JVF Clique - Nick Griffin Loves Black Cock

Damn, there was me working on some music that was an ode to Nick Griffin. JVF Clique done come along and called this dude out for being an ignorant, racist bigot. Back to the drawing board for me, I reckon...

JVF Clique - Nick Griffin Loves Black Cock

DISCLAIMER: Neither UK All Day or S.Pickens support the BNP Party or Nick Griffin.

Because you can't always listen to hip hop

I was gonna do more of these posts, but got chastised a bit for the last one. Came across this, though, and decided I'll do what I bloomin' well like. If you're up on drum n bass, you're probably up on this already. I don't follow the scene myself. This is produced by Spectrasoul, one half of which is a good mate. It's their debut for Exit Records, while MetalHeadz and other prominent labels have released previous numbers.

This shit is huge and reminds me of some other pieces I want to share for Because you can't always...

If you like this then use the Google tool to scoop up their back catalogue before someone else does.

Spectrasoul on MySpace

Loudmouth Melvin is a problem

This man is trouble. He makes beats and, as you can see, fancies himself as a bit of an MC. And quite rightly so. Use the search function to see past posts on this man as there're a couple of wicked videos and a clean edit of Summer Breeze, which you need to hear if you haven't (was listening to it on my Walkman on the Tube the other day and the guy opposite was nodding along with a big fat grin on his face. If that's not affirmation, what is?).

Loudmouth's got an EP on the way and a video to accompany Summer Breeze to boot. I'm looking forward to both.

Redbeard - Agency Scum (prod. Kelakovski) and Bad Mannaz ft. Sam Stealth and S.K. (prod. Jon Phonics)

Redbeard's Tha Bearded Wonda is set for a November release and, from the sounds of these two songs, is sure to be worth a purchase. Mondays are a motherlover and I'm beat like snares and kicks, which explains the lameness of this post. Good job the music makes up for it then, innit.

Redbeard - Agency Scum (prod. Kelakovski)

Bad Mannaz ft. Sam Stealth and S.K. (prod. Jon Phonics)

Joker Starr - Revenge of the Sith

If you hadn't already spotted this at Sensei.FM or HipHopHypeDog, then here you go. I'm looking forward to giving this a listen and familiarising myself with Joker Starr's work. From the little I've seen and heard, and from the features and production credits on this, it should be a goodun.

Here's what Sensei.FM had to say:

"Joker Starr is a unique rapper whos unconventional flow and unique style has won him much praise and respect from hiphop lovers. This exclusive free downloadd is not to be missed! Also check for The Northborough Estate project here. This album features tracks from Beat Butcha, Genisis Elijah, Jehst, Micall Parkinson and Keith Lawrence."

Joker Starr - Revenge of the Sith

UK Runnings Presents Verbal Scriptures

A lot of good music for not a lot of money (£6.99). You do the math(s).

Hand over the monies.


01 - Blak Twang - So Hard02 - Kyza – Dirty
03 - TBearFlexasize
04 - Mr Drastick - I Spy Pussy
05 - M9 - Wrong Growth
06 - Stylah - Please Listen
07 - Sonnyjim Feat Jehst & Cappo - God Complex
08 - Asaviour & DJ IQ Feat DubbledgeNextweek
09 - Salvo Feat Kashmere & Chester P - The Info
10 - Lowkey - Long Live Palestine (The Last Skeptik Remix)
11 - Streetz Feat K.Ners - Get Away
12 - Manny Moscow Feat LATE & Jai Boo - Flows & Bars
13 - Raggo Zulu Rebel, Big Cakes, Teach, Logic & Manic - My Pain
14 - Haka Presents DVS & OC Jigga - London Is Calling
15 - The Colony - New Rules
16 - LATE - Supply & Demand
17 - Joker Starr Feat Micall Parknsun - Stay On The Move
18 - Jabba Tha Kut Feat Supar Novar - All Alone


