Obba Supa - To:am / free:am

Obba Supa are releasing their album To:am / free:am today. They've put together a nice little LP and the production's pretty live on this. In some places off key, in others it bumps and thumps. Hey!zeus - who contributed to the Sleaze album I previously posted - is in charge of the boards; Teknical Developments assist with the lyrics. If you want yourself a copy, you better act fast as it's a limited pressing. Here's a little taster of what to expect:

Obba Supa - Free am 2morrow (prod. Hey!zeus)

Pop to the shop and buy the album.

Faith SFX - Improvised hip hop layer

I don't know what the whole Sin City visual effect is all about on this, but Faith SFX is a great beatboxer. I'm not hot on the whole scene itself and there may be people out there who are technically better. In my opinion, though, this guy makes wicked beats with his cakehole. I've been taken aback by people like Rahzel and Kela when they spit simultaneous layers of a beat live, which this dude can also do, might I add. The latter of those two makes really wanky music, though. Faith SFX beatboxes (?) beats that knock.

Oh, and below is a radio rip I posted previously. Even though it's rubbish quality, definitely give it a listen as, once again, he kills it and Wretch 32 raps lovely.

Faith SFX - Play Hard (feat. Wretch 32)


For some reason my worldwideweb connection is weaker than my granny's arms, so I've been slacking a bit. Here are some freestyles from Raw Smilez (an unknown to me) and Mr. Sayso from when they hit up Choice FM recently. I'm not actually able to enjoy these at the mo', and something tells me watching Redtube's going to be like leafing through a perverted flickbook with missing pages.

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm

Totally swiped this, but it looks too good not to get a mention. The tracklist is below and it's free, so you can make your own minds up about whether it's of interest. I'm definitely looking forward to giving this a listen.

1. State Of Hip Hop - M9 & Prophet
2. Remember - T-Bear, Sir Smurf Lil' & Raggo Zulu Rebel
3. Nothing Wrong - Mr Drastick & Luc Skyz
4. The Lions Den - Cyrus Malachi
5. Black Tragedy (Half Past Calm Mix) - Phoenix Da Icefire, Iverse & Prophet
6. More Forward (Ill Rhythmikz Remix) - T-Bear
7. Alternate Take - Verb T & Fliptrix
8. Lost Planet - M9
9. In The Ends - Sir Smurf LIl'
10. Forbidden Chamber - Nine Planets
11. Jealousy's A Bitch - Mr Drastick & Verb T
12. Celebrate - T-Bear
13. More Forward - T-Bear

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm

MC Miker G and DJ Sven - Holiday Rap

And now for something pretty flippin’ special. Holiday Rap is the only hip hop holiday anthem you need in your life. MC Miker G and DJ Sven are Dutch, but smashed it in 1986 with this banger which stormed the UK charts by reaching number 6.

I want to see a remake of this shit. Dizzee?

Where are you Rasket?

What happened, Dylan? You came along and strongarmed the show. Consistently. There were some hairy moments like when you hooked up with Lily on the last album. Other than that, though, everything was great. Then there was Dance Wiv Me. Then Bonkers (which I can actually live with). Now this:

I hope the rest of Tongue N Cheek goes harder than stale baguettes. There’s got to be some Rasket on there somewhere...

Ramson Badbonez - Tales From The Staircase

Having been told - by a so-called mate - that my blog game has got weak due to the lack of frequency of posts, I thought I’d give you something on the Sabbath.

Ramson Badbonez, who comes under the Taskforce camp (no no homos), has only gone and put together a £5 mixtape for you music-hungry skinflints.

If you like dude, then keep tabs on his blog so you can bypass UK All Day for his material.

Please return immediately, though.

Nine High - Cookout (M-Phazes remix)

UK outfit Nine High have given up a little treat for you: Cookout, produced by Australia's talented M-Phazes. The weather's proper wanky right now, and I'm not sure this will be the soundtrack to your own cookout this year. Maybe in 2010...

I haven't heard much of M-Phazes' music, but the joint he did for Micall Parknsun, All 4 Hip Hop, is fuego and I can't wait to hear more. For now:

Nine High - Cookout (M-Phazes remix)

Mr. Dick

There are some great producers in the UK: Baby J, Beat Butcha, Mentat, Joe Buddha, Jehst, Lewis Parker, and the list goes on. I don't recall being excited about an up-and-coming beatmaker, though. I was wading through the weblog-o-sphere the other day and saw this guy get a mention. I've ripped a beat he did for a Louis Den Beat Battle a while back because it's right sick. He flips Street Fighter 2 samples and plays keys, too. Apparently he's working on some music with Stig and Syntax, and I, for one, can't wait to hear his beats mixed and mastered because I think they'll be larger than your mum's hips.

Mr. Dick - Street Fighter 2


Oh - I spotted mention of this dude at hiphophypedog (see the links to the right). If you make beats, be sure to bookmark this blog. Recent posts include the originals sampled for Liquid Swords and Chronic 2001. Exzzzackly.

Mr. Drastick - So Many Devils

I have to admit, I've slept on Mr. Drastick. Not literally, but I didn't get round to checking for the Gladiator CD that he released a little while back. This is the title track from an upcoming LP and I like it.

