MF Doom Gets The Tom Caruana Treatment

Tom Caruana is giving up another remix project. All you have to do is sign up to the Tea Sea Records website, which costs nowt, to get your hands on some Doom tracks that've been rejigged.

MF Doom Remixed by Tom Caruana

Also, peep the excellent Large Pro refix project that dropped not long ago.

River Nelson - Beautiful Life (prod. Lewis Parker)

If you were wondering what original, expat cloudstepper Lewis Parker was up to at the minute, then look no further. The Champion of Nature is still in the States and has been working on this guy's album, The Rise and Fall of River Nelson.

It's great to hear Parker's dusty production again and I'm looking forward to hearing the LP when it drops (no news of a release date yet).

Check River's (?) MySpace and keep tabs on Dusty Vinyl developments fo' mo'.

Ghost - Remixes From The Edge

Ghost is good. Ghost has a remix album on its way that you don't have to pay for. Ghost has got some snippets for you in anticipation of the giveaway. Ghost has also released music that you can and should buy. Tis all.

Foreign Beggars feat. Guilty Simpson - Prove It (Pete Cannon Remix)

I didn't realise producer Pete Cannon, formerly Mr. Dick, has a blog on the go. Now I do, so I can keep a beady eye on what's what.

There's actually something lined up for UK All Day from this guy, but he's a difficult chap to pin down. Might just have to give you what I've got so far. Ooooo, how mysterious...

Pete Cannon is making major moves right now over the Pond and has got plenty going on over here to. I imagine that's why he can't be got hold of. Yes, he's busy, that must be it, right?

Anyway, both the original and Mr. Cannon's remix are scorching - ouch!

Foreign Beggars feat. Guilty Simpson - Prove It (prod. Pete Cannon)

Foreign Beggars feat. Guilty Simpson - Prove It

Diggin In The Crates: Mud Family - Rich 'N' Switch

Speaking of switching to get rich:

Mud Family – Rich ‘N’ Switch (prod. Mark B)

I mentioned waaaaayyy back that I was gonna dig in the crates to serve up some UK hip hop from yesteryear. Now I can finally deliver on that promise.

Obviously this post theme is exhaustible, so I’m not going to throw it all out there at once. Also, if anything’s still obtainable from official outlets I won’t give it up.

I could only see this 1998 release available from private sellers and thought the track was apt given the rant below. This is the best Mud Fam release that I’ve ever heard and I’ll give you the rest at some point. For now, enjoy.

Kano - Niggaz Want My Old Shit

Kano – Niggaz Want My Old Shit

Kano goes in over a rubbish beat off the terrible Blueprint 3. I hate to complain, as I’ve been doing that a lot of late, but…

I suspect Kano’s been catching flack for this:

And quite rightly so – it’s toilet.

The problem is these lads are going for the T4 market. In doing so, they’re walking away from the fans that gave them the attention that initially made them noteworthy. If they lose that following all that’s left is their new pop market, which is by its nature fickle; its taste and what it says is best is dictated by not particularly clever, yet effective, marketing.

One option is to drop a couple of radio-friendly singles and deliver a great album. That won’t work these days, though, as kids will just download the one or two catchy joints and leave the rest. To shift whole albums the entire thing must be catchy/wack. Once you’ve served a certified turd, and when you’re no longer the mainstream man of the moment, hopefully you won’t be shunned by the scene that made you. Hmmmm, what a quandary.

This boy has dropped some gooduns in the past and, yes, I do want his old ish. I’m not saying Kano and others of his ilk haven’t got more fire in them. We’ll just have to see.

People don’t like it when you get rich and switch, or switch to get rich…

Wizard - Massage Parlour Music (Instrumentals)

Is it just me or has this bird got rather large breasts?

Spotted this collection of instrumentals from beatmaker Wizard over at Hip Hop Hype Dog. Sue me, dickhead.

This kid is making backdrops for the cream of the UK's crop and underground cats from the US to boot. Show some respect.