01 - Cobane - I Need More
02 - Nasah from Mud Fam - No Long Ting
03 - Jyager Feat Foreign Beggars & Kashmere - Frozen In The Night
04 - Kroscene Feat Kid Rad – Greed
05 - Big V Feat Mailk & Dreadful - That’s Danger
06 - Unfriendly Neighbours – Swagga
07 - Conman Feat 10Shott - Pay Up
08 - Undercurrent Feat Grit Grammar – Paratroppers
09 - K9 - Code Red
10 - King P Feat Yogi - Won't Stop
11 - P.A.C - What U
12 - AC Feat Terra & Genesis Elijah - Bad Luck
13 - Million Dan - Hip Hop You Don’t Stop
14 - Ramson Badbones & Jetsun Beats - Hit Da Deck
15 - Iron Braydz – Lost
16 - OC Jigga - Caller ID
17 - Skandal – Spaceship
18 - Willo Wispa - Same Ol' Same Old

Sorry Blak Twang

I was leafing through a printed copy of HHC (sniff sniff) yesterday and spotted a feature on UK hip hop stalwart Blak Twang. Then I realised I completely slept on his last album, Speaking From Xperience. I thought I'd do a quick search for some of his most recent material and came across this. Then I scolded myself for doing the sleeping.

This is is wicked and I'm gonna bop to the shop to cop a copy. Maybe you want to do the same from the comfort of your own home, you lazy feckers.

Blak Twang - So Hard

Hackney Word Festival: Write to Ignite

This is sponsored by the borough of Hackney - council tax well spent.

"A night involving some of the best beats and sounds coming out of London at the minute with a solid line up of uk hip hop and other quite experimental artists such as a beatboxer (Shlomo) and his vocal orchestra, Task Force, Foreign Beggars and more.
Doors: 7.30pm
Venue: The Others
Admission: £10 on the door"

See for yourself.

Dave Pearce Capital FM Rap Show, 1989

An archaic (get me) Dave Pearce radio show ripped from a D90. This dates back to 1989. The first five minutes or so has some distortion on it - what do you expect from a 20-year-old dusty TDK?

This is mostly US, but it's off Capital FM for cock's sake and I see Demon Boyz on the inlay, so...

Dave Pearce - Capital FM Rap Show 1989

And if you don't know about Kelakovski...

who I just mentioned below, then let this serve as an introduction. I know you'll get on like a house on fire.

Kelakovski - Beat Tease vol. 1

Chosen Spokesmen - Mad Real (prod. Chemo)

I wasn't going to post this as it's CeeBanger's domain. I don't want to come off as the wide-eyed blogger being led through the park by the hand, with his parents pointing out the trees and shit. Not mentioning this, however, would mean my ego is getting in the way of showing love to proper artists and that, my friends, is known as a bitch move.

I was listening to this last night and it's undeniably good. Chemo kills the production and Chosen Spokesmen, in turn, kill the beat. I love it when you think you've got the scene sussed and you come across new acts that force you to re-evaluate. These lads have called on Beat Butcha and Kelakovski for future work. Word.

Chosen Spokesmen - Mad Real (prod. Chemo)

P.S. Props to CeeBanger for sticking this on the latest On The Radar

Orphans of Cush - White Noise

New Orphans of Cush: White Noise.

Leave a space in your faux-leather diary for 25 September as there'll be a launch night @ the Jazz Caff, Camden.

Triple Darkness LP Anathema - which came out some time last year (I think) - is dark and great. Beat Butcha and Chemo handle the production. Yeah, exaclty. Buy it.

Sonny Jim - Crazy Ill Mad Rowdy (prod. Jon Phonics)

Sonny Jim - Crazy Ill Mad Rowdy (prod. Jon Phonics)

This right here is ill (and crazy, mad and rowdy). Jon Phonics hooks up a solid beat for Sonny Jim to beast. Be on the lookout for the Trading Standards remixes, which should be knocking around very shortly.

Cop the Trading Standards mixtape, if you haven’t already.

Sonny Jim’s got a MySpace.

So has Jon Phonics.

Also, you should head over to the Eat Good blog to check out two new joints from the forthcoming Red Beard album.

Scorzayzee's back!

I didn't expect these to come round so soon. Scorz's album will be dropping imminently and these three tracks have been released to promote the project. Looks like my post from a little ways back is now defunct. Scorzayzee's officially back - nuff said.

