Waiting on Wispa's 'Wot's Willo On!?!'

I'm listening to Willo's 'The Earlier Escapades of...' and thinking 'Wot's Willo On!?!' is probably the UK hip hop album I'm waiting on most right now. This guy sounds like no-one else. He's loops.

"I keep my head in the clouds and my ear to the street/I guess you might think I look pretty fucked up then
...mans fear what I speak/I'm the oldest of four siblings that look alike/so you're not sure which one nicked the clothes of your line, or took your bike."

Willo Wispa - I Wanna

Also: Same Ol' Same Old

J-Simple - They Don't Know

I may or may not have (I did) swiped this post idea from a pun-laden review of the They Don't Know EP you may have already come across. Either way, the record's great. J-Simple's got flow, Apa Tight serves up a wicked beat and the hook fits nicely. The video int bad neever.

If you like what you hear, then pop to the shop to buy the EP.

Myspace as per usual.

It's by the by really, but this guy's affiliated with Jack Flash. I copped the Union Jack album just recently and it's ruddy ace. If you don't believe me then listen to this. If you still don't agree, set up your own blog and post what you want, you fass!

Karl Hinds soon come

Word has it Karl Hinds has got an album on the way. Not sure what that's gonna end up like, but Hinds was kinda nice way back when. Don Gramma was definitely a prominent tune during UK hip hop's boom (yeah alright, maybe not a boom). You got a sense of pride hearing a British guy getting his Ebonics on.

This was the money shot, though.

I wonder what the new project will turn out like.

Nine High - Fugs Need Hugs

Fugs need hugs too! This is a single off a self-titled album set to drop on June 6th. Long ass day today, so I'll leave it at that.

Nine High - Fugs Need Hugs


The Dub Pistols - Peaches (feat. Rodney P)

If you know The Stranglers, you'll know the sample. In fact, even if you don't it'll still be familiar - it's one of those tracks you just know, even if you didn't know you knew it. You know?

Anyway, I'm off to Brighton for a couple of days and, seeing as the sun should be shining, I'll probably be ogling peaches on the pebble beaches. Quite a fitting song then, I think you'll agree. Oh yeah, and it's doper than your Mum's stash. Enjoy your long weekends!

The Dub Pistols - Peaches (feat. Rodney P)

Chase and Status - Against All Odds (feat. Kano)

You may or may not be familiar with the LP that this is off. For all intents and purposes Chase and Status are a drum & bass outfit, and the album that this track is off saw a release at the end of last year. I've only been up on it for a few weeks, though, and Against All Odds is straight UK hip hop. Don't believe me? A bloke from London rapping over the Apache break - nuff said. Hit the link for the download and watch the video to catch Kano rocking a sheep-skin jacket, Vuitton (or not) glasses and faux 'fro on a blaxploitation flex.

Chase and Status - Against All Odds (feat. Kano)

The Last Skeptik remixes The Streets - Trust Me

Now, I like The Last Skeptik's production a lot, but he seems to be on another tip at the minute. I've only just got round to listening to his Soldier remix and it's Garage. I'm not into it, I have to say, but I do have time for this remix of Trust Me by The Streets. I think. Hmmm...

The Streets - Trust Me (The Last Skeptik remix)

UPDATE: Looks like he's throwing together a remix project.

Ghost - Freedom of Thought podcast

Ghost has been making great records for your favourite UK rappers for longer than a minute. I remember his debut, the Ghost Stories EP, from my mate's record collection and he's been releasing material since. Now he's got an album by the name of Freedom of Thought in the pipeline. This follows an EP he just dropped which happens to have the same name. Here's a podcast with the same name again; it features, among others, tunes off the album of the same name. If you don't know about Ghost, get to know. If you do, then...just know, I suppose.

Ghost - Freedom of Thought podcast

Head over to his MySpace
if you're feeling a bit ambivalent.

Ironik gets a bit mugged off by Westwood

Westwood tends to only mug himself off. Here he speaks with Ironik and repeatedly implies that he's gay for making a track that incorporates an Elton John sample. Whilst that is puerile and immature, it's also fucking hilarious. Ironik is shit. What's ironik is how people who attain success with 'hip hop' in this country are mostly toilet. Nubz, anyone?

