Derek B - We Got The Juice

I thought what with the Bad Meaning Good documentary I put you up on the other day, why not bring you some old school (skool?) biznizz from Derek B. This man made a coveted Top of the Pops appearance back in the halcyon days of the golden era (yawn - if you're only about the "golden era" then you're a fusty curmudgeon).

I'm not sure if Derek B was taken seriously by the wider scene when he was making moves, although no-one can deny he was making moves. Apparently he even did some production for Eric B and Rakim...Even if he wasn't credible, he was - to my knowledge at least - the first UK rapper to be making major moves like this.

He got the juice. I did have the juice before I spilt it last night. There wasn't much of it, though.