3 Scorzayzee promo tracks

Delusionists - The Movement (prod. Slim Pickens)

Delusionists frontman Ben Black has laced me with an exclusive which you will not find anywhere else. Well, until I go around grovelling to everyone and their mothers to support it. The video is a collection of stills, which sounds a bit shit, but is actually heavy like a dumpy elephant because it brings Beans' lyrics to life. Don't doze on this MC, because he is exceedingly good and pisses on a lot of people out there. The beat ain't too bad either...

Download The Movement quick fast and forward it on to everyone you know, otherwise I'll come round your yard and cotch until you get bored of me hangin' about. Don't test.

Delusionists - The Movement (prod. Slim Pickens)

Large Pro - Main Source (Tom Caruana remix album)

If you know anything about this music then you know Extra P makes great hip hop. If you know anything about Tom Caruana then you know that he does too. I'll let him tell it:

"'!ve been in Edinburgh for the last 3 weeks and hadn't made any music...until this monday...
Using my laptop, some cheap headphones, a bunch of samples I'd collected over the last few months, I remixed the new album by Large Pro 'Main Source'.
I only knew that the acapellas were available when I heard Small Professor's 'Small Pro vs Large Pro', an excellent free download....get it here http://sharebee.com/3f9fc9dc
also check his myspace, he's a wicked producer.

Anyway, on one very productive day I made beats for all the acapellas, this is the result...I've also made the instrumentals available...the mixes may be inconsistent as I made them all on headphones!"

So, there you have it.

Large Pro - Main Source (Tom Caruana remix album)

Large Pro - Main Source (Tom Caruana remix album instrumentals)

If you don't already know, this should serve as a good introduction to Mr. Caruana's work. You can buy his new album It's So Different Here...err...here.

And head back into the vast UK All Day vaults for more free Tea Sea Records music.

HHC Digital 04 now available!

Obligatory post. The longest running hip hop mag - which is now digital and, more importantly, free - is back once again. This time HHC is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the DMC championships.

Download it
. Then read it.

The Introduction

I can't remember exactly, as those years are a bit of a haze...I think these are the first two UK hip hop records I ever heard. Jazz T would kindly knock a couple of quid off for us in Dance2Records. I'd been listening to American rappers do their thing for a long time before this, so hearing MCs rap in British accents was flippin' exciting as it was so novel yet attainable.

Both Revolutionary (and the equally good - if not better - flipside Dedication, which I couldn't find on YouToob) and Twilight of the Gods were both produced by Skitz. If you haven't heard his seminal debut Countryman, go cop that NOW. Hang on, wasn't he supposed to be dropping the follow up, Sticksman, some time soon? I wanna hear that.

I can't believe these tracks were released ten years ago already.

Got stuff to be getting on with tonight, so I'll just leave it at that for now.


The Howling - The Howling

This might be a huge turd - I int listened yet. Gonna switch my laptop off and enjoy my weekend. Perhaps you should too.

The Howling - The Howling

Incisive - Keep Keepin’ On Mixtape

Haven't listened to this yet, nor heard of him. Semtex says he's "One of the most talented MCs to come out of the UK" which is a fairly bold statement. He must be doing something right. Have a go:

Incisive - Keep Keepin’ On Mixtape

Professor Green - Shut Your Noise

Professor Green - Shut Your Noise

Delusionists - Parallel Worldz (feat. Invizible Frenz)

If you didn't already know, Delusionists are sick like diseases and infections 'n' that. If you did know that, then did you know that they're on the latest Certified Banger Presents On The Radar compilation? Oh, you did know that.

Oh well:

Delusionists - Parallel Worldz (feat. Invizible Frenz)

If you didn't know any of that - download The Prolusion from the advert on the right somewhere.

Joker Starr - Tekkin De Diamonds

Joker Starr - Tekkin De Diamonds

Joker Starr just dropped this irreverent gem, poking fun at Yanks and their penchant for diamond jewellery. He adopts an African accent and has a laugh at the trend over Biggie’s Juicy. Gold dookie ropes were dope – but shit’s gone too far.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And sipping champagne is pretty gay, might I add. Nothing wrong with being an homosexual. But if you’re doing things that are indicative of being an homosexual, don’t then pretend that you’re right macho and the furthest thing from an homosexual.

(Side note: I’m not sure who the dude in the picture is, but his iced out crayons are great. He probably uses them with his iced out colouring book, which he keeps on his iced out bookshelf, in his iced out bedroom, in his igloo.)

