Lil Eto - The Bad Guy feat. Mr Probz (prod. Beat Butcha)

I posted a track by this dude a little ways back (the lil man on the left). He's from New York, but has the link up with the UK's very own Beat Butcha, who always comes heavy with the beats. Once again he comes heavy with the beats. I actually prefer this a lot more to the last one. The hook reminds me of DV Alias Khrist - Fiddy-esque, in a good way. The beat knocks hard. Thanks Butcha!

Lil Eto - The Bad Guy feat. Mr Probz (prod. Beat Butcha)

Loudmouth Melvin - Summer Breeze

"I'm so hot, that I'm fanning myself / so what, I'm a fan of myself."

Loudmouth hits you with another one. This bloke's one of the most consistent I'm hearing right now, and Summer Breeze doesn't disappoint. This shit's hotter than skillets over flames - ttssssss!

Loudmouth Melvin - Summer Breeze

Headcount Records podcast

This isn't new, but I've only just had it sent through, so...Check out this brand new podcast courtesy of Headcount Records. I think Illustrate is a real talent, so I'll be giving this a listen - I haven't got round to copping his album yet as I'm a lazy cunt. All this free headnodding music is mixed by DJ Headnod. Wordplay.


1. MR BROWN /// D.HAMMER - (produced by Mr Brown)
2.C-LONE /// BE CAREFUL - (produced by MCM, cuts by Mr Brown)
3.PNEUMATIC featuring MR GRIEVES /// OPERA – (produced by Rinse Dog)
4.ILLUSTRATE /// THE STUFF - (produced/cuts by Illustrate)
5.ILLUSTRATE /// WATCH THIS MAN – (produced/cuts by Illustrate)
6.NBA featuring PNEUMATIC & AZLAK /// ROLLIN - (produced by Rinse Dog)
7.PNEUMATIC & SLOTH /// WHATS GOIN ON - (produced by Sloth)
8.CHRONIKILL & PNEUMATIC & SLOTH /// IT GETS A LITTLE LOUDER – (produced by Sloth/cuts by Mr Brown)
9.PNEUMATIC & SLOTH /// THE THIRST – (produced by sloth)
10.MR BROWN /// SECONDARY IMPUT – (built from scratch by Mr Brown)
11.MR GRIEVES /// THE GENERAL – (produced by Rinse Dog)
12.RINSE DOG /// LORD IF YOU – (produced by Rinse Dog)
13. MCM & C-LONE /// R.E.A.L (rhymes equal actual life) – (produced by Rinse Dog/cuts by Mr Brown)
14.ILLUSTRATE /// YOU HAVEN’T GOT A CHANCE – (produced by Illustrate)
15.ILLUSTRATE /// DO WHAT YOU LIKE – (produced by Sloth)
16.ILLUSTRATE /// WORK – (produced by Illustrate)
17.SAM WEBSTER AKA SLOTH /// SCREAM OUT RMX (a Sloth remix of the Million Dan track Scream Out)

Headcount Records podcast mixed by DJ Headnod

Gonna go and read a book in the park as I'm not feeling very hip hop tonight.

One...I mean, goodbye.

Kano - DOE (Death of Everything)

Not sure if it's just me, but there doesn't seem to be owt going on the last few days. Here's the latest one from Kano's Twitter-related compilation thing. Though it's mostly to make up numbers. Mind you, this is a great beat.

Kano - DOE (Death of Everything)


Throwing all journalistic objectivity and integrity to the wind, I've only gone and put a bloody permalink to The Delusionists' The Prolusion EP on the right. You'll find it below the inane Twitter gubbins and links directing you away from your favourite blogger's favourite blog (may not be their favourite blog...).

What's more, they've only got a review in the latest edition of HHC.

And if that wasn't enough, they've wangled an interview in all!

I believe Trunk Rattle was my first post (so on the pulse), and I think they'll be making some moves in the coming months. They've definitely got the product to do so, so "all hail like frozen rain".

Sleaze - Theolovision

From West Brom to Plymouth, Sleaze is making moves with his debut Theolovision, which is set to drop on 7 July. The CD features production from Ghost, Beat Butcha and some other people my ignorant ass has never heard of. Assists come from Associated Minds' freestyle heavyweight Ruffstylz, and a whole lot more. Be on the look out for the release as there's some dope music here; I'm ripping it straight to the laptop now for my own personal enjoyment. In the meantime, here's a wicked little number (I haven't posted the whole song because mans gotta eat, but you'll get the idea).