Peep his MySpace before doing downloading, if you wish.

Wizard - Massage Parlour Music (Instrumentals)

Saturday Morning Vidz

This Wizard man's name is popping up a lot of late, which is a good thing cos he's nice with the beats.

Badbonez goes in real smutty on this one. I love a bit of misogyny - nearly as much as I hate women.

Someone said to me a while back that grime MCs are gonna start gravitating to dubstep. Not sure how absolute that is, but this is evidence for that argument and a welcome break from what's running up in the pop charts. Breakage kills the production and Newham Generals murk his work. This is not a par, blud.

Dizzee At The Electric Proms 2009

A lot of people were making a lot of noise about this performance last night. I've been fortunate enough to see him live before alongside Newham Generals and he was undoubtedly very good.

I was looking at the playlist for the set and realised how far Dizzee's come...

I hope I'm not as disappointed as I'm expecting to be when I end up hearing Tongue N Cheek.

Scorz on Ras Kwame

Fresh Cuts Radio - October

Fresh off hiatus, konichiwa bitches! I think Matman had a break for the summer, but don't think his show fell off like autumn leaves - he's back like cooked crack.


01. Matman & Daredevil (Brothas Grimm) – Fresh Cuts Radio Intro
02. Daredevil - Easy to be hard
03. Guilty Simpson - Hills of Kaliwild (Oh no remix)
04. Termanology ft. Lil Fame - My Passion is money
05. Charlie 2na ft. Elzhi - When will i see you again?
06. Daredevil - Show some respect
07. SonnyJim & Johnphonics - Crazyillmadrowdy
08. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes - About me
09. Black Milk - In the am
10. Mr Dick aka Pete Cannon - Street fighter II
- - Dj Daredevil Mix: - -
11. Lord Finesse - Return of the funkyman (daredevil remix)
12. MF doom - Ladies remix
13. Sean price & Termanology - Wat now (daredevil remix)
14. Raekwon ft M.O.P. & Kool G Rap - Ill figures
15. Mobbdeep - Yeah yeah yeah
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
16. BK One ft. Brother Ali. Phonte & the Grouch 'Here I Am'
17. Vohnbeatz & Mpak - Boom Baptism
18. IRS - Cold city
19. J Dilla - Kjay an We Out
20. Mos Def ft. Slick Rick - Audiotorium
21. Ghostface Killah - Forever

Stream / Download here

Urban Stylz

If I wasn't so chuffing broke I'd buy some new threads. And if I were to do that I would swing by Urban Stylz to peep their wardrobe. Perhaps you want to spoil yourself...

Undergods - Show Em What Crazy Is feat. Tec9ne (prod. Beat Butcha)

The UK’s Beat Butcha lends his skills to the new Canibus and Keith Murray collaboration, The Undergods.

Undergods - Show Em What Crazy Is feat. Tec9ne (prod. Beat Butcha)

Things are looking good for this man right now. He’s got work on the upcoming Sean Price album Mic Tyson, too.

Here's another joint he's done with Lil Eto, which is gully as fuck.

Don't Stay In...

Some reasons not to stay in in the coming weeks. Use the Google tool to find out more about any of these. In no particular order:

Turn It In

Lifted from Digital Spy:

"UK hip hop star Chipmunk has revealed that he would like to collaborate with Coldplay's Chris Martin.

The 'Oopsy Daisy' singer said that he is a big fan of Martin and described the indie band as 'the greatest' in their field.

'Who would I like to work with in the future? I would like to work with Chris Martin. Yeah, yeah. I like Coldplay.'"

Seriously? If you follow UK All Day, you might have noticed I actually like grime. But this makes me queasy. I also respect Jay Z and he's made a lot of very good hip hop in his time. He should have left it at The Black Album, in my opinion. Albums like BP3 just tarnish his legacy. It's a shame that the people who are achieving success in this country are just emulating (copying) the US. I would rather eat my own face than hear a Coldplay/Chipmunk collaboration.