Aaaaaaaannywaaayyyyy. If you haven’t got it already, go and buy Northborough Estate Project. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but have heard it's excellent. I also heard something on Sensei.FM a few weeks back which, I believe, is coming out on a collaboration between DJ IQ and the man himself, and it was supernang. Yes, supernang. Expect big things from Joker Starr.

UPDATE: Completely forgot about this - Joker Starr - Get Up (CB Exclusive, available on the new On The Radar vol.4)

DJ Gone TV - Mystro and Jargon

I genuinely thought Jargon had disappeared for good - glad to hear he's got music in the pipeline.

Mystro kills this.

Also, I love the way DJ Gone is consistently delivering these videos.

Derek B - We Got The Juice

I thought what with the Bad Meaning Good documentary I put you up on the other day, why not bring you some old school (skool?) biznizz from Derek B. This man made a coveted Top of the Pops appearance back in the halcyon days of the golden era (yawn - if you're only about the "golden era" then you're a fusty curmudgeon).

I'm not sure if Derek B was taken seriously by the wider scene when he was making moves, although no-one can deny he was making moves. Apparently he even did some production for Eric B and Rakim...Even if he wasn't credible, he was - to my knowledge at least - the first UK rapper to be making major moves like this.

He got the juice. I did have the juice before I spilt it last night. There wasn't much of it, though.

Tempa, Scorzayzee and Shifty Spirit - Bars on a Bass Drum and Snare (Nick Stez remix)

Ok, one more. I didn't post the original of this as I wasn't into the beat. This, however, is pretty ridiculous. Always good to hear Scorz rap - Notts stand up! (Ceebanger says there's a video on its way. I really hope they run with this over the original.)

UPDATE: Oh yeah, Disorda mentioned that Scorzayzee is soon to give up a 3-track promo in preparation for his upcoming album. I seriously cannot wait for that.

Tempa, Scorzayzee and Shifty Spirit - Bars on a Bass Drum and Snare (Nick Stez remix)


Here are some bits and pieces from Midlands rapper Yogi that I managed to get a hold of. I'm pretty beat tonight, so I'll just hush my mowt and let you do some listening. Hit the links for the goodness. Word to Big Bird and your respective mothers.

Brand new ting: Yogi - Can't Hold Me (prod. Asaviour)

Not quite so new tings: Yogi - All Day, Yogi - Juggla Muzik


Cop some of Yogi's wares

JVF Clique All Day

The first (and perhaps the last) in the "...All Day" series brings you JVF Clique. Their debut album Alternative Income dropped recently, so I asked them a few questions and they diligently gave me some responses. I'm no Parkinson, but hopefully I'll get you some more of these in due course.

Tell the people out there about yourselves. How did JVF Clique come about and where are you at now?

“It’s hard to say when JVF was formed but we've been creating music together for 14 or more years and the JVF manifested itself as a step towards the hip hop genre. Before we released the first EP Embryo we were doing drum & bass and hip hop shows on pirate stations Mix FM and Real FM which were packed with a heavy lyrical element, so a move to release some material was inevitable. Now we have just released our debut LP Alternative Income - a culmination of concepts amassed over the years.”

So how long did it take to put together the album and what was the process, both creatively and practically?

“Alternative Income was a long time in the making. The first rough versions of a couple of tracks were done in 2005, but the ideas go back further. It’s a kind of self-selection process when a beat is constructed that fits a certain concept then we agree on structure and direction and then trip out deep into the subject with the pen and pad. We actually did 23 tracks for the album but decided that would be too many ideas to digest, some well random, maybe too deep or abstract for the debut LP (but keep an eye out for them on future releases). So we pulled out our favourite 14 to give a healthy dose of JVF, and there it is - Alternative Income, our debut album. Coming soon to a good musical outlet near you!”

The tune Those Dudes was a favourite of mine. Can you break down the record – who did the beat and what did it sample?

“Those Dudes has gone down really well. The heavy Pappa Doc beat samples a Cuban salsa track from the crates. The lyrics are about the clique and their special Supermanesque word play powers.”

UK hip hop tends to be pretty London-, or at least big city-, centric. What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods?

