Move the crowd

Shout out to Jack Flash, IQ, Savvy and their respective hypemen for putting on a live show on Saturday. You can't fault the performances from these guys. The audience on the other hand...What is it with stoosh crowds at hip hop nights? Why did you come if you don't intend to make noise and leave with a sore neck? I could understand if you were watching some bullshit amateurs, but when some of the country's top boys are spitting their hearts out and you're standing there like you're waiting for a bus or suttum, it doesn't make sense to me. Fix up.

You can guarantee that I'll always make sure the acts I'm watching know that I appreciate what I'm seeing and hearing.

Jack Flash mentioned that the crowd at the spot he played the night before in his home town were liver. I might have to get myself up to Huddersfield for some rowdiness.