Bring Back Kung Fu Hip Hop Nights!!!

Whilst wasting precious minutes of my life on Fassbook, I noticed someone had invited me to the Bring Back Kung Fu Hip Hop Nights!!! group. I never pay much attention to these invites - mostly because I have less than 20 friends on Fassbook and all of them bullied me at school - but quickly signed up in this case. Kung Fu was definitely the best hip hip night in the UK and I, along with the rest of the scene's followers (I imagine), was sad to see it disappear. I think this is where I first caught Jehst live, back when he was running with Usmaan (remember him?).

Whether you were lucky enough to hit Kung Fu up or not, I suggest you join the group to show support. It's more worthwhile than stalking your ex, seeing how much better they're doing without you in their life and then weeping uncontrollably into your keyboard, right? You never know, it might get resurrected like Jesus allegedly was.

Sign up!

Guess Who's Bizack!

After a fortnight in the western Balkans manhandling some seriously handsome prostitutes, I'm feeling somewhat refreshed and a little less pale.

Here are some things I've been sent, that I haven't checked for, but that you might like.

“It’s been four and a half years since ILL SEER released his critically acclaimed and CGMA-nominated debut album. While continuously studying and teaching theology and philosophy, Seer’s been working on a few upcoming musical projects for Prophetic Poetic, but decided to rework his first underground mixtape “The Ill Seer Bootlegs” to highlight what is now a decade’s worth of his recording career. This fresh installment features brand new music, remixes, unreleased and classic tracks, as well as various collaborations alongside a motley crew of artists. Sit down with the project and let the lyrics of this Delegate of Culture truly sink in while the beats pound your skullcap.”


01 Back 2 Unity Intro [prod. Hoodee]
02 Think About These Things (Remix) ft Mandy Martens [prod. The Dirty Sample]
03 See Rap Run (Radio) ft Runaway [prod. The Runaway]
04 Time For the Taking ft. Thoughtbug [prod. Savilion]
05 Thaumatology ft VS. [prod. VS.]
06 In A Word ft Jerrakka [prod. Jerrakka]
07 The Roots of Mene ft Delegates of Culture [prod. Skuff]
08 Truthless [prod. Chris Groove]
09 Botanical Animals ft Skeletal Decibels [prod. D. EngineEar]
10 Vocation ft Elias [prod. Rich t the Servitor]
11 LifeBlood ft Michaelis Constant, Testament [prod. Rich t the Servitor]
12 Destitute Feedback (Loop) [prod. Bee109]
13 CloudCutCut [prod. Selfhelp]
14 Drive Inn Classics ft Toolshed, Selfhelp [prod. Bee109]
15 Angry Kings ft. ID Obelus [prod. Elypsis]
16 Theory Vs. Practice ft Vangel [prod. Dorc]
17 WeLocal Remix ft VS, The Runaway [prod. VS.]
18 War Pigs Outro [prod. Inja]

Ill Seer Bootlegs project

New production compilation wotsit from Lord Balrog. Part 1 had some bangers on it (use the search bar if you don't believe me), so try this one on for size.

Lord Balrog - TV Dinners Part 2

This chap from the UK puts his beats behind chaps from the US.

Klimeks - Remixes Vol. 1

Proof That Lady Sovereign Can Actually Spit

The UK's ultimate pramface - that's Lady Sovereign - has got herself in trouble in Oz.

From Sky News:

"Visiting UK hip hop artist Lady Sovereign has been fined 400 dollars for spitting in the face of a Brisbane bouncer.

The British rapper's due to take the stage at the Parklife music festival this afternoon.

She faced Brisbane Magistrates Court under her real name is Louise Harman this morning on assault and drunk and disorderly charges after a night of partying at the Fortitude Valley nightclub The Beat.

The court heard the 23-year-old was involved in an fight in an upstairs bathroom just after midnight and asked to leave.

Once outside she returned briefly and spat in the bouncer's face."


The IRS - Cold City prod. Wizard

New ish from the ever-reliable IRS and Wizard supplying another rock-solid head-nodder.

The IRS are currently putting together a mixtape and working on a follow-up to "The World is Theirs" which should be dropping next year. If Cold City is anything to go on, it's gonna be bigger than your arse.

Until then, keep an eye on The IRS's movements on Myspace.