Wretch 32 & Kyza freestyle on 1Xtra

"See, when Amir hit the canvas, everybody cheered like Amir's been abandoned/I realise when you're the best or the champion, nobody wants to see you rest in that Phantom."

Just saw this and thought it was definitely worth a post. I've always been a fan of Kyza, but didn't know of Wretch32 until I heard Faith SFX's Play Hard. I've since caught him on the excellent In My Lifetime, off the Lowkey album. I need more music by this man.

Loudmouth Melvin - It's Not That

If you scoped the Top 10 List video this guy put out recently, then you already know he's trouble. Loudmouth doesn't disappoint here either.

"Bitches, pricks, arseholes and occasional wankers/They hate how I get down, cos I am making bangers."

I'm impatiently waiting for his LP Lightbulb Moment to drop.

And if you missed it first time round: Loudmouth Melvin - Top 10 List

UK RUNNINGS Presents THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION ‘Volume Two – Hosted by M9’

This was freed up a few weeks ago, but the good people at Sturban Clothing put me onto it as they sponsored it and have since put it up as a podcast. Hit the link for a download, or hit the other to see what the good people at said clothing retailer have got to say on the matter. They're looking for your involvement in their podcasts and offer the chance to provide drops or put together a cast of your own - so get to work.

UK RUNNINGS Presents THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION ‘Volume Two – Hosted by M9’

Sturban Clothing Podcasts

Also, if you haven't spunked all your disposable income on hip hop, booze and drugs, head over to their site to do some clothes shopping n that.

DJ Vadim ft. Wretch 32, Kyza & Orifice Vulgatron - Soldier [The Last Skeptik's Re-Re-Remix]

Cheers Skeptik!

DJ Vadim ft. Wretch 32, Kyza & Orifice Vulgatron - Soldier [The Last Skeptik's Re-Re-Remix]

Micall Parknsun - Today

Haven’t been able to throw anything up on the blog for a little while – check the Twitter update for the micro explanation. Here's another joint off the Feeding Time at the Zoo compilation out on YNR in a few days' time. Didn't get a chance to reach the launch party on Friday night, unfortunately. I'm sure it was a blinkin' stonker. This does more for me than the Mys Diggi song posted earlier. Going on these two tracks alone, though, it sounds like it's going to be a solid release like "Where's the Senokot?".

Micall Parknsun - Today

Because you can't always listen to hip hop

I don't always listen to UK hip hop. I don't always listen to hip hop. In fact, sometimes I do worry about myself with some of the shit that ends up on my Pod (I don't really have an iPod, it's a front. I've got a wanky Matsui-type-1gb-gubbins player). Seeing as I'm not sifting through heaps of the music you come here for, I thought I'd post something up that's a little different, but hopefully not too far astray. I'm no expert on this genre and a lot of it is blatantly tut. I do like this little number, though. It sounds like the bastard child of G-Funk and dubstep, but in a good way.

Joker - 80s

Stylah - The Warning (mixtape)

Stylah unleashed The Warning mixtape today. Production is handled by Styalz Fuego and Sivey, among others. Features include Mims, Sincere, Mike GLC and Bashy, to name a few.

Check for James Bond (produced by Mentat - one of the country's dopest producers), Bang Bang, Please Listen, Craziest Remix (a take on Naughty by Nature's track from way back when), Hard Way, and Hard Food (a grime tune that samples Al Kooper's Love Theme - the record Alchemist sampled for Hold You Down. Anyway...). Or just make your own mind up about what's worth repeat listens.

Stylah's making big moves, with an album in the works for this year that features US rappers Immortal Technique and Grafh, as well as UK heavyweights Sway and Akala.

Oh, I forgot to mention that The Warning is hosted by Dave Courtney himself, which is good enough reason alone to download this, in my humble - but equally valid - opinion. Quotable from Mr. Courtney OBE:

"It's nice to be important, but important to be nice. And if you aint nice, I'll put a fuckin' hole in your forehead."

Sorry, sir.

Stylah - The Warning (mixtape)

Inja - Hat Low Ft Fallacy, SkinnyMan & Mr Thing

I was wondering when I was going to touch on the whole "is grime hip hop?" debate and this seems like as good a time as any. The perfect opportunity, perhaps. You'll know Inja as a rapper from the Delegates of Culture camp. Mr Thing is a hip hop DJ and ex-Scratch Pervert (a crew that itself fuses hip hop and allsorts of other genres in their mixes) and Fallacy and Skinnyman are UK hip hop veterans that have never been averse to spittin' double time over 2-step riddims.

