqah)
17. That’s Gangsta [freestyle]
18. Its All Cake featuring Cocotone (produced by Tricksta)
19. Reh Teh Teh (produced by Grade)
20. Money Talks RMX (produced by Del Boy)
21. Skit featuring TB
22. Heaven & Hell featuring TB (produced by K Nite)
23. Outro [freestyle]



Karl Hinds feat. Jeff3 - Fella

First single off Karl Hinds' The Need To Be Heard, in stores early next year.

Taurus - Cocktales (Go Go Club Riddim)

Taurus - Cocktales (Go Go Club Riddim)

DJ Gone TV - Ramson Badbonez Protocol Freestyle

Ramson Badbonez And DJ Gone - J Dilla Tribute Mix

9. SING ALONG - feat. Farma G
12. LOCKED - feat. TEEF


Interesting to see the Kung Fu branding on this...

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol.5

Ceebanger, the hardest working man in the UK hip hop blogosphere (there are no data to back this claim up), has put together another batch of exclusive tracks from our country’s budding artists.

Already on its fifth volume, the On The Radar series is the compilation for acts who may need a little more shine than the Kyzas and Micall Parknsuns of the scene.

This is officially dropping on Monday, but I’ve pilfered it for a bit of pre-release action - one of my few fortes.



1. Chima Anya - Drinks Up (produced by Raul Supreme)
2. Homeless Genius - Plug One ft. Eddie Skratch (produced by Miss Tofelees)
3. Missing People - Bradford to Leeds (produced by ExP)
4. Suus - Top 40 (produced by Pro P)
5. Dialect - Bucket of Spit (produced by A.D.S.)
6. Kirk Spencer - Clap Your Hands ft. Scorzayzee, Jah Digga, Tempa & Lee Ramsey
7. Kasha - Round and Round We Go (produced by Chris Lock)
8. DJ Roast - Trading Darts ft. Cyrus Malachi
9. Reps - Stepping Up (produced by OSTR)
10. C-Lone – Friends (produced by MCM)
11. Preest – Paranoid (produced by Arcitech)
12. Mr. Flex - Nothing To Prove ft. Sophie Rose (produced by Beat Butcha)
13. Delusionists - The Low (produced by Ben Black)
14. S.Kalibre - All Day (produced by Mike S)
15. Teef – Rush (produced by Errol Farquah)
16. Chief Wigz - Don’t Want Much ft. Proptic (produced by Brutal Artistry)
17. Amass Hegemony - Cinematic Visuals (produced by Illskilz)
18. Franko Fraize - Blood of the Earth (produced by DJ IC)
19. 30KB - My Vote (produced by Article10)
20. No-Change – Wonderful (produced by Mike D)
21. Illmystic - Life’s An Outing (produced by Risk)

Download On The Radar Vol. 5

Co-Sign Of D Gritty's Comment

From a Tour Dates interview with D Gritty:

“I feel like too many people like to call their music ‘UK hip hop’, like it's only special because it came from here. I think if it's good hip hop, it's good hip hop – regardless of where it’s from. And I don’t want really want to be pigeonholed; I’m not a ‘UK rapper’, I’m an artist who also happens to be from the UK."

The man's completely on point with this. Yeah, yeah, this blog's called UK All Day and is "The UK Hip Hop Blog", calm down. From a marketing perspective the term "UK hip hop" is a useful handle and one which lets people know what this is all about. That shouldn't be shunned, per se; it helps people know what they're talking about. Obviously many artists are going to want to distance themselves from that banner, though, for fear of being pigionholed - that's understandable.

Hip hop in general is obsessed with tradition and what came before it, which is arguably tied into the use of sampling, a technique intrinsic to the artform. Similarly, UK hip hop is largely obsessed with the UK. In the States rappers can namecheck their culture because it's global and people over the world know what's being referred to. That's not so much the case for us Brits. This isn't shitting on anyone in particular, but hip hop from this country would benefit from looking beyond its borders and being a little less parochial.

Is this treason?

Read the full interview here.

Also, check for D Gritty at his very own website and MySpace.

Mizz Red - 80's Child

New ish from Out Da Ville member Mizz Red.

DJ IQ - Flashing Lights (Mixtape Promo)

Promo video for IQ's upcoming mixtape, Flashing Lights, which is available from 30 Nov here and here.

