R.I.P Low Life Records

First of all, forgive me, I'm playing catch up here. I've already admitted that I've fallen out the loop when it comes to British hip hop and that was part of my reason for starting UK All Day. Aside from the fact I couldn't see anyone had the blog angle covered and that I wanted to give some of the few, yet great, artists I had heard some shine, I wanted to get back in that loop.

I'm not sure how I missed it or when it happened, but I found this on every lazy journalist's favourite resource:

"Low Life Records was an independent record label promoting UK hip hop music. It was founded in Leeds by Joseph Christie and Tomas Stewart, before being relocated to West London by Christie. The label came to an abrupt end when Braintax announced his sudden retirement to UK Hip-Hop after releasing his third and final album, the fiftieth release of the label. He now resides in Australia."

Oh. So the biggest label in the country for hip hop is caput? Low Life had a great run and has one of the best backcatalogues there is. It's up to the internet generation to fill that gap now, no?

I better go buy that third Braintax album now to complete the trilogy.