Sleaze - Success (Worked My Whole Life For This feat. Gramma Marksman and Super Dertie)

MySpace, fam

The Greasy Vinyl label site isn't up yet, but you can bookmark it for later, innit.

Sway - Mercedes Benz

Sway goes in over a beat that samples the horns off Kool and the Gang's 'Hollywood Swinging'. A little bit of fun.

Sway - Mercedes Benz

UPDATE: This wasn't supposed to be freed up, so I've broken the link. Don't wanna get a cease and desist, or some shit. If artists don't want their stuff up that I've posted, just say the word and I'll take it down. Sorry Derek.

Oh, and no posts today as I had an exceptionally bad 'date' this evening with a girl who spoke very little English.

Natural Self - In The Morning (Paul White remix)

Something a little different here. Boogie Down Brighton's Tru Thoughts - where I spent some formative months as a teaboy and general dog's body - have just dropped the latest Shapes compilation. To accompany the release, they're giving up a remix to Natural Self's In the Morning, for free. If you like instrumental beats in the vein of FlyLo, then this should be up your street.

Natural Self - In The Morning (Paul White remix)

Truth - ProcrastinatKing

Truth is a bit of a lazy one and didn't get round to putting this together for a while, hence he is the ProcrastinatKing. Better late than never, though. Free music goodness for your bad selves. In exchange for nothing, you get ten tracks each from a different producer. You also get features from Sonnyjim, Conflix, Grimlok and Kosyne. I'm really feeling the closer, Take Time. Stop procrastinating and download for yourselves to see what you think.

Truth - ProcrastinatKing

Probably off for some kip now as my housemate got dicked down hard all night and kept me awake. Kudos to the dicker - he's got mad skills.

Joker Starr on Alex Nut's Rinse FM show

Things have been a little quiet the last couple of days, pretty much because I'm lazy and would rather be doing stuff instead of staring at a screen on my days off. I don't actually have much stuff to do, though, so checked my spam folder for the first time. Amongst the notifications of millions won and adverts for penis enlargements (not sure how these marketing teams knew to target me), I found this link to a podcast of Joker Starr joining Alex Nut on his Rinse FM show. Haven't listened to it yet (I will do soon) but it should be an eclectic mix - not necessarily just hip hop. Joker Starr's Northborough Estate Project is available now. He's also got something with DJ IQ up his sleeve, which is going to be pretty special going off what IQ played on his show on Sensei.FM a couple weeks back.

Alex Nut Rinse FM show with Joker Starr

Peep Joker Starr on MySpeezy

The Pro P Files Vol.1

Professor P hit me up with this little number. Various unheards (to my knowledge, at least) over his beats. This man's pretty nice with the MPC/Logic/whatever it is he uses, so don't sleep. I'm not all over all the MCs on this, but sometimes solid beats are all you need, and I'm not going at anyone here at all. If you're a big fan of homegrown hip hop - which you probably are if you're here in the first place - then this is definitely worth 95.72mb of your hard drive space. And it's free, so don't front like the back of back. I'm going to chuck this on the walkman for a proper burn.

The Pro P Files Vol.1

Link mans on MySpace, innit.

UPDATE: Antidote - Best In The Biz is all live!

HHC Digital 03 now available!

You already know. Act accordingly and hit the link.

Kano - People Dead (Eastern Jam riddim)

Ok, so Eastern Jam is a ridiculous riddim! I thought my face was going to fall off when I first heard it. In theory, why not just throw some spit on it? In practice, Kano's brave to try and doesn't really pull it off. Durrty Goodz would be trouble if he jumped on this...

Kano - People Dead (Eastern Jam riddim)

UPDATE: this is actually part 4 of Kano's Twitter Vol.1 project. Links below for the previous three parts and remix of the rather large Hustler, which has got Ghetto on top of it. Fill your boots:

Kano - Gucci Pose

Kano - Swagger Like K (Swagger Like Us freestyle)

Kano - Take Your Money (Paper Planes freestyle)

Kano - Hustler remix (feat. Ghetto)

Kyza - Sin City and Go

I don't want to take food out of Kyza's mouth but I'd be remiss to let you go without having anything up from his mixtape/album. Nope, not gonna let that happen. Not gonna let you pikeys 'ave 'em on your computers neeva. Actually, there's probably a really simple way of downloading these, but I don't really have a clue and I won't take responsibility for my ignorance or stupidity.