30KB - "30,000 Leagues Under The Scene"

If you don't know about 30KB (30,000 Bastards to their friends) then this is a good opportunity to get familiar. They featured on the recent On The Radar 4 mixtape where they tore shit up with the most original and moody (that's a good thing) cut off the whole album. "30,000 Leagues...", is a whole LP's worth of scathing opinions, witty lyrics and production that's a million miles away from the post-Dilla cloning that a lot of beat-makers are churning out.

If El-P and Braintax had a child, not only would it almost certainly be ginger, but it would also make music like this.

You can cop the album from their Bandcamp site, for a puny £3.50, so do it now. You can also pay more than £3.50 if you're a flash fucker.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on these lads, so get your virtual peeping-tom on via Twitter or Myspace.

Don't Stay In...

Mr Thing, Matman, free entry all night. Done.

Hit up the Wastebook event page for more helpful details.

Alphabetix CD Coming Soon

Funny, I just got an email from Slim Pickens (he's watching my every move) to tell me about this lot and the very next second Disorda announces that their CD is available for pre-order at Suspect Packages.

Also, they rep my old stomping ground of Leeds so they get special treatment. So peep their Myspace and if you like what you hear, get your pre-orders in here.

Supar Novar - 'N To Tha Izzo'

Supar Novar - Dubplate Sagas: N To Tha Izzo

This free download has been around for at least 24 hours so forgive me for being a bit slow with this one. It's Supar Novar (who is good) rhyming over Jay-Z beats (which used to be good, until he went all metrosexual).

I'm a bit gutted about this actually, as I was planning to do a similar thing and call it "The Ben Black Album".

Ho hum, download it here and take a look at the tracklist and Novar doing his best Jay-Z rendition below.

Don't Stay In...

This is billed as "A night of heavy Hip Hop and Dirty Burlesque". If that isn't enough to covnince you to go, then you are most likely a chief.

Hip Hop and Burlesque could be a good look, but the moment Beat Butcha throws on a leather corset, I'm outta there.

Lowkey - Alphabet Assassin ft. Faith SFX

Slim Pickens took a break from paying for rim-jobs in Eastern Europe to send this video to me. Take a butcher's.

DJ 279 Interview - DJGONE.TV

DJ 279 dropping some valuable science here.

DJ Gone is regularly putting up quality videos, so keep an eye on for more stuff that may be of interest.

To be honest, I teefed this off someone else's blog, so big up to Disorda for bringing it to my attention. You can alleviate my guilt by buying something off Suspect Packages. Thanks.

30kb Remix Parallel Worldz

Those 30kb nutters cooked up this re-rub of Delusionists' Parallel Worldz for the recent remix comp. We're still having daily arm-wrestles to decide the winner of the competition, but this puppy is up there with the best entries we received.

Cop it here. To hear more from 30kb, hit up their Bandcamp page.

Gonna try to post a few more of these before the winner is announced, so let us know what you think of 'em.

Certified Banger Podcast (Pilot)

Cee Banger dropped a nice little podcast today, featuring a whole 'eap of goodness from the UK (tracklist below). Go to Certified Banger and download the mp3 and/or subscribe to the podcasts 'cause apparently he's gonna drop these puppies on the regs.

Famslam ft. Task Force Family - Skuff & Inja
Back Home - Yosh
Mic Check - One Wish & Stereotype
You Lot - Freyed Knot
In Due Time - J-Treole
Jamaica (Original) - Jimmy Screech
They Don't Know (Original) - J Simple
Sunday Service - Chief Wigz
Higher Higher - Juice Aleem
A.L.P.H.A. - Alphabetix
The London Convention ft. Funky DL, MCD, Skinnyman, Blak Twang, ESP, TY, Phoebe One, Kwes - London Allstars
Family Name - Bombadeal
It's Not Relevant - LDZ
Do Wah - Tactical Thinking
It's So Different Here - Tom Caruana
Sunnicide -Skuff & Inja

Please Welcome Mr Benjamin Black To UK All Day

In a bid to boost a decrepit eastern European country's economy, I will be indulging in a spot of sex tourism for a couple of weeks. I don't necessarily want to be partaking in such carnal decadence, I just want to do my bit for the lives of others - as is my altruistic nature.