If you hadn't heard of Chip before he was all over the radio, etc, you won't know that he used to make some pretty decent, raw grime. Here's something he did with Maniac (dope producer) on the boards that's XL.

Chipmunk - I Am Chipmunk (prod. Maniac)

Sidenote: I haven't actually listened to, nor will I, his new album. There may be some stuff on there that stays true to his roots. I don't begrudge success in any way; I do if someone switches their style up to cash into the mainstream market. The way these grime kids are selling out so fast is a shame. By the way, if I'm labelled a "hater" for saying this, that accusation doesn't excuse poor music. And if you think grime is a steaming pile of turd, sorry for wasting your time, but you did just bother to read this.

Chima Anya - New Day (feat. Soweto Kinch)

New Chima Anya from a new album of the same name - New Day. I believe the other side to this single (do mp3s have sides?) is called It's The Manner and features Billy Brimstone. This sees a release on 14 December, so you can put it in your or someone else's stocking for Jebus' birthday. Think I'm going to have to buy this album.

I'm not too familiar with this chap. I do know his music is as polished as shiny wooden things.

Want more Chima? Click the video below and look at a bird and some blossom. Also, head over to his MySpace, because he's got one of those.

North Of Ping Pong - What Goes Up Must Come Down

I don't know anything about North of Ping Pong. Strictly speaking they're not a hip hop outfit, more along the lines of The Streets or Audio Bullys, I guess.

This video isn't new, but is proper good. I hadn't seen it before and thought you might like to. Forget what I just said about keeping things under four minutes - this is a short film of sorts.

Shout out to Alex for the assist.

Ralph Rip Shit And Stepho - OCDC

The man with the best name in UK hip hop has teamed up with producer Stepho to give you OCDC. Ralph Rip Shit, as expected, rips shit and does not disappoint a jot. Throw in Stepho's incredibly slick production and you've got yourself an album/extended EP that will leave you asking, "Why didn't I have to pay for this?" This is eight tracks deep and nothing's longer than four minutes, which is a rule every outfit should live by, in my opinion. What's more, this is billed as the first volume, so I assume you can expect more goodness to come.

Download this

Once you've done that go back and put some cash in pockets.

HHHD Compilation Has Landed

This mixtape from the good folks at HipHopHypeDog is dropping in the next few days. It's got EVERYONE on it - peep that meaty tracklist up there and pay close attention to track 25. That's all I'm saying.

Scrap that - the HipHopHypeDog Compilation Vol.1 is here. These lads have put in a turd load of work in the last few months and have blessed you with a collection of rizzap music to celebrate their efforts. Props over there, and still props to Sam Wightwick who put together the funky artwork.

HipHopHypeDog Compilation Vol.1

I guess it's about time to hit you with a UK All Day project then...

Faith SFX In The Studio With Black The Ripper

Faith kills it as always. I understand he's got something in the works with Wretch 32 and Kyza - EXXXZZZACCCKLLEEEEE! "KABOOM!!!". Should be good.

Sway - Mercedes Benz

I posted this long ago and was asked to remove it, so I did. Now I'm being asked to make it available, so I have.

Reminds me of work...

Sway - Mercedes Benz

UPDATE: And the link I was provided doesn't even work, which makes this post null and void.

Don't Stay In...

If, like me, you're a country bumpkin who's partial to a bit of K-Lash, you should go to this. You should also give yourself a pat on the back for being able to operate a computer with webbed fingers.

Check the details on the FB event page. Norwich ain't ready...

Samson Ft Pierre & Loudmouth - Just A Dream

Taken off Black The Ripper's forthcoming mixtape Black Is Beautiful Volume 2. These guys are making moves right now. Loudmouth is consistently on point and I'm loving the beats he's spitting on. I'm not too clued up - it seems that Black The Ripper, Mentalist, Loudmouth and Skillit are family. Keeps your eyes on these names and watch out for an EP that Loudmouth's sitting on, as it's sure to be bigger than the BFG.