I love Sin City - it's anvil heavy. Go is definitely a wicked tune too. Listen in the players to make your own opinion.

Cop Shots of Smirnoff - you won't be disappointed.

Fresh Cuts Radio - May Show

DJ Matman returns with the second installment of Fresh Cuts Radio. This month he ropes in his brother DJ Daredevil to help hold the fort. As you can see from the tracklist below, Daredevil gets some production credits of his own and there's some heavy music this month. Phat Kat's F.A.N.S is one of my favourite records at the moment.

01. Matman & Daredevil (Brothas Grimm) – Fresh Cuts Radio Intro
02. Unknown artist - Babyfull
03. M.E.D. - 100 dollar billz (prod. by madlib)
04. Phat Kat - F.A.N.S. (produced by Black Milk)
05. 3 amigos - You don't own me (featuring Sadat X)
06. Dj Daredevil - Sunday best beat 1
07. Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push (DJ Daredevil Remix)
08. Ralph Dog - A Long Time Coming (cuts by daredevil)
09. Ralph Dog ft. Blaq poet & Craig G - Go For Broke (prod. by daredevil)
10. Dj Daredevil - Sunday best beat 2
11. Elzhi - Deep (prod. by Black Milk)
12. Method Man & Redman - Dangerous MCees (prod. by Erik Sermon)
13. Heltah Skeltah - Midnight Madness (M-phazes remix ft dj revolution
- DJ Daredevil Classic Mix Volume One -
01. DareDevil Intro
02. Royal Flush - 'Dwelling In The Rotten Apple'
03. Master Ace - 'TopTenList'
04. Sadat X - 'The Interview'
05. Bumpy Knuckles and Pete Rock -'Mind Frame'
06. The Beatnuts - 'Find That'
07. Gangstarr - 'Gota Get Over'
08. Notorious B.I.G - 'Kick In The Door'
09. Shades Of Brooklyn - 'Survival War'
10.Gage ft Cella Dwellas 'Cranium Remix'
11.Redman - 'Whateverman' (over original beat,Mic geronimo men vs many instr,keith murry the rhyme instr + freestyle cuts)

Make your way through the internet and stream or download it.

Wiley - Music I Like

I'm a big fan of Eskiboy. His first three albums still get a burn on the portable music player today, but he started making me grimace with the whole Rolex rubbish and having heard his last album, See Clear Now, I gave up hope. I've just had a chance to listen to his latest offering, Race Against Time, and although I wasn't bowled over, it's a definite improvement (although what's up with this ruddy Auto-tune fad? Humph). This isn't the grime he's known for, but I thought it was kinda nice and felt like sharing with you heads...

Wiley - Music I Like

Race Against Time is out now.

Black The Ripper - Last of a Dying Breed

I'm not familiar with this guy, but I do know Terror Danjah (who did the beat) from his work with Sway and others. This is a pretty nice headnodder. What's up with the video, though? This is some proper bruk pocket bizness. I mean, they don't even leave the living room. I wanted a tour of the place at least...Damn.

Mind you, he has just put out a mixtape that you can download for absolutely nothing...

You dun know the MySpace

Farma on

Another one from DJ Gone. Farma's reminding me of what I liked about TaskForce when I first picked up Voice of the Great Outdoors. If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and download his freestyle from a couple of posts back and, while you're at it, pick up a copy of his mixtape for good measure.

There's plenty more over at DJ Gone's channel too, so point and click.


If you haven't subscribed to DJ Gone's Youtube channel yet, then do. He's got freestyles from UK mainstays and youngbloods and most recently served up this freestyle from Remus, who I believe is either Chester or Farma's son. I remember hearing him on a Taskforce tune a few years back when he had a squeaky voice. He hasn't got a squeaky voice no more and is a little bit tasty with the raps.

DJ on the Youtube

Farma G - Take It Back Again

"...Now, don't fix it if it aint broken/You can't roll with my gang without 10 tokens/Get the point like a Vulcan, ears/Here's the motion..."

I haven't heard either of the Brothers McBain for a long while, and I kind of lost interest with the whole Music From The Corner series. This is bananas, though. Farma absolutely murks this Jaylib beat. Hit the link to hear for yourself and, if you're feeling frivolous, treat yourself to a copy of his mixtape It's A Funny Old Game.