Since a blog with nothing on it for two weeks is not an option, I’ve invited Ben Black of Delusionists fame to become an author. My first instinct for having someone else on board was that I didn't want to relinquish control of my dearly beloved creation. Then I realised I was being a huge fass and that it's all about UK All Day, not the S.Pickens show. I've also come to find that serving up a decent blog requires a fair bit of effort and a lot of time, and, despite what some might say, I do actually have something that resembles a life outside of fannying about in front of a laptop in my bedroom. I try to, anyway.

The empire should expand to become the immense conglomerate I originally envisaged; for Christmas we will have branded t-shirts, key rings and baby strollers available for you to line your stockings.

To that end, and without further adieu, please welcome Mr. Black.

Laters patatas, I'm off!

Willo Wispa - E&J and Panda Pops

I'm told that Willo has a hectic schedule/lifestyle but that the finishing touches are being put on his debut LP. Good. The bloke's bananas and I'm impatiently waiting for the album as it's bound to be a treat. Sit tight.

In the meantime, here's a refix of Black Milk's Sound The Alarm with Willo doing what he does best (rapping) on top of it.

Willo Wispa - E&J and Panda Pops

MEGA Post!

What I've done here is steal everything that the little UK hip hop blogging ecosystem has churned out this week so far and put it up as one big post - a mega post! This either makes me incredibly savvy, or a cheeky cunt. Unfortunately it's the latter.

If the sabbath and being hungover at work on a Monday aren't a big deal for, get yourself to this on Sunday:

First Friday of next month:

Sway - Run This Town

Produced by the UK's Jon Phonics:

Cambatta - "Oxymoron" from DJ Nice on Vimeo.

I've heard some pretty cool things from Devlin somewhere along the line. This one makes me want to cry a bit, though. Chin up.

Reggiimental - Something For The Strive (mixtape)

I didn't put this up previously because I figured it's going to be out for purchase. However, as Chubby says: "The mp3 to both sides of the single Can't Swim/Back To School is on the web, the DT facebook group members inbox, various blogs and host sites. Fuck it. It's all good. The people who download free music don't use i-tunes or whatever and those people again don't often buy vinyl so more heads gonna hear some dope Hip Hop and realise they need more DT in their lives. No problem. Book us for a live show. That's the whole point." Fair one.

Diversion Tactics - Can't Swim (prod. Jazz T and Zygote)

Diversion Tactics - Back To School (prod. J-Zone)

I think that should do for now.

New Diversion Tactics

Diversion Tactics have got an album up their sleeves. Careful On The Way Up is set for release in December, whilst 12" Cant Swim/Back To School will be available 26 October.

If you're not familiar with DT or their work with Percee P, Tim Dog, J-Zone, Kashmere or Supa T, then get familiar.

Diversion Tactics - Mike Smokes

8T2 Iz 2 Sick 4 Tha Kompatishun

Fuck me, I think I might just have stumbled on the new breed. This kid's gonna strong-arm the scene and steal the limelight in an instant.

To be fair, it's probably not just his raw talent that wins the listener over. I'm pretty sure those sequins on his hoody are blinding my judgement slightly. He's still the sickest thing this side of AIDs though...

Get at me 8T2!

Don't Stay In...

If Brum is the ends, you'll probably be wanting to get yourself to this.

Heard these yet?

Redbeard - Agency Scum (prod. Kelakovski)

Bad Mannaz ft. Sam Stealth and S.K. (prod. Jon Phonics)

Skandal - The Other Side feat. Little Dee

Off the upcoming Hunger Pains mixtape mixed by DJ MK.

Skandal blesses Lil Wayne's Tha Mobb - the best song on Tha Carter II, in my opinion.

Enjoy your weekends!

Faith SFX is a flippin' bad man...

...I just love the beats this guy makes. They remind me of Timbaland's production back when he was good. I need to hear a Faith SFX album.

Jyager - New State of Mind (mixtape)

I admit, I was remiss not to post this when I downloaded and started listening to it. I was probably doing something hugely interesting and worthwhile with my time instead...

I didn't catch this man's Cee Why-produced debut on YNR, Encrypted Scriptures. Having heard this, I'll definitely backtrack and make a purchase. If you're in the same boat then check this freebie and see what you think.

Jyager - New State of Mind (mixtape)


Don't Stay In...

US headliner, I know. Breaking my strict editorial standpoint? Nah - Sonny Jim on the assist, motherbothererz.

Go to it and nod your heads like subservient servants.


Joker Starr's Flukebeat Summer Sale NOW ON!

