Mr Loop - The Bury All

If, like me, you missed this when it dropped last year I suggest you go to Suspect Packages right now and repent.

For those who need more convincing... The debut album from Mr Loop on Sweatbox Sounds showcases his massive production skills to full effect and in the days of hastily cobbled-together mixtapes, it's refreshing to hear a whole album where each song has a proper structure and tight concept.

Tracks like "In The Making" feat. Super Dertie and "The Middle Path" feat. Yosh, Zoo Mark and Slippa are precariously close to being beautiful pieces of music. There's also more raucous/light-hearted moments like "On The Razz" which offer a nice bit of balance. Seriously good.

And if you're STILL sleeping, check Mr Loop's MySpace for a little preview of what you can expect.