Farma G - Take It Back Again

Kyza - Shots of Smirnoff album sampler

Yes, yes, yes - this album/mixtape is sure to be bigger than ya Mum's bra! Sounds like he's not only got the hip hop angle covered, but has thrown some grime and dubstep on this project for good measure, which is no bad thing in my opinion. If you can make it to the launch party this Friday @Camden's Jazz Cafe, you really should. It's sure to be a goodun.

Kyza - Shots of Smirnoff album sampler

Terra Slim - From the City EP

This just landed in my inbox. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet as it's late and I've got to hit the hay soon so I'm fresh for the aimless grind tomorrow. Plus there's a couple more things to go up before I can get some shut eye. It's free though, so take advantage and hopefully enjoy.

Terra Slim - From the City EP

MCM feat C-LONE - Rhymes Equal Actual Life

MCM used to rap as part of Caveman, an act that made moves in the early 90s on US label Profile. In less than a month, this track sees an official release on Headcount Records. The label have asked me to hold off on posting the whole track, which is more than fair enough. I really like Rinse Dog's production on this one - perfect for the summer. Feast your ears on the Youtube...err...still for the whole shebang (I would post a snippet but my Soundforge is not happy with the mp3 for whatever reason).

Also, headover to the Headcount site to get the lowdown on their roster, which includes the excellent Illustrate whose LP The Stuff is available now. I'm definitely feeling his song below. Cop the album, or do what you like...


Whether you love him or hate him, laugh with him or at him, you'll like these. Whittle away some valuable time having fun with the soundboards below. You might want to brighten your workday up by responding to all your boss's demands with Westwood retorts. If your girlfriend/boyfriend is giving you an earful, drop the bomb on 'em - repeatedly. Either way, I hope these put a smile on your mugs like they did mine. Literally minutes of fun.

BBC's Westwood soundboard

Not the BBC's Westwood soundboard

D'Angelo & Raphael Saadiq - Be Here (Harry Love remix)

First up, yes, that is a ridiculously small portrait of Harry Love - I teefed it off Twitter, so deal with it. There's not much going on out there, so I thought I'd put this up even though it's a few days old. Harry's remixed this D'Angelo & Raphael Saadiq song. No, don't start thinking this is a nancyboy's song cos it's got singing on it 'n' that. Even if you only like that tuff ish, give this a listen because it's sicker than bad AIDS.

D'Angelo & Raphael Saadiq - Be Here (Harry Love remix)

Brad Strut - Believe Me (prod. Beat Butcha)

Big fan of Beat Butcha, and this doesn't disappoint - beautiful beat. This is available on the Fallout Shelter EP, which is out now. Brad Strut's a Melbourne native, relocated to North L-town. All six tracks on the EP are produced by Butcha himself and I will be copping it after this post as it's sure to be nang like grime kids' parlance in 2007.


Go to the Fallout Shelter site for more

Suspect Packages Radio - June

UK hip hop stalwart DJ Disorda's latest radio show is now available to stick in your ears. This month's installment features Micall Parknsunn and Joker Starr in the studio. On top of that you can get your lobes round the freshest UK hip hop, including a lovely little number by personal favourite Beat Butcha and Ozzy mic controller Brad Strut (which I'll throw up in the next post). What's more, Delusionists get a spin, which is a great look. If you haven't downloaded The Prolusion yet you're a flippin' chief. Last but not least, your favourite blogger (no, me) gets a little mention, which made me do a smile.

Listen to that crack now!

UPDATE: looks like Disorda didn't manage to fit Delusionists in due to time constraints. Next month, maybe...

Scizzahz vs Enlish

This is pretty funny. It's twee to see two British flatmates in a battle - you never hear two rappers get as personal as this, but they clearly know each other inside out (no homo/pause/blank stare, etc).

This was filmed at the Rare Kind record shop. Their website is being put together, but head over to the gallery site if you're a graf head.

Lucy Pink - Diesel U Music Radio UK hip hop show

Back by unpopular demand: I'm off hiatus after getting on the blower to BT.

Lucy Pink has got a radio show on Diesel U Music Radio, and if you're into UK hip hop you should be listening to it. Tune in on Thursdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 12-2pm for the good ish. It's online, so don't go fiddling with the dial on your wireless. Past guests include Sir Smurf Lil and Sway. Upcoming guests include Vadim and Kyza, to name two.

You can also check her on Crackbook if you want to look at her pics and generally pry into her life like you do your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.