Features include Ramson Badbonez, Hey Zeus, Kashmere, Jehst, Stac, Joker Starr, Micall Parknsun, Professor Green, Gen, Sonny Jim, Pride, TB, Asaviour, Eva Lazurus.

Beats come courtesy of IQ himself, The Mighty Hoax, Joker, Hudson Mo, Samiyam, Kid Sublime and more.

Expect hip hop alongside dubstep and beats that you'll get tired trying to put in a genre.

Also, don't forget the free mixtape launch party next Wednesday. Should be a corker!

Click to see it the same but bigger.

Don't Stay In...

If you're in, or can get to, central London on Thursday evening there's no excuse for not heading to Skandal's in-store. Did someone say free booze?

Stop straining your peepers and click the flyer for details.

Oh, and Hunger Pains is available now.

Ghost - Remixes From The Edge

Repatriated New Zealand-expat Ghost has freed up this remix project from his HQ in NZ. After working with the gamut of UK rappers whilst based over here, Ghost has adopted a more experimental (cringe) direction and is making great music that borrows from and encompasses many styles.

Go to his newly launched website
and download Remixes From The Edge for nothing more than a few clicks.

Nice way to start the week, no?

Shame On You Nah Right

What's probably the biggest hip hop blog, Nah Right has had some questionable products and brands advertised on it of late: every hippy's most hated burger chain McDonald's has been peddling its tut on the site, and 50 Cent's latest album has even been marketed, despite the blog vehemently panning his every move for the last couple years.

But this...

Shame on you, Nah Right.

Pat D And Lady Paradox - Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks

Pat D and Lady Paradox have put together a really very impressive album with Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks. Don't be fooled or put off by any preconceptions you may have of the hackneyed use of jazz samples in hip hop; in this case they're misconceptions. The production on this project is understated and excellent. Lady Paradox is a great complement to the backdrops, and I suggest you 1) download the mp3 posted below, then 2) check the links for the rest of the music from the album before pre-ordering it.

Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks drops on 8th December.

Pat D And Lady Paradox - Dear Negativity

YouTube link to more album cuts

A Bridge Too Far Recordings website

Album MySpace page

Kirk Spencer feat. Scorzayzee, Jah Digga, Tempa and Lee Ramsay - Clap Your Hands

Kirk Spencer is a producer/guitarist/writer who works in Notts with Big Trev's CRS camp.

This song is lifted from a forthcoming EP titled REBOOT, which you’ll be able to get your hands on as of 5 December. Kirk’s got more in the works too, including a live spot on BBC Radio 1 on Friday alongside Scorz.

It’s good to hear Lee Ramsay back in the booth.

Kirk Spencer feat. Scorzayzee, Jah Digga, Tempa and Lee Ramsay - Clap Your Hands

Check Kirk Spencer's tidy little website with the click of a button.

HHC Digital 05 Now Available!

HHC is back and this time features that bloke who had a producer called Eric B, along with a load of other stuff that you'll find out about when you peep it.

Download it here, then read it wherever you damn like (if you've got a laptop or printer).

Diggin In The Crates: Taskforce - It's Us We're Back

At the turn of the millenium the much anticipated Word Lab 2 compilation album was released. This was a ridiculous record that introduced Klashnekoff to the UK hip hop scene with the unfuckwithable Daggo Mentality, and far too many heavy-hitting songs to mention.

Taskforce jumped on the project with something a little different to the dour music they became known, and largely loved, for - a lighthearted jazz ditty.

Apologies for the quality, but a good tune is a good tune.

Taskforce - It's Us We're Back

Track down Word Lab 2 now and buy it, because it's flippin' good.

Fresh Cuts Radio - November

Matman is back up in this piece with the latest installment of Fresh Cuts Radio. POW!


01. Matman & Daredevil - Fresh Cuts Radio Intro
02. Strong Arm Steady ft. Talib Kweli - Get it Started
03. Sean Price - Figure Four
04. Damu the Fudgemunk ft. Buff 1 - When the Winter Comes
05. Royce da 5'9 - Hood Love ft. Bun b & Joell Ortiz
06. Plus Bell ft. Matman - All I Need instrumental
07. Endemic ft. Cappo - Crumbs
08. Redman ft. Ready Roc - Coc Back
09. Dynas - The Apartment
10. Foreign Beggars - Higher Instrumental
11. 9th Wonder & Kyda - Fight this Feeling
12. Kam Moye - Let's Be Honest
13. JS-One & O.C. - Life
14. DJ Daredevil - Easy to be hard
15. Sadat X & AG - Roc Raida Tribute
16. Royce Da 5'9 ft. Phonte - Something 2 ride 2
17. Fashawn - Lupita
18. Foreign Beggars ft. Guily Simpson - Prove It instrumental
19. Foreign Beggars ft. Guily Simpson - Prove It (Pete Cannon Remix)

Stream / Download here.