“Yeah true, hip hop is very city-centric. We’re not from the city but our location is central to a few: we’ve got Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham, Nottingham and Derby all within an hour’s drive. As for Hinckley Town, there’s not much of a scene but it’s where we draw inspiration and create our sound. It’s where we’re from!”

What do you love about hip hop from Blighty?

“UK hip hop has a range of plus points. For example – topics and subject matter, there’s a plethora of variation and situations that most can relate to in one way or another. Entertainment value – there’s a mood to suit any, from comedy to deep thought, rage to quite chilled. But, at the end of the day, that’s what good music is all about; you’ve just got to dig out the good stuff. It also brings people together, all different colours, classes, ages…… you name it. Hip hop is ONE.”

What’s a bit shit about it, or what would you change about the scene?

“There seems to be a lot of samey kind of stuff around, and a lot of false representation, but that kind of thing gives us ammo so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Do you think it’s important for there to be a space for artists such as yourselves to break out above ground? Or should acts be happy with being “underground”?

“Yeah definitely, hip hop’s the future, we’ve tasted it! It’s just a shame the mainstream is about ten years behind what’s happening now. The underground is where it’s at - always has been - and that won’t change but the mainstream has to, as long as opinions do, and that can only be a good thing.”

If you could fill a Super Soaker with your own wee and spray down any UK hip hop/urban/black music/wot do u call it? act, who would it be? Justify why you’ve just soaked them in piss.

“We would gladly cover ourselves in deep yellow midget piss while standing on rubber sheeting, or probably one of those budget piss-tents from Netto. Water sports are integral to a successful music career. Ask R Kelly.”

Here’s the space for shout outs to God, your Moms and any acts of shameless self-promotion you wish to commit. Also, what’s next for JVF Clique?

“Shout out to everyone who has bought the album and showed love.
Shout out to everyone who is going to buy the album and show love!
Shout to anyone who knows or has been involved with the JVF Clique.
Shout to Stella!

As for future projects, we’ve got a few. There’s a couple of EP’s, a mixtape or two and a possible soundtrack. We’ve no definite dates but they’re all in the pipeline, so keep your eyes and ears open for the next heavy dose of JVF. Peace.”

Ta very much.

JVF Clique – Those Dudes

JVF Clique’s Alternative Income is available now from Suspect Packages and JVFradio.com.

Bad Meaning Good

This documentary originally aired on the BBC way back in 1987. It offers a great insight into hip hop culture as it emerged over here and makes you realise not only how long the homegrown scene has been kicking about, but also how it’s now firmly found its own voice. There used to be a rap-in-a-British-versus-rap-in-an-American-accent debate, which just doesn’t exist anymore.

Definitely give this a watch. It’s all about Bionic and Sipho of London Posse in the back of Westwood’s clapped out Ford estate spitting to the camera. Also, hearing the Big Dog shit-talking with 80s slang is a proper treat. Bad (meaning good).

MCM - Been So Many Places

You know those wanky videos that chumps make using a still pic? Well, this chump has gone and made a wanky one for this - the second single from MCM, formerly of Caveman. The tune, however, is certainly not wanky. I'm definitely listing this video production "skill" on the CV.

You can get your hands on the mp3 next month and his LP will be coming soon too -also on Headcount Records.

If you missed MCM's first single, Rhymes Equal Actual Life, do a click here.


Calling All Bootleggers

On his latest show (see below) Disorda called out bootlegging bloggers, which got me thinking. Now, perhaps this shows my lack of knowledge of the sphere I’m operating in, but I don’t know of any blogs that focus on UK hip hop and bootleg artists’ music. That doesn’t mean they’re not kicking about, though.

If you follow the sites that cover this music from our US counterparts, which I’m sure you do, you’ll be familiar with the vast quantities of official product on major labels that not only gets leaked, but also gets leaked intentionally – not to mention what’s produced for free, such as independent mixtapes. But that's the States.

In the couple of months that I’ve been doing UK All Day I’ve been given a fair amount of free music. A majority of what ends up on here is generously contributed. I’ve also occasionally posted music that wasn’t given to me by artists. This has either been taken off MySpace pages from unknowns or those who have fallen under the radar in a bid to boost their profile - even if only a little bit. In the couple of instances where I’ve featured music that is to be sold, I’ve embedded and promoted it.

