Suspect Packages Radio - June

UK hip hop stalwart DJ Disorda's latest radio show is now available to stick in your ears. This month's installment features Micall Parknsunn and Joker Starr in the studio. On top of that you can get your lobes round the freshest UK hip hop, including a lovely little number by personal favourite Beat Butcha and Ozzy mic controller Brad Strut (which I'll throw up in the next post). What's more, Delusionists get a spin, which is a great look. If you haven't downloaded The Prolusion yet you're a flippin' chief. Last but not least, your favourite blogger (no, me) gets a little mention, which made me do a smile.

Listen to that crack now!

UPDATE: looks like Disorda didn't manage to fit Delusionists in due to time constraints. Next month, maybe...