Pyro - It's Not Long

Heavier than anvils.

Iron Braydz - Golden Legacy

Iron Braydz is set to release Devil May Cry in January and the first single, Golden Legacy, has been offered up in preparation.

Iron Braydz - Golden Legacy (clean)

Peep his MySpace fo' mo', mofo.

Prose - I Gotta bw/ Gladiator

I'll let DMC champ DJ Matman tell it:

"My boys Steady & Efeks (aka Prose) dropped a little giveaway treat today in the form of this nice little single, taken from the forthcoming release 'The Boombap Bootleg Vol.2', & in anticipation of their forthcoming LP 'Force of Habit' dropping early next year."

Download free of charge from the Prose bandcamp page here.

RIP Derek B

UK rapper Derek B, the first hip hop MC from Britain to achieve chart success, has passed away after suffering a heart attack aged just 44.

Whilst he has not been active in the home-grown scene for a number of years, Derek B, real name Derek Boland, was a prominent figure in the 80s, releasing a string of singles and LP Bullet From a Gun in 1988.

While critics often panned him for selling out and affecting an American accent, he arguably paved the way for the commercial success others have gained since he made his mark.

RIP Derek B.

Steg G - Vulgar Eloquence

Straight outta Glasgow, producer Steg G has put together a collaboration project that sees rappers from both sides of the Atlantic touch the microphone. Former member of the legendary Juice Crew, Craig G, features on the synth-led title track, Royce Da 5'9" is on board, as is the UK's Stig Of The Dump. All good then. Vulgar Eloquence is available now.

Steg G feat. Craig G - Vulgar Eloquence (Clean)

Orphans Of Cush - Novacaine

B.C. Of Bass Inc - Rock The Boat

UK hip hop from way back in '88 - this joint is older than my grandpa (RIP).

B.C. Of Bass Inc - Rock The Boat

S.A.S - Respect My Conglomerate

Dipset's UK subsidiary rework Busta's Respect My Conglomerate.

Does Dipset still exist? Does anyone care?

Donnie Propa - Undertone Mix 2

A little mix from Donnie Propa that goes from UK hip hop to dubstep in one fell swoop.

1. Rodney P, Dynamite MC and Tali - Its On
2. Phi - Life Cypher - Cordless Mics At 20 Paces
3. Jehst - Lines Of Defence
4. Hoodz Underground - Pass The Mic
5. Cappo - Underground
6. Fallacy and Fusion - The Groundbreaker
7. TRG - Oi! Killa!
8. Distance - V
9. Rukus, TY, Klashnekoff and Yogi - Let It Go (Remix)
10. Benny Page - Swagger
11. Benga - 26 Basslines
12. High Rankin - No Money For Guns
13. Stenchman - The Taste Of Vomit
14. Joker - Snake Eater
15. Flying Lotus - $tunt$

Download that bitch

DSG feat. The Auld Reekie All Stars - 2 Joints (prod. Show N Prove)

These Scottish lads let you know about their doobie antics. Off the forthcoming Music For Spaceships mixtape.

DSG - feat. The Auld Reekie All Stars - 2 Joints (prod. Show N Prove)

Yaeo And Wordsmith - New York Minute

Off Before Tha Tomahawk Tape, dropping 23 Nov, which is the warm up to Tha Tomahawk Tape.

Yaeo And Wordsmith - New York Minute

Orphans Of Cush Interview

Behind Closed Doors Vol.2

Behind Closed Doors Vol.2, which is set to drop in the not too distant future, will let you in on some very good UK producers. This country's production talents really are no joke.

Can't wait for this to land.

Mystro Investigates

If you didn't know, Mystro has got an enquiring mind and likes to investigate various things wot he doesn't already know about. In fact, these are things wot you prolly don't have a flippin' clue about either.

Let Mysdiggi do the diggin' and you can kick back and learn something new.

Here's the first two episodes and stay tuned for more to come.

