Stylah - The Warning (mixtape)

Stylah unleashed The Warning mixtape today. Production is handled by Styalz Fuego and Sivey, among others. Features include Mims, Sincere, Mike GLC and Bashy, to name a few.

Check for James Bond (produced by Mentat - one of the country's dopest producers), Bang Bang, Please Listen, Craziest Remix (a take on Naughty by Nature's track from way back when), Hard Way, and Hard Food (a grime tune that samples Al Kooper's Love Theme - the record Alchemist sampled for Hold You Down. Anyway...). Or just make your own mind up about what's worth repeat listens.

Stylah's making big moves, with an album in the works for this year that features US rappers Immortal Technique and Grafh, as well as UK heavyweights Sway and Akala.

Oh, I forgot to mention that The Warning is hosted by Dave Courtney himself, which is good enough reason alone to download this, in my humble - but equally valid - opinion. Quotable from Mr. Courtney OBE:

"It's nice to be important, but important to be nice. And if you aint nice, I'll put a fuckin' hole in your forehead."

Sorry, sir.

Stylah - The Warning (mixtape)