Whatever happened to...Scorzayzee?

I remember when Out Da Ville were one of the major crews to keep tabs on, before Low Life hit its stride with High Plains Drifter and Biro Funk. Whilst Karizma, Lee Ramsay, Tempa and C-Mone were all very talented MCs, it was Scorzayzee that was the stand out, for me at least. The man was the full package: great voice, effortless flow, scathing lyricism and that Notts accent rounded it all off lovely. Bags of talent. His MySpace suggests a project (Final Destination) may be on its way, but there's no mention of when or even if. Scope his profile for the dope - but certainly not new - Want What's Yours and Great Britain. I definitely haven't heard Why I'm Here before and it's both menacing and...well, very good.

I want to hear Scorzayzee again. And I know I can't be the only one.

Need proof Scorz can rap? Just press play.