Oh yeah, and if you're a fan of Mystro's fellow Natural Born Spitta, Jargon, there's music in the pipeline - so I'm told.

UK Runnings Presents The Digital Revolution - Volume 4


11 - KYZA - GO IN


Previous volumes:


The Nextmen feat. Dynamite MC - Round Of Applause

Not spanking new, but just saw a link to it, it's funky as hell and Jessica Alba's in the video. Gonna have to take a freezing cold shower now (not through choice - my boiler's fucked).

Suspect Packages - November Show

Another month, another show.

Disorda welcomes Eat Good's Sonny Jim, Kosyne and R.Tillery up in the studio.


01> Sonny Jim – Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
02> Verbal Contact – Wasteland – 30 Tonne Slug Records promo
03> Squid Ninjaz – Kush115 - Squid Ninja Records
04> Endemic & Cappo ft.Scor-Zay-Zee, Cyrus Malachi, Lee Ramsay & Iron Braydz – Eagles - No Cure Records promo
05> London Zoo – Everybody Does It – Dented Records promo
06> Steg G feat.Stig Of The Dump, Royce 5’9, Freestyle Master & Rudy Alba – Fire – Powercut Productions promo
07> Hock Tu Down – Blueberry Jam – Blah Records promo
08> King Trellion feat.Figment – Lunarville Island - Bad Taste Records promo
09> Verbal Contact feat.Sholto – Move Ya Feet - promo
10> Foreign Beggars feat.Guilty Simpson – Prove It (Pete Cannon Remix) - promo
11> Skuff & Inja – United Kingdom – In Records promo
12> Tactical Thinking – The Way You Want It – Tactical Thinking Ent promo
13> Breakage feat.Roots Manuva – Run ‘Em Out – Digital Sound Boy Records
14> Steg G feat.Loki – I Can’t Go On This Way - Powercut Productions promo
15> Sonny Jim – The Ultimate Triumph Of The Little Guy (Shears Remix) - Eat Good Records promo
16> Sonny Jim – CRAZYillMADrowdy – Eat Good Records promo
17> Sonny Jim - Undisputed – Eat Good Records promo
18> Sonny Jim - Holding Shit Down – Eat Good Records promo
19> Sonny Jim, Kosyne & R.Tillery live freestyle session
20> R.Tillery – Soldier - promo
21> Sonny Jim feat.The I.R.S. – Running Late (Kosyne Remix) – Eat Good Records promo
22> Sandman feat.Ghetto Priest, Farma G & Prymary Source – Soundboy Burial - From The Furnace Records

You can download or stream the show by doing a click with one of your buttons here. No, actually here.

Because You Can't Always Listen To Hip Hop

I have to agree with Mr. Cannon, Hudon Mohawke is off the chain. I don't like everything this 23-year-old Glaswegian producer is making. But what I do like, I like a lot.

This one's all live.

Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop

Buy Butter for more of the same and some stuff that's so wonky it might make you feel a bit weird.

Pete Cannon All Day

Pete Cannon, formerly known as Mr. Dick, has been making noise of late with his appearances at the Louis Den Beat Battles and generally being a very, very good producer. If you don’t know about this man yet, you soon will (presumably because you’re about to read this incisive interview). Kick back, listen to what Pete Cannon’s got to say for himself and then check for as much of his music as you can. This is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

How long have you been producing and what do you make your beats on?

"I’ve been big in the game for 12 years. I rock Cubase 5 (the old one) and have more synths than your Ma has hair follicles. Braaap!"

How did the hook up with Dented Records come about and what are you working on at the moment?

"I met Pav, the owner, while I was swimming at the local baths in Laaaandaaaan town. He did a bomb dive into the pool and rapped a verse that quick he managed to fit 16 bars in before he hit the water. I was well impressed and pulled out a waterproof CD I had on me. He loved the beats and asked me if I wanted to be partly involved, and the rest is UK hip hop history.

Honestly, though, he has hooked me up with peeps...including Kyza...Props to Pav and Dented. Check the new Foreign Beggars album, by the way, it’s sick."

Who have you worked with in the past and who would you like to work with in the future?

"Stig and Syntax, Kyza, Sonny Jim (shouts to Eat Good), Foreign Beggars, 3 Amigos, Surreal Knowledge (me and my crew), Tactical Thinking (album out now and is ill in the foot) and lots of new things to come with some American rappers.

