Number 1

Speaking of Nubz, Dappy, the crew's frontman, is currently on a track with Tinchy Stryder called Number 1 and it's a big success. At least by any conventional measure.

Now, although you know how I feel about Nubz, I haven't got a problem with Tinchy's music per se. I'm not that familiar with it, but I've heard him spit over some pretty tough beats (if you're thinking "why is he talking about a grime artist? I thought this was a hip hop blog." That's a whole nother debate and I'm sure we'll get to that). Let's just say he has redeeming qualities.

I'm not sure why numbers are the measure for success, though. In the States it's all about first week sales since Fiddy came on the scene and over here it's about getting that coveted number 1 spot. Dizzee's Dance Wiv Me is a case in point. I have the utmost respect for Dyl and his music, but that song is a steaming pile of turd. Since when did having the whole country's Key Stage 3 on lock for a week become the measure for success over releasing consistent and great music to a fanbase that loves your artistry?