More free music from Tea Sea Records

Been a bit lazy of late but have got some bits and pieces to put up for you this evening. Seeing as you'll be reading this blog from top to bottom, there isn't actually anything left to read or enjoy after this post for the day, but you should probably be grateful for everything you've already got through. You can send me tokens of gratitude to - pics of the tops of top girlfriends would be greatly appreciated as I'm feeling a little lonely.

Hang on, where was I? Oh yeah, Tea Sea Records. The most generous man in this, Tom Caruana, is giving you more new stuffs via his label. This time round, and in preparation of his upcoming LP Further Into The Woods, Bombadeal has put together a free download by the name of Songs From The Wood.

Bombadeal - Songs From The Wood

Tom Caruana's album It's So Different Here is available to download now, and will be pressed up on compact disc shortly.

Finally, if you're a beatsmith and fancy having a go putting your music to some accapellas, you might just end up on a compilation Mr. Caruana is planning on hooking up. Get the vocals, muaphuka!