You's a hater

I'm not sure when I was unfortunate enough to come by these jokers, but every once in a while this country churns out a hip hop/urban/rap/wot du call it? act (a fitting word in this case) that stinks of shit. I mean, come on. Invariably they're commercially viable - in the UK at least - and seem to come out of nowhere.

I always feel embarrassed when I come across Yanks doing these saccahrine ballads, auto-tune cry wanks and unconvincing showboating, but when English people do it they just look like twee cunts. Either part of you dies inside when you see/hear this stuff, or you can turn it on its head and see it as some of the most satisfying comedy there is. So, without futher adue, I present to you...N-Dubz. Pffft.

These guys aren't the first and certainly won't be the last; there are some more names to be named, but we'll get to them in due course.

By the way, their album is out now and is titled Uncle B which, incidentally, is the nickname for my bowel. I'd rather spend a tenner on some nails to make a bed with, though.