Kano - Niggaz Want My Old Shit

Kano – Niggaz Want My Old Shit

Kano goes in over a rubbish beat off the terrible Blueprint 3. I hate to complain, as I’ve been doing that a lot of late, but…

I suspect Kano’s been catching flack for this:

And quite rightly so – it’s toilet.

The problem is these lads are going for the T4 market. In doing so, they’re walking away from the fans that gave them the attention that initially made them noteworthy. If they lose that following all that’s left is their new pop market, which is by its nature fickle; its taste and what it says is best is dictated by not particularly clever, yet effective, marketing.

One option is to drop a couple of radio-friendly singles and deliver a great album. That won’t work these days, though, as kids will just download the one or two catchy joints and leave the rest. To shift whole albums the entire thing must be catchy/wack. Once you’ve served a certified turd, and when you’re no longer the mainstream man of the moment, hopefully you won’t be shunned by the scene that made you. Hmmmm, what a quandary.

This boy has dropped some gooduns in the past and, yes, I do want his old ish. I’m not saying Kano and others of his ilk haven’t got more fire in them. We’ll just have to see.

People don’t like it when you get rich and switch, or switch to get rich…