Check their MySpaces:

Black The Ripper

Loudmouth Melvin



K.I.N.E.T.I.C. - The Kinesis Thesis

K.I.N.E.T.I.C. is making moves (I love a pun) with his soon to be released album The Kinesis Thesis. This man’s talented, got a nice LP with some strong beats up his sleeve and is someone I think you should know about.

The set features production from Jon Phonics and Chemo, some tidy cuts from Jazz T and makes for a very cohesive listen.

You can follow K.I.N.E.T.I.C.’s ramblings on Twitter and check his MySpace to make some opinions of your own.

The Kinesis Thesis will be available on 16 November from iTunes and all them other digital shops on the internet.

Here’s a little taster that features a connect called Jamieson:

K.I.N.E.T.I.C. – It Ain’t Hard to See (feat. Jamieson)

P Brothers - The Gas

If you didn’t catch last year’s P Brothers album The Gas, you missed out. The break-heavy production thumps and knocks haaaaarrrrd. All MCs pulled in for the Nottingham-based duo’s record were elusive cats from NY’s underground – which might have something to do with the fact that they don’t actually like hip hop from this country, apparently; I assume that doesn’t include Capps…

Buy this – you won’t be disappointed. If you do cop it and dislike it, I’ll extend a full refund…in the form of a sincere apology.

P Brothers – Outta Control (feat. Roc Marciano)

Endemic and Cappo - Needle Drop

I'm glad Cappo is still hungry and putting in work. This man is a raw MC and a personal favourite that I kind of forgot about. Can't wait to hear this EP, which drops 16 November.

If you're in Notts 0n the 25th of this month, you should celebrate the launch.

Also, if you're not familiar with dude, here's a track off his excellent, hilariously-titled (well, I think so) LP Spaz the World. This song is wicked.

Cappo - Grand Final (prod. P Brothers)

Buy the P Brothers-produced album
, and whatever else you fancy, from Disorda. Which reminds me...

HomeGrown: The Story of UK Hip Hop Exhibition

I really, really want to get myself to this. If you're in the area you should take advantage of this free exhibition. I'll let the blurb tell it:

"HomeGrown: The Story of UK Hip Hop is the first major exhibition to chronicle, in depth, the development of the UK hip hop scene.

Looking back over three decades, the exhibition tells the story of how a generation of youth took the spirit of the Bronx block party and fused it with their own uniquely British influences. In doing so it shows how a US subculture featuring art, politics, rhyme, dance and music was adopted, adapted and embraced to create a powerful, complex, cultural force, this side of the

Working with the UK's most influential figures in hip hop the exhibition brings together the rare, remarkable and irreplaceable in hip hop photography, music, film and fashion from the best private collections."

Venue: Urbis, Manchester
Date: Thu 15 Oct - Mon 1 Mar 2010
Time: from 10:00am until 6:00pm

Anyone got a place I can crash at in Manchester?

The Actual Introduction

A couple of months back I mentioned that Twlight of the Gods and Revolutionary were the first UK hip hop records I ever heard. Listening to the IQ mix below made me realise that's utter spaff. They were in fact Silver Bullet's Bring Forth the Guillotine and 20 Seconds to Comply when I was six, courtesy of my brother. Both are huge, but 20 Seconds, with its ED-209-sampled intro, kills it.

DJ IQ UK Hip Hop Evolution Mix

Seen this all over the gaff, but it's an essential post. IQ ran up in the BBC and spun a UK hip hop mix that shows how the music has evolved from Homo erectus (no homo) to Homo sapien (no homo).

kindly chopped a rip out and give it ya.