Personally, if you’re going to cover the cottage industry that we have, you have to play by the rules. Don’t take food out of our rappers’ mouths; it’s difficult enough for them to eat off this as it is without numpties behind laptops purloining their hard work and peddling it off to others for nothing. The point of shedding light on this scene is to be part of it, to help others and – hopefully – see things move forward. At the very least it’s to enjoy it for what it is. Bootlegging UK hip hop is completely counter-productive, unless of course you don’t want to hear it anymore, in which case why are you listening in the first place?

Fix up.

Suspect Packages - August Show

Disorda's back with this month's Suspect Packages show. Above is his dog Monty. Below is the playlist:

August Playlist:

01> Skandal - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Halal Beats
02> Tactical Thinking - Dusk Till Dawn - Tactical Thinking promo
03> Sonny Jim feat.Orifice Vulgatron, Smoke Darg & English - Stack P's - Eat Good Records promo
04> Inja - Police Don't Like Me - In Records
05> LDZ - That Bitch - Dented Records promo
06> Orphans Of Cush - Warheadz - Triple Darkness Records promo
07> Lowkey - We Don't Want Them - Halal Beats promo
08> Hock Tu Down - Cold Sag Scum Bag - Blah Records promo
09> Micall Parknsun feat.Jehst & Kashmere - Movementz - YNR Productions
10> Tactical Thinking - That's Right Move - Tactical Thinking promo
11> Koaste - Blabbermouth - Heroic Recordings
12> Tempa, Scor-Zay-Zee & Shifty Spirit - Bars On A Bass Drum N Snare (Nick Stez Remix) - CRS promo
13> Juice Aleem - Rock My Hologram - Big Dada Recordings
14> Crowhead feat.Mikey D.O.N. - Brand New - Atic promo
15> Elemental & Tom Caruana - What's/Where's The Action? - Tea Sea Records
16> Contact Play - Talk Big - School Bully Records promo
17> Wizard feat.Verb T - The Dungeon - promo
18> Micall Parknsun - New - YNR Productions
19> LDZ - Go This Way - Dented Records promo
20> Foreign Beggars feat.Noisa - Contact - Dented Records promo
21> Juice Aleem - Higher Higher - Big Dada Recordings
22> Skandal - Timber Exorcising Demons - Halal Beats promo
23> Sonny Jim feat.Jehst & Cappo - God Complex (M-Phazes Remix) - Eat Good Records promo
24> Big Cakes feat.Raggo Zulu & Logic - Working Week - Stuff Music promo
25> Orphans Of Cush - Reflections - Triple Darkness Records promo
26> Paul White - The Composers' Comeback - One-Handed Music
27> Double D Dagger - Everyone & Anyone - Cryogenic Recordings promo
28> YT feat.Skinnyman - Hustler - Sativa Records
29> Dub Pistols feat.Rodney P & Gregory Isaacs - Six Months - Sunday Best
30> Mancini & The Creepers - Soul Crunk - Lulas Kitchen
31> Contact Play - Small Talk - School Bully Records promo
32> Karl Hinds - I'm In Love - Ill Flava Records promo
33> Scor-Zay-Zee, Jah Digga, Tempa & Nina - Money Makes Me - CRS promo
34> Dark Circle - World Go Square - promo

Stream or download
for the latest the scene has to offer.

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 4

Ok, ok, I know I'm the shit in this, but CeeBanger might just be the top shit and is definitely more than a lot. He puts in heaps of work and has made the effort to hook up a serial of compilations for your listening pleasure (like you didn't already know). Here's the fourth volume of his On The Radar series which features exclusive music from the artists he's been supporting.

