Bring Back Kung Fu Hip Hop Nights!!!

Whilst wasting precious minutes of my life on Fassbook, I noticed someone had invited me to the Bring Back Kung Fu Hip Hop Nights!!! group. I never pay much attention to these invites - mostly because I have less than 20 friends on Fassbook and all of them bullied me at school - but quickly signed up in this case. Kung Fu was definitely the best hip hip night in the UK and I, along with the rest of the scene's followers (I imagine), was sad to see it disappear. I think this is where I first caught Jehst live, back when he was running with Usmaan (remember him?).

Whether you were lucky enough to hit Kung Fu up or not, I suggest you join the group to show support. It's more worthwhile than stalking your ex, seeing how much better they're doing without you in their life and then weeping uncontrollably into your keyboard, right? You never know, it might get resurrected like Jesus allegedly was.

Sign up!