Malcolm McLaren - 'Buffalo Gals (Instrumental)'
HiJack - 'Hold No Hostage'
Silver Bullet - '20 Seconds To Comply'
SL Troopers - 'Movement'
Demon Boyz - 'Vibez'
London Posse - 'Money Mad'
DJ Pogo, Monie Love, Mc Mello'O' - 'Juss Badd'
Lewis Parker - 'Walk In the sky'
Blak Twang - 'Dettwork South East'
Roots Manuva - 'Juggle Tings Propa'
Skitz Feat. Rodney P & Skinny Man - 'Twilight of the gods'
Mark B & Blade - 'The Unknown'
Taskforce - 'Intro'
Jehst Feat. Asaviour - 'People Under The Weather'
Klashnekoff - 'Murder'
Roots Manuva - 'Witness (1 Hope)'
Dizzee Rascal - 'Fix Up Look Sharp'
Kashmere - 'Do The Numbers'
DJ IQ Feat. Allstar Mc's - '8 Bars of Fire (Pt.2)'

DJ IQ Hip Hop Evolution Mix

This mix has reminded me of something...(look up).

Mr Loop - The Bury All

If, like me, you missed this when it dropped last year I suggest you go to Suspect Packages right now and repent.

For those who need more convincing... The debut album from Mr Loop on Sweatbox Sounds showcases his massive production skills to full effect and in the days of hastily cobbled-together mixtapes, it's refreshing to hear a whole album where each song has a proper structure and tight concept.

Tracks like "In The Making" feat. Super Dertie and "The Middle Path" feat. Yosh, Zoo Mark and Slippa are precariously close to being beautiful pieces of music. There's also more raucous/light-hearted moments like "On The Razz" which offer a nice bit of balance. Seriously good.

And if you're STILL sleeping, check Mr Loop's MySpace for a little preview of what you can expect.

Sway - Mercedes Benz

Havoc - We Aint Playin' (prod. Beat Butcha)

The UK's Beat Butcha has been making moves over the other side of the Pond of late. Now he's hooked up with Havoc of Mobb Deep fame for this brooding banger. BIG.

Props to the man as this is a huge look for himself - and the UK as a whole. We've got some huge talent on the production side of things and it's time to stand up and get noticed.

Havoc - We Aint Playin' (prod. Beat Butcha)

Bright Lights, Big City

Whilst drifting through central London this evening in a daze after a hard day's grind, my mp3 player randomly selected this tune. It fit my mood perfectly. Ghost's melodic composition and Jehst's musings gel to capture the feeling of city life. At least that's what I thought for those five minutes of my journey back to the yard.

Ghost - Elevate (feat. Jehst)

Pay Disorda a visit to get yourself a copy of the LP - it's top.

Lowkey Guns Obama At Stop The War Demonstration

Just caught a link to this on Twitter.

Now, I'm not going to start proffering my opinion on a complex and contentious issue like this - primarily because I'm ignorant to the facts. I, like most people, largely bury my head in the sand when it comes to global issues. I know that I don't agree with war. This is oversimplifying things, though. I'm pretty sure Obama is something of a puppet to apease the people and that change will be affected by the people behind the puppet.

I respect Lowkey due to the fact the man has done his research and is standing up for something he wholeheartedly believes in. This reminds me that hip hop artists can actually use their art meaningfully. Whether you want to deal with such serious topics in the music you listen to is a different matter altogether.

Keep up with Lowkey's movements here.

Iron Braydz's Devil May Cry On The Way

Iron Braydz of Blind Alphabetz is prepping his Devil May Cry solo effort. Here are a couple of tracks off it. Plus, if you're a Braydz fan you can catch him live in Camden on 29 October. If you're rubbish at squinting, know that it's @Dingwalls and is on a Thursday.

Iron Braydz - Golden Legacy (prod. Iron Braydz)

Iron Braydz - Hyped Up (prod. DJ Snips)


Skuff And Inja's The Skuff And Inja Show On The Way

Delegates of Culture's Skuff and Inja are set to drop The Skuff and Inja Show. Check the tracks below to see what you make of how the collaborative effort will shape up.