1. Delusionists: Parallel Worldz feat. Invizible Frenz (CB Exclusive)
2. Chosen Spokesmen: Mad Real (Prod. by Chemo) (CB Exclusive)
3. C-Froo: Financial Times
4. S.Kalibre: English (Prod. by Mike S)
5. Instance: Can't Get Down (Prod. by Mike D) (CB Exclusive)
6. Vee-Kay: Backroad ft. Dead Residents (CB Exclusive)
7. Rapskallions: Battleslang (Mr. Loop Remix) (CB Exclusive)
8. Runamuk: No Gimmicks ft. Unfriendly Neighbours & Blaze (Prod. by Terror) (CB Exclusive)
9. Lunar C: Stop Stressin’ (Prod. by Ant Orange) (CB Exclusive)
10. Uncle Dicky: Running On Fumes ft. Nozeeny (Prod. by Lazyb0nes) (CB Exclusive)
11. Nutty P: Why So Serious? (CB Exclusive)
12. Leady: Travelling Man (Prod. by Irn Mnky)
13. Joker Starr: Get Up (CB Exclusive)
14. EdXL: Crocodile Smile (Prod. by Cranky Fatso)
15. 10Shott: Soldier Salute
16. Skinnista & Gadger: Get Away ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive)
17. The Riddlah: Mind Right (Prod. by Nasty P)
18. Knew Jeru’slum: Dreamcatchers ft. JND (Prod. by Eliphino) (CB Exclusive)
19. 30KB: Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine) (CB Exclusive)
20. JVF Clique: Lose The Chains (CB Exclusive)
Bonus Track: Zion I: Legacy ft. Ty

This is a good look for everyone involved and makes me think I should pull my finger out and arrange a similar little treat, if I'm not busy accidentally locking myself in my own bedroom - this literally just happened to me after my door knob fell off...

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 4

If you haven't already, download volumes 1 to 3 here.

Metabeats - Fruit Salad

Metabeats of Associated Minds has unleashed this headnodder for you. His album Metaphysical was a corker and he's got another LP in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I would've put this up as a downloadable mp3 for you, but the fucker's a 32mb wav! Enjoy.

Speaking of Associated Minds, when's Willo dropping? Willo, Willo, Willo!

Pay the label a visit
and buy some good UK hip hop.

Kid Colt and Gin Joints - Reality Raps EP

Apart from the fact I think these two might have cursed my computer (this is like the fourth time I've tried to flippin' put this up after my browser decided to repeatedly freeze like a b-boy!), I like what they've put together here. Residing in Sweden, Kid Colt originally hails from these shores. He's a confident rapper and Gin Joints is nice on the boards. The stand out, for me at least, has got to be the title track but see what you think:

Kid Colt and Gin Joints - Reality Raps

Kid Colt and Gin Joints - Reality Raps EP

Illustrate can spit

I really liked this guy's Do What You Like record. Then I got this sent through. Then I bought his album.

If you ask me, Illustrate can spit. Not many rappers in this country are the whole package and for want of a way of saying this without huge hip hop cliches, this dude's got delivery, flow and lyrics.

Check this too:

What's more, the beats knock on his album The Stuff. So, go pay Disorda a visit and cough up a few quid for someone who isn't so prominent in the scene but is a genuine talent.

More free music from Tea Sea Records

Been a bit lazy of late but have got some bits and pieces to put up for you this evening. Seeing as you'll be reading this blog from top to bottom, there isn't actually anything left to read or enjoy after this post for the day, but you should probably be grateful for everything you've already got through. You can send me tokens of gratitude to ukallday@gmail.com - pics of the tops of top girlfriends would be greatly appreciated as I'm feeling a little lonely.

Hang on, where was I? Oh yeah, Tea Sea Records. The most generous man in this, Tom Caruana, is giving you more new stuffs via his label. This time round, and in preparation of his upcoming LP Further Into The Woods, Bombadeal has put together a free download by the name of Songs From The Wood.

Bombadeal - Songs From The Wood

Tom Caruana's album It's So Different Here is available to download now, and will be pressed up on compact disc shortly.

Finally, if you're a beatsmith and fancy having a go putting your music to some accapellas, you might just end up on a compilation Mr. Caruana is planning on hooking up. Get the vocals, muaphuka!

Deadly - Goin on Greazy

Deadly's goin on greazy like my Saturday morning breakfast. For me grime's starting to sound a little polished and suffers because of it. You may or may not like this, but that's for you to decide now isn't it. If you do, then check for her upcoming (ahem) full-length - 1st Place Greatest Kid.

Deadly - Goin on Greazy


Shortee Blitz & DJ MK Interview w/ Hip Hop Chronicle

Sumit of Hip Hop Chronicle chops it up with DJ MK and Shortee Blitz.