MEGA Post!

What I've done here is steal everything that the little UK hip hop blogging ecosystem has churned out this week so far and put it up as one big post - a mega post! This either makes me incredibly savvy, or a cheeky cunt. Unfortunately it's the latter.

If the sabbath and being hungover at work on a Monday aren't a big deal for, get yourself to this on Sunday:

First Friday of next month:

Sway - Run This Town

Produced by the UK's Jon Phonics:

Cambatta - "Oxymoron" from DJ Nice on Vimeo.

I've heard some pretty cool things from Devlin somewhere along the line. This one makes me want to cry a bit, though. Chin up.

Reggiimental - Something For The Strive (mixtape)

I didn't put this up previously because I figured it's going to be out for purchase. However, as Chubby says: "The mp3 to both sides of the single Can't Swim/Back To School is on the web, the DT facebook group members inbox, various blogs and host sites. Fuck it. It's all good. The people who download free music don't use i-tunes or whatever and those people again don't often buy vinyl so more heads gonna hear some dope Hip Hop and realise they need more DT in their lives. No problem. Book us for a live show. That's the whole point." Fair one.

Diversion Tactics - Can't Swim (prod. Jazz T and Zygote)

Diversion Tactics - Back To School (prod. J-Zone)

I think that should do for now.