Skuff and Inja - Forward Motion

Skuff and Inja - Famslam (feat. Task Force)

Skuff and Inja - Side Effects remix (feat. Bee 109)

Foreign Beggars - Contact (prod. Noisia)

New Beggars - off the upcoming United Colours of Beggatron LP.

I'm always a little cynical when it comes to flagrant genre splicing like this. Mind you, I can see people going off to this in da club, and that's the point.

Suspect Packages - October Show

Ruddy Norah, another month passed already?

We'll be dead soon.


01> Sweatbox Sounds - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
02> Yosh - Revenge Of The Nerds - Sweatbox Sounds
03> Jeye Severe - Yes Blood - Empiah Records promo
04> Foreign Beggars feat.Dubbledge, Rednaz & Badness - Seven Figure Swagger - Dented Records promo
05> Iron Braydz - Hyped Up - promo
06> Alphabetix - Control The Vibes - 30 Tonne Slug Records promo
07> London Zoo - Not Relevant - Dented Records
08> Da Mic Stranglaz - Retro - promo
09> Skuff & Inja - Spark It Up - In Records promo
10> Endemic & Cappo - Crumbs - No Cure Records promo
11> Orphans Of Cush - Pandora's Box - Triple Darkness Records/Suspect Packages
12> Raul Supreme - Poly Pocket (Restricted Area) - promo
13> Raul Supreme - 5th Degree (Red Button) - promo
14> Hudson Mohawke - Zoo00Oom - Warp Records promo
15> Squid Ninjaz - Wowzers - Squid Ninja Records promo
16> Inkrument - Proper Class - Dealmaker Records promo
17> Foreign Beggars feat.Kashmere, Jehst & Dj 2Tall - No More - Dented Records promo
18> Diversion Tactics - Back To School - Boot Records
17> Tactical Thinking - Stick Em Up - Tactical Thinking Entertainment promo
18> Tactical Thinking - Interview Part 1
19> Tactical Thinking - Blah Blah Blah - Tactical Thinking Entertainment promo
20> Tactical Thinking - Interview Part 2
21> Tactical Thinking feat.Taharka & BVA - TT Encore - Tactical Thinking Entertainment promo
22> Tactical Thinking - Interview Part 3
23> Tactical Thinking - Live Freestyle
24> Squid Ninjaz - 8 Bars - Squid Ninja Records promo
25> Orphans Of Cush - Lost Generation - Triple Darkness Records/Suspect Packages
26> Skuff & Inja feat.Taskforce Family - Famslam - In Records promo

Listen to it

Dubbledge - Juice feat. Kyza

Dubbledge goes in over Rakim's Know The Ledge, off the Juice soundtrack.

Pretty sure this is supposed to be called Know The Edge...No?

Dubble Dubble's One Inch Punch project is on the way.

Ricta - Hero (prod. Kelakovski)

The fact that Kelakovski can work Bonnie Tyler's I Need A Hero into a beat and make it sound dope is testament to his...erm...dopeness. Kela kills this - as per usual.

Ricta - Hero (prod. Kelakovski)

Le Donk and Scorzayzee

I really didn't understand what I was watching when I first saw this. It's a trailer for a spoof documentary, in the vein of Spinal Tap, that features Notts' finest, Scorzayzee.

Roadie Le Donk sees hope in the talent of Scorz and tries to make him big, with the help of the "Article Monkeys".

Apparently it gets a release on the 9th of this month. Check the iMDb page to reassure yourself that I'm not mugging you off on this one.

I'm really intrigued and definitely want to see this.

A Couple Of Reasons Why The MOBOs Are A Farce

I could harp on all day about what a waste of time these chumps and the MOBO Awards are. I can't be bothered, though, as it's the same cocking nonsense every year.

Bit of a tangent: I would shag the granny out of that interviewer.

Lowkey - The Cradle Of Civilization (feat. Mai Khalil)

Toeing the line between touching on serious subjects and not boring people is difficult. That's all I'm saying.