Faith SFX - Improvised hip hop layer

I don't know what the whole Sin City visual effect is all about on this, but Faith SFX is a great beatboxer. I'm not hot on the whole scene itself and there may be people out there who are technically better. In my opinion, though, this guy makes wicked beats with his cakehole. I've been taken aback by people like Rahzel and Kela when they spit simultaneous layers of a beat live, which this dude can also do, might I add. The latter of those two makes really wanky music, though. Faith SFX beatboxes (?) beats that knock.

Oh, and below is a radio rip I posted previously. Even though it's rubbish quality, definitely give it a listen as, once again, he kills it and Wretch 32 raps lovely.

Faith SFX - Play Hard (feat. Wretch 32)