Guess Who's Bizack!

After a fortnight in the western Balkans manhandling some seriously handsome prostitutes, I'm feeling somewhat refreshed and a little less pale.

Here are some things I've been sent, that I haven't checked for, but that you might like.

“It’s been four and a half years since ILL SEER released his critically acclaimed and CGMA-nominated debut album. While continuously studying and teaching theology and philosophy, Seer’s been working on a few upcoming musical projects for Prophetic Poetic, but decided to rework his first underground mixtape “The Ill Seer Bootlegs” to highlight what is now a decade’s worth of his recording career. This fresh installment features brand new music, remixes, unreleased and classic tracks, as well as various collaborations alongside a motley crew of artists. Sit down with the project and let the lyrics of this Delegate of Culture truly sink in while the beats pound your skullcap.”


01 Back 2 Unity Intro [prod. Hoodee]
02 Think About These Things (Remix) ft Mandy Martens [prod. The Dirty Sample]
03 See Rap Run (Radio) ft Runaway [prod. The Runaway]
04 Time For the Taking ft. Thoughtbug [prod. Savilion]
05 Thaumatology ft VS. [prod. VS.]
06 In A Word ft Jerrakka [prod. Jerrakka]
07 The Roots of Mene ft Delegates of Culture [prod. Skuff]
08 Truthless [prod. Chris Groove]
09 Botanical Animals ft Skeletal Decibels [prod. D. EngineEar]
10 Vocation ft Elias [prod. Rich t the Servitor]
11 LifeBlood ft Michaelis Constant, Testament [prod. Rich t the Servitor]
12 Destitute Feedback (Loop) [prod. Bee109]
13 CloudCutCut [prod. Selfhelp]
14 Drive Inn Classics ft Toolshed, Selfhelp [prod. Bee109]
15 Angry Kings ft. ID Obelus [prod. Elypsis]
16 Theory Vs. Practice ft Vangel [prod. Dorc]
17 WeLocal Remix ft VS, The Runaway [prod. VS.]
18 War Pigs Outro [prod. Inja]

Ill Seer Bootlegs project

New production compilation wotsit from Lord Balrog. Part 1 had some bangers on it (use the search bar if you don't believe me), so try this one on for size.

Lord Balrog - TV Dinners Part 2

This chap from the UK puts his beats behind chaps from the US.

Klimeks - Remixes Vol. 1