I’m gonna make a Pete Cannon album, and with regards to peeps to work with, just tryin’ to match the best to work with the best - get me."

What producers do you rate in Blighty and who inspires you production-wise in general?

"Mate, there are producers at the moment killing it in the UK. First off, shout to louisden.com. If you don’t know, get to know and come to the shows. This is an amazing beat production movement in this country and we’ve got to support Kos and Dj Cro to keep doin’ it.

Producers though: Naive (the Tactical Thinking master) Sivey (the accurate bad boy) Kelakovski (bangers and mash) Jeekay, Ghostown, Jaisu and S-Type (the Scottish connection), Shears (silent but deadly) Dagnabit, Lord Balrog, Jon "The Don" Phonics, Ed Strong (IRS), Wizard (new album out now)…It’s a big list but I’m a fan. All I want is new shit to hear, what way the scene is going, what’s inspiring people at the moment. It’s my whole life and pretty much my whole thought process through a normal day..."

Best UK hip hop record beat-wise?

"See, you want me to pull out some obscure UK shit like Tuff Groove 1, or some classic Jehst (who is fookin ill, by the way) but let’s get with it and say summit like...Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers (even though it’s Arman Van Helden), ha ha! Still straight up bangin’. Is it even hip hop? Don’t be scared, I see girls dancing to that shit.

Beats-wise though, I love all the new Hudson Mohawke stuff - guy is off the chain. All the 'wonky' instrumental stuff is crackin’ at the moment.

Oh, and not to forget Dready...ooohh. That guy is massive – he works with Busta. He used to be in So Solid, but his synth hip hop stuff is wrong. Check the Autobot Beat when you can – ouch!"

I heard the Jeremy Kyle thing you did. What’s the most shameless thing you’ve sampled?

"The most shameless thing I sampled ever was my original 7" copy of Melvin Bliss...y’all know."

Some people think certain samples are off limits. I don’t agree, providing you can make your music sound good. What’s your take?

"See my off limit samples used to be things that were in every crate - Tom Jones, etc. Now anything on vinyl pretty much goes. Peeps are going Europop-tastic. I don’t care where it is sourced from, as long as the product is dope it’s right. I, myself, only lift samples and drum breaks off vinyl - always have always will. Diggin’ is the fun of it for me; finding stuff you wouldn't even know how to search for on the internet. Again, though, I understand peeps rock mp3s and, as I say, it doesn’t matter. Who cares in the end, just make the beatz bangin’. It’s all about 1974 and 1968, ooohhhhh and 1981. Keep diggin’ kids."

What do you like about the scene over here and what is, if anything, proper wank about it?

"The scene is a small one at the moment. There are no massive UK hip hop artists, but lots of what I would class 'urban artists' breaking through into the charts. I still think the Beggars are the biggest and then obviously Tactical Thinking (who, if you didn’t know, have an album comin’ out featuring Naive and Pete Cannon beats with Assa, Derogatory, Deadline, Jim Raygun, Kid Genius and me rappin’), but maybe the quality control can be upped, and business is a massive part of it. Unfortunately, we all know about the music biz and problems with downloads, yada yada. But in the end what do you make music for? Expression. I get paid from whoring myself out to hot women, so I’m hip hop by day and whore by night…"

Check for Pete Cannon's MySpace immediately and expect to be seeing his name all over the gaff.

Also, follow him on Twitter if you're that way inclined.

UPDATE: forgot this banger - Foreign Beggars feat. Guilty Simpson - Prove It (Pete Cannon remix)

Stig Double Times On Skream And Cluekid's Sandsnake


"I fucks with dubstep right now. I go to Shoreditch and drink a bit so it's either cocaine, DayGlo t-shirts or dubstep. DayGlo I don't rock because I'm a fucking man, I can't afford cocaine, so I'm fucking with dubstep. I've gotta fit in somehow."

Big Stig on a dubstep ting. I'm glad he doesn't rock spray on trousers, flourescent tees, a tache and lego jewellery. That's my look.

I don't recall any UK hip hop artists approaching a dubstep riddim, though I could be wrong on that. Props to Stiggie Smalls. I believe this will get recorded in the studio at some point, but I might've just made that bit up.

Jaisu Beat Tapes

Jaisu uploaded his latest beat tape/video yesterday. For those that don't already know this kid, here's the rest of 'em too.