Mr. Dick

There are some great producers in the UK: Baby J, Beat Butcha, Mentat, Joe Buddha, Jehst, Lewis Parker, and the list goes on. I don't recall being excited about an up-and-coming beatmaker, though. I was wading through the weblog-o-sphere the other day and saw this guy get a mention. I've ripped a beat he did for a Louis Den Beat Battle a while back because it's right sick. He flips Street Fighter 2 samples and plays keys, too. Apparently he's working on some music with Stig and Syntax, and I, for one, can't wait to hear his beats mixed and mastered because I think they'll be larger than your mum's hips.

Mr. Dick - Street Fighter 2


Oh - I spotted mention of this dude at hiphophypedog (see the links to the right). If you make beats, be sure to bookmark this blog. Recent posts include the originals sampled for Liquid Swords and Chronic 2001. Exzzzackly.