September marks Joker Starr’s tenth anniversary of putting pen to paper and in celebration of the fact – and because he’s generous – the Flukebeat Summer Sale is now on. As part of the sale, you’ll be getting your hands on a load of unheard material – free! Fill your boots:

Joker Starr and Dark Angel – Punchlines

The Krate Krusaders - Present Vol. 1

I received this in my inbox (oooer missus) the other day. After a very brief look around tonight, I noticed it's already up on other blogs. After suppressing my blog envy (it's alright, I've had the penis version of this for years), I decided to post it for my handful of loyal followers.

I've not yet had a chance to listen to Krate Krusaders' first offering. I am, however, looking forward to hearing their work, having read the two reviews below.

HipHopHypeDog review

Certified Banger review

Alternatively, just download it and write your own review on the notepad in your mind.

The Krate Krusaders - Present Vol. 1

CONFUCIUS MC - Don't Concentrate on the Finger (mixtape)

I once concentrated on the finger and do you know what happened? That's right, I missed all the heavenly glory.

South East London's CONFUCIUS MC has put together a fine little mixtape, with beats jacked from 9th Wonder, Madlib, Dilla, Doom and the man himself (either that or the producer of Mr. Roper is called Yours Truly...).

Put it on your computer
, then check out his MySpace. Or do it the other way round.

Don't Stay In...

Just in case you haven't already seen these, although I know you have:

Orphans Of Cush - Rain Blood

Orphans Of Cush - Reflections

Suspect Packages - September Show

The premier show for UK hip hop is back once again. Big shout to Disorda for fitting The Movement into the playlist.

Download or stream to listen to that stellar promo track, not to mention the other goodness on offer.


01> Tactical Thinking - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
02> Tactical Thinking - Hold It Down - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
03> Contact Play - Juicing - School Bully Records
04> Phoenix Da Icefire - Eargasm - Higher Heights Records promo
05> Krate Krusaders feat.Crucifix - Torment - Outtatownsound promo
06> The Thunderclaps feat.Shameless - The Man With No Shame - Ejectorseat Records promo
07> Wizard - About (beat) - promo - Filthysox Productions promo
08> Wizard feat.Unfriendly Neighbours - Swagga - Filthysox Productions
09> JVF Clique - Nick Griffin Loves Black Cock - Clique Recordins promo
10> Foreign Beggars feat.Audra Nishita - Higher - Dented Records promo
11> Yosh - Synthia - Sweatbox Sounds promo
12> Danny Spice - Sci Figh - Cog Records
13> Rapskallions - Battleslang Galactica - Sweatbox Sounds promo
14> Wizard - Warning ! (beat) - Filthysox Productions promo
15> Alphabetix - Bounce - 30 Tonne Slug promo
16> Joe Blow - Hour Glass (Stagga Remix) - Dial Up Records promo
17> Orphans Of Cush - White Noize (Chemo Remix) - Killamanjaro promo
18> Orphans Of Cush - Pop Tarts - Triple Darkness Records/Suspect Packages promo
19> Phoenix Da Icefire feat.D21 - Purple Mist - Higher Heights Records promo
20> Red Beard - Agency Scum - Eat Good Records promo
21> Sonnyjim - Mission Statement (Lotek Remix) - Eat Good Records promo
22> Tactical Thinking - When Two Worlds Collide - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
23> Delusionists - The Movement - Beats Laying About promo
24> MCM - Been So Many Places - Headcount Records promo
25> Sigher The Gutter Snype - Hitman Harry - Elcal Records
26> Monkey Sons - Water Off A Monkeys Back - Naked Ape Records
-------------------------------Old Skool Selection----------------------------
27> Killa Instinct - Sick To Me Backteeth - unreleased (?)
28> Trouble - I Get Hype - Justice Records (1988)
29> Overlord X - Die Hard - unreleased (?)
30> Rough Element - Criminal Behaviour - Underground Associated Records (1994)
31> Sirus - Lyrical Juice - Go Boy Records (1994)
32> Akapel - Stick Ya Big Dinky In - Phlange Records (1992)
33> Johnny M.C. - Uno Get Rough - Reality Records (?)
34> Shades Of Rhythm - Carry The Swing - SOR Recordings (1990)
35> K.I.D. feat.Tickle - Killin MC's - unreleased (?)
36> Solid N Mind - Centre Stage - Liberty Grooves (1991/2009)