Turn It In

Lifted from Digital Spy:

"UK hip hop star Chipmunk has revealed that he would like to collaborate with Coldplay's Chris Martin.

The 'Oopsy Daisy' singer said that he is a big fan of Martin and described the indie band as 'the greatest' in their field.

'Who would I like to work with in the future? I would like to work with Chris Martin. Yeah, yeah. I like Coldplay.'"

Seriously? If you follow UK All Day, you might have noticed I actually like grime. But this makes me queasy. I also respect Jay Z and he's made a lot of very good hip hop in his time. He should have left it at The Black Album, in my opinion. Albums like BP3 just tarnish his legacy. It's a shame that the people who are achieving success in this country are just emulating (copying) the US. I would rather eat my own face than hear a Coldplay/Chipmunk collaboration.

If you hadn't heard of Chip before he was all over the radio, etc, you won't know that he used to make some pretty decent, raw grime. Here's something he did with Maniac (dope producer) on the boards that's XL.

Chipmunk - I Am Chipmunk (prod. Maniac)

Sidenote: I haven't actually listened to, nor will I, his new album. There may be some stuff on there that stays true to his roots. I don't begrudge success in any way; I do if someone switches their style up to cash into the mainstream market. The way these grime kids are selling out so fast is a shame. By the way, if I'm labelled a "hater" for saying this, that accusation doesn't excuse poor music. And if you think grime is a steaming pile of turd, sorry for wasting your time, but you did just bother to read this.