Mr. Drastick - So Many Devils


Newness from Tea Sea Records

If you don't know about Tom Caruana and his label, Tea Sea Records, then you don't know a lot. Well, you might know a bit, but not an...Whatever.

In anticipation of his forthcoming album, It's So Different Here, Tom's letting you have some free music. And there's a podcast for you, to boot.

The LP drops on the 27th, so if you like what you hear you can pop over to the site and spend some gwop (yes, gwop).

Someone Else (single version)

More free mp3 digital audio format music files

World Class podcast

JVF Clique - Alternative Income

JVF Clique's Alternative Income came out a few weeks back, but, seeing as I've just had it sent through, I thought I'd share so you can get familiar.

JVF - MCs Chief and Nippa, and producer Pappa Dochail - hail from Leicester, have been putting in work since the 90s and put together a 14-track debut LP that has some heavy music on it.

I would try and break it down a little more for you, but my head seems to be broken from work.

I like this one a lot:

JVF Clique - Those Dudes

Buy that ish

Skillit - Skeen (video)/Talk Of The Town (album download)

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a little late on this one. I was going to pass on it but found a link to a free download album that the tune is on and figured it should go up - especially seeing as those fassy N-Dubz chumps got a post (oooo, I'm an internet thug). Skeen!

Skillit - Talk Of The Town


A little while back I showed my love for Nubz. I think they're terrific; a real talented bunch. I just worry that my sincerity in writing will come across as sarcasm to you folk reading at home. Oh well - here's a little documentary that someone's put together and you can enjoy for pleasure:

Suspect Packages July show

Nothing to say, really. Disorda is the go-to guy for UK hip hop and this is the latest installment of the Suspect Packages show.

Delusionists get a spin this month, as, I believe, there were time constraints last time.

01> Antiheroes - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Children Of The Damned & Brad Strut - Just Drink - Blah Records
03> TLG feat.Knownaim - What Lies Behind - Eat Good Records
04> Redbeard - DVD's (R2thabeatz Remix) - Eat Good Records
05> Micall Parknsun - All For Hip Hop (Jehst Remix) - YNR Productions promo
06> Kyza - It's Yours - Dented Records promo
07> Danny Spice - Sci Figh - Cog Records promo
08> Vecks feat.Teej - Perfection - Ido Productions
09> Orphans Of Cush - Reflections - promo
10> Funky DL - 1947 - BBE promo
11> London Allstars - London Convention (2009 remix) - BBE promo
12> Karl Hinds - Over 3 Years - Ill Flava Records promo
13> Tempa, Scor-Zay-Zee & Shifty Spirit - Bars On A Bass Drum N Snare - promo
14> The Rapskallions feat.Yosh & Vee-Kay - Higher - Sweatbox promo
15> Delegates Of Culture - Memories - School Bully
16> Koaste - Billy The Kid - Heroic Recordings promo
17> Elemental & Tom Caruana feat.Count Bass D - Pay Me A Visit - Tea Sea Records
18> Delusionists - To The Next... - Beats Laying About promo
19> Danny Spice - Money - Cog Records promo
20> Xidus Pain feat.Ready P - The Politcal Gangsterz - X-Ray Records
21> Percy Filth feat.Juice Aleem, Madflow & Lotek - Electronic Music - Eat Good Records
22> Brad Strut - Blastin' Em - Unkut Recordings
23> Dialect - No Guts No Glory - 1974 Records
24> Truth - Sideview - promo
25> Loudmouth Melvin - It's Not That - promo
26> Inja feat.Fallacy & Skinnyman - Hat Low (Mr Thing Remix) - IN promo
27> DVA feat.Badness, Riko, Flowdan & Killa P - Bullet A Go Fly (Dusk & Blackdown Remix) - promo
28> Kyza - Go (Bar9 Remix) - Dented Records promo
29> Kyza - Go - Dented Records promo
30> Professor Green - Upper Clapton Dance - Green Music promo
31> Charlie Sloth feat.Rodney P & Killa Benz - We Run Everything - promo
32> Karl Hinds feat.Jeff3, Iceman & Serocee - Don't Make Me Do It - Ill Flava Records promo
33> The Rapskallions - Dreamscape - Sweatbox promo
34> Yung - Level Up - MKD Recordings
35> Jyager - Actors In The Frame - YNR Productions
36> Instinct - Michael Jackson Tribute - promo

Suspect Packages July show

Lord Balrog - TV Dinners

Beats, remixes and an original track from Lord Balrog on his compilation, TV Dinners. There are some tough beats on here. Dirty breaks with movie soundtrack samples on top. Trying my best to avoid food puns, so just get downloading because grubs up (shit).

Two of my favourites:

Lord Finesse - Shorties Caught Up In The System (Lord Balrog remix)

Big Pun - You Aint A Killer (Lord Balrog remix)

The whole fing:

Lord Balrog - TV Dinners

Kyza - Control the Game

Free ish courtesy of Kyza via Disorda. Shots of Smirnoff drops in two weeks today.

Kyza - Control the Game

Chester P on DJ Gone.tv

Chessachess raps. And raps. And then he raps. Then he does a bit more rapping. Relentless.