Anyway, I've often been aware of people questioning grime and whether it's hip hop. To be honest, I haven't got the time to split hairs too far with this, but I definitely see them as having lots in common. They share certain elements in their respective genetic make ups. Sure, grime has a direct lineage with garage, but the way I hear some MCs go in over grime beats is closer to hip hop than the dance music hyping that grime was born from. Throw into the fold the image and clothing (which, like it or not, is an integral part of hip hop) that's associated with grime and how fragmented hip hop has become with regional sounds in the US, and I find it difficult to overlook how much these two genres have in common. A lot of artists in the UK make music that is difficult to pin down as being either - hybrid music that takes influences from, but is not limited to, both. Sway, anyone?

Needless to say, I'm no grime aficionado. Neither am I a curmudgeon who dismisses it as nonsense. I'm not checking pirate radio and going to raves, but I won't shy away from artists that I rate, especially as the boundaries between particular types of music become blurred.

I'm not even a huge fan of this track, but it's given me the opportunity to say my piece. So, if you see a post on here that you don't exactly agree with in terms of its fit musically, just scroll up. I just hope I can find something more hip hop to post after this.


I've got to duck out, so not much posting this evening. I just came across this guy, though, and he's got some spit. Mentalist's the moniker, but I hope he isn't actually mental. I wanted a copy of this track on my hard drive - maybe you do too.

Mentalist - Worst Nightmare

MySpace as usual

Move the crowd

Shout out to Jack Flash, IQ, Savvy and their respective hypemen for putting on a live show on Saturday. You can't fault the performances from these guys. The audience on the other hand...What is it with stoosh crowds at hip hop nights? Why did you come if you don't intend to make noise and leave with a sore neck? I could understand if you were watching some bullshit amateurs, but when some of the country's top boys are spitting their hearts out and you're standing there like you're waiting for a bus or suttum, it doesn't make sense to me. Fix up.

You can guarantee that I'll always make sure the acts I'm watching know that I appreciate what I'm seeing and hearing.

Jack Flash mentioned that the crowd at the spot he played the night before in his home town were liver. I might have to get myself up to Huddersfield for some rowdiness.


Prose - The Wasted Talent EP

If you haven't got a copy of this, download it quicker than Speedy Gonzalez gets places. This is UK DMC champion DJ Matman's group and it's well worth having - for the tidy price of diddly squat. No Concern and Originate are the stand out cuts for me and have got my head boom-bap nodding as I write. It's been knocking about for a few months, but it's new to me, so shut ya mout.

Also, an LP is on the way by all accounts. Good stuff.

Prose - The Wasted Talent EP

Just a reminder...

...that Asaviour and DJ IQ's The A Loop Theory Southern Album Launch is at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane, London tonight. Savvy will no doubt kill it, but I'm also looking forward to catching Sir Smurf and Jack Flash, who I've not seen live yet.

Both of their albums are fire and, if you haven't already, you should swing by Suspect Packages and pick up a copy of each.

Asaviour and DJ IQ - The A Loop Theory

Sir Smurf Lil - New Bloodline

Jack Flash - The Union Jack

This is night you can't miss if you're in town.

Scorzayzee - Why I'm Here

A few posts back I was asking what happened to Scorz as I think he's a sick MC and it would be great to see him back, eating rappers' dinners off their plates. I like the Why I'm Here tune on his MySpace and figured I'd bop to Maplin to get a mini-jack-to-mini-jack so I can record into Soundforge (Vista doesn't let you record internally - the little bitch). Anyway, I wanted the track on the Pod and thought you might too.

Expect more of this shameless pillaging in the future.

Scorzayzee - Why I'm Here (MySpace rip)

K-Delight - Def Jam (A Live Turntable Session)

UK DJ K-Delight has freed up a mixtape for your listening pleasure. This was done in one take, like how I do my sex, and is equally as dope - isn't that right, dear.

K-Delight - Def Jam mixtape

His talents don't stop there, either. K-Delight is also a producer, so check out his MySpace for some dope cuts and generally do some learning about the guy.

Stylah - Not Dem

In preparation for his upcoming mixtape, The Warning, Stylah gives you a little taster in the form of Not Dem. He's pulling no punches here and telling you why he's not taking shortcuts to gain success, unlike some people we know (yeah, you'll get mentioned in good time. No, not you). Believe it or not, Dave Courtney, the gangster-cum-celebrity, is hosting The Warning. I can't wait to hear it.

Stylah - The Warning

Also, Stylah's down @ Xen Bar in Reading tomorrow night with The Thunderclaps and DJ Caramac. Catch them for the more-than-fair sum of 4 quid.

It's Bashy

Bish Bash Bosh has unleashed The Jam Sessions. This is Bashy over live band The Truth Movement's riddims at Maida Vale studios, for Mista Jam's Jam Sessions on 1X.

Bashy - The Jam Sessions (feat. The Truth Movement)

Peep his blog too

Download it and put it in your head, innit.

Remember when...

Killa Kela used to beatbox? I was proud that we had someone from over here making music with their mouth like that. Seems like after he secured a record deal he forgot his roots. I hate to be a fusty antiquarian, but it's not about this (new video, by the way), surely:

Oh well, at least we've got people like Faith SFX and Beardyman who are still spittin' kicks, snares, kicks and hi hats.

Speaking of which, anyone heard this? Big!

Faith SFX - Play Hard (feat. Wretch32)

Willo Wispa - Same Ol' Same Old

The bank holiday's over, we're back to work and if your boss is anything like mine (a cunt), you're already feeling the stress. At least you were until you downloaded Willo's new track. Conspicuous has laid down a beat that you just need to kick back and smoke something that's recently been re-upgraded to a Class B to. Beautiful. Wispa has ridiculous raps and an off-kilter flow that you can't compare with anyone else's. You might know him from his contribution to The Colony. If not, you can go back and do some homework.

Willo's also got an LP on the way (Wot's Willo On!?!) and the compilation The Earlier Escapades of Willo Wispa is available now from Associated Minds. And that's not to mention all the other heavy spitters on the Associated roster.

Willo Wispa - Same Ol' Same Old

Don't forget MySpace

Diggin' in my crates

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I draw things out. I moved into my current place six months ago and only just bought proper bed sheets today for the mattress that's on my floor. I know. And these are still sitting in the corner of my dusty room, gathering...dust.

Everyone seems to be on Serato now and I need to hook myself up as I've got gigs and gigs of mp3s. I've also got a fair bit of UK hip hop on vinyl and other less classic, but also dated, formats. I'm going to up some, as and when I want to share, for some trips down memory lane. Watch this space...

For now, let's keep moving things forward.

Beat Butcha meets Durrty Goodz

As I said a couple of posts ago, after a bit of nosing around I noticed that Beat Butcha thinks Durrty Goodz is a problem. I agree. This man has got loads of character, which doesn't seem to be too prevalent amongst grime MCs, in my opinion. There's a lot of carbon copies out there. Now, Beat Butcha is heavy with the beats and I'd definitely like to see that collaboration happen.

See Goodz kill it on Logan Sama's show:

And a personal favourite that Butcha cooked up for Terra Firma:

Terra Firma - Git Down (prod. by Beat Butcha)

Beat Butcha and Lil Eto - Munga

Eeeeeeerrgggghhhhhhhhh! This is fucking disgusting. Yep!

Beat Butcha cuts up a nasty beat for Lil Eto - Rochester, New York's own.

Lil Eto - Munga (prod. Beat Butcha)

If people with beats that matter were nasty people, Beat Butcha would be an 'orrible cunt. If you're not going over to his MySpace, I hope you're doing something better with your time.

'ave a look

Being the nosy parker I am, I noticed Beat Butcha is a fan of Durrty Goodz. Hmmmm, that could be a tough collabo...

Loudmouth Melvin - My Top 10 List

"I know I'm sick, but I'm also modest."

Loudmouth Melvin hurts this. I'm not familiar with this guy, but I'm gonna make sure I am from now. I love it when rappers come off as saying what they want to say and it just happens to rhyme, instead of saying stuff for the sake of rhyming. This man will kill the storytelling. A run down of the top MCs from blighty according to Loudmouth.

And yes, I do agree with a lot of this man's top spitters. In no particular order, though.

Word has it he's got an album on the table. I'm off to hunt Lightbulb Moment down.

UPDATE: Olde English gets me drunk, but that's no excuse for forgetting the MySpace