Joker Starr on Alex Nut's Rinse FM show

Things have been a little quiet the last couple of days, pretty much because I'm lazy and would rather be doing stuff instead of staring at a screen on my days off. I don't actually have much stuff to do, though, so checked my spam folder for the first time. Amongst the notifications of millions won and adverts for penis enlargements (not sure how these marketing teams knew to target me), I found this link to a podcast of Joker Starr joining Alex Nut on his Rinse FM show. Haven't listened to it yet (I will do soon) but it should be an eclectic mix - not necessarily just hip hop. Joker Starr's Northborough Estate Project is available now. He's also got something with DJ IQ up his sleeve, which is going to be pretty special going off what IQ played on his show on Sensei.FM a couple weeks back.

Alex Nut Rinse FM show with Joker Starr

Peep Joker Starr on MySpeezy