The Introduction

I can't remember exactly, as those years are a bit of a haze...I think these are the first two UK hip hop records I ever heard. Jazz T would kindly knock a couple of quid off for us in Dance2Records. I'd been listening to American rappers do their thing for a long time before this, so hearing MCs rap in British accents was flippin' exciting as it was so novel yet attainable.

Both Revolutionary (and the equally good - if not better - flipside Dedication, which I couldn't find on YouToob) and Twilight of the Gods were both produced by Skitz. If you haven't heard his seminal debut Countryman, go cop that NOW. Hang on, wasn't he supposed to be dropping the follow up, Sticksman, some time soon? I wanna hear that.

I can't believe these tracks were released ten years ago already.

Got stuff to be getting on with tonight, so I'll just leave it at that for now.