Rupert - Just Woke Up

Just got this through the post; Rup returns with a name change and a second LP. I remember when Rup on Zebra was being put together by the good chaps at Zebra Traffic and Tru Thoughts when I was their token tea boy. I didn't get a chance to pick up a promo copy as I moved to pastures new before it dropped, but that's neither here nor there.

There's an electro vibe to this album and that's a good thing as it doesn't sound like anything else anyone on the scene's making. Production is handled by Steve Clear, Diaclectic, Naim, Evil Sun and Bonobo, and benefits from its eclecticism.

You can cop a copy for £3.50 on download, or get a hard copy for £6.50. (includes a 7" by Naim and some sweets. Sweet!) See for yourself:

Rupert on MySpace

Rupert - Night Night (feat. Moocha)