Please Welcome Mr Benjamin Black To UK All Day

In a bid to boost a decrepit eastern European country's economy, I will be indulging in a spot of sex tourism for a couple of weeks. I don't necessarily want to be partaking in such carnal decadence, I just want to do my bit for the lives of others - as is my altruistic nature.

Since a blog with nothing on it for two weeks is not an option, I’ve invited Ben Black of Delusionists fame to become an author. My first instinct for having someone else on board was that I didn't want to relinquish control of my dearly beloved creation. Then I realised I was being a huge fass and that it's all about UK All Day, not the S.Pickens show. I've also come to find that serving up a decent blog requires a fair bit of effort and a lot of time, and, despite what some might say, I do actually have something that resembles a life outside of fannying about in front of a laptop in my bedroom. I try to, anyway.

The empire should expand to become the immense conglomerate I originally envisaged; for Christmas we will have branded t-shirts, key rings and baby strollers available for you to line your stockings.

To that end, and without further adieu, please welcome Mr. Black.